Environmental Products

All of us face a variety of health risks as we go about our daily lives. Exhaust fumes, smog, pesticided food, poor indoor air and water quality, and electromagnetic field pollution are but a few of the environmental insults we are subjected to. As a result, some of us are already suffering from the consequences, and everyone is at risk. We can all benefit from making a concerted effort to reduce the toxins that are within our control. The following companies/services are dedicated to helping you get the job done.
--Susan MacKenzie

Willis Davis founded "Crystal Clear PureWater Services" after being active in the water improvement industry for nearly 15 years. He takes pride in his family-operated business and the ability to offer a hands-on business experience to each and every customer. Visit: www.crystalclearpurewater.com, call: 301-864-5523.

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