Deadlines For Fall 19 Issue:

Ads That Require Typesetting: July 26 (Give us a call if you need more time)
Camera Ready Ads, Resource Directory and Calendar Listings: August 7.
After August 7 call 240-247-0393 to see if we can still place your ad.
Publication Date: September 1

Web Listings Are Free To Our Print Advertisers

When you order a display ad or a logo listing in the magazine, you are entitled to a free 50 word listing (plus,up to a 5 word headline) on our web-site. If you have a web-site, your link will appear in your listing and it will also appear in the “Quick Links” section of the web-site and the “Online Connections” page in the printed magazine. There is no better way to tell folks about your business than Pathways.
Peruse our site, choose and appropriate category, email your listing to us by the deadline.

Placing a print ad in Pathways
1. Please read the sections on "
Ad Styles" and "Creating Your Ad." If you are running a color ad, it is very important that you read the "creating your ad" section.

2. Submit your order online by
clicking here.

3. After you submit you order, it will take you back to this page to pay for your ad. See the various sizes above and then order from the left column. Just click on “Add To Cart”. You will then be taken to the secure cart that will enable you to pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Call us to pay with Paypal.


You have 3 options for each size:
Single Insertion: If you want to just run an ad one time.

4 Time Insertion:
You agree to run the ad in 4 issues (this covers a whole year). You do not have to pay for all 4 ads in advance. You simply pay for 1 and you will be billed every 3 months for subsequent ads. You can change the content of the ad in each issue. You may also choose to cancel this contract at any point. If you do, we will simply bill you for the difference between the 4-time rate and the single insertion rate. The vast majority of our advertisers take advantage of these deeply discounted rates.

4 Time Insertion, Early Payment Rate: Same as above, but you get an even bigger discount for paying for the ad before the ad deadlines. When you get your quarterly billing, it will indicate both rates and give you the opportunity to pay the discounted rate. Early payment deadlines are, February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1.

Typesetting, Artwork and Scans
Please add typesetting charges and photo/art/logo charges if we are designing and typesetting your display ad (use the “photo, logo or artwork scan” order link). There are no typesetting charges for ads that you send us that are “camera-ready” .pdf files. Please read the specifications on the “
Creating Your Ad” page before sending your ad.

Logo Listings:
Please order the “Logo Listing, 120 or less” first for all logo listings. Then use the “Logo Listing, additional words” section to order all words beyond 120. There are no charges for typesetting logo listings. There is a 1-time charge of $10 to prepare your logo for printing in this section (use the “photo, logo or artwork scan” order link) .

Resource Directory Listings:
Resource Directory Listings run for a year (4 issues) please look through a copy of the magazine to choose a category. You can order either a 2-line listing or a 4-line listing. Each line contains up to 40 spaces. A space includes letters and the space between words. Typically, a listing includes the name and phone number on the first line and business info on the subsequent line(s). Please submit a separate order for each listing.

1. When you place an ad in Pathways, you agree to following terms:

2. Full payment must accompany all insertion orders. You can pay online with a credit card or you can mail us a check (See main Ad Page for address). Please make checks payable to “Pathways.” If you require other arrangements call us at 240-247-0393 or email:

3. Please submit a separate order for each ad.

4. If you contract for 4 issues:
a. You are making a space reservation; you may change the content of your ad each time provided we receive the changes in writing prior to the closing date. We cannot make changes after the closing date.
b. Payment for your first insertion must accompany this order; you will be billed each subsequent quarter for the appropriate amount.
c. You may cancel your contract, in writing (email please, no phone cancellations), prior to the closing date of any issue. If you cancel before fulfilling your 4 issue contract you will be billed for the difference between the one time rate and the four time rate.

5. Accounts that are past due beyond 30 days will be charged a fee of 1 1/2% per month of the appropriate “rate.”

6. Advertising Agencies: Our rates are geared to small businesses who generally do not retain agencies. The rates listed on the rate card are “net” rates. If requested, we will generate an Agency invoice that adds on your agency commission.

7. We can not guarantee the print quality on ads that we do not typeset. If you are submitting your own, camera-ready ad, please follow the specification on the “
Creating Your Ad” page.

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