Spring 2016 Natural Living Expo Exhibitors
Enjoy 150 Exhibitors Who Heal, Entertain, Enlighten and Offer Lots of Wonderful Services and Products

This is the final list of exhibitors - we will keep it up after the Expo for further reference!

Access Consciousness® – Access Bars® Sessions, #123
25 years, 173 countries! Experience the relaxing, life-changing shortcut to remove stress, heal the body, quiet the brain, and find peace. $10/10 minutes. See groundbreaking neuroscientist research showing quick, astonishing changes in brain EEGs before and after a session.

Afrikeur Mining, #118
Healing stones from many countries in Africa. Stones are not heated, treated, or dyed. Organic Gemstones.

ALC - Spiritual Development College, #58

Workshops, private consultations and community group work designed to assist you to connect with your inner guidance/angels, live your life purpose and grow spiritually. Through these programs you will gain tools to find your own inner answers and get clear about your next steps in life.

All Eco Design Center, #20
All Eco Design Center healthy, affordable, green remodeling experts - specializing in kitchen, bath, countertops, and flooring. Complete turnkey solutions by full service licensed general contractors with a sustainable all inclusive one stop showroom. We make the process smooth, fun and transparent, all while adding value and making your experience a win-win for both you and the planet! Give us an opportunity to improve your home by adding the benefits of healthier green materials. Visit our showroom or invite us over for a free consultation today.

Alphay Far-Infared Technology, Lingzhi Mushrooms, #117
Healing energies are now mainstream. Lingzhi, the most revered herb in Chinese pharmacology for over 3,500 years and far-infrared technology is now available to YOU- through Alphay. Are you ready for more energy, less stress, and better health? Alphay...where healing and energy go hand -in -hand! Discover Alphay...

Angel Talk TV/Radio Hosts Jim & Sandy Young, #77
Internationally Acclaimed Psychics with over 10,000 professional readings since 1994. Authors of "Evidence of Things Not Seen" & "Clearing The Confusion" now in there 23rd year with Pathways will offer personal Angelic Readings. Sign up early, available times fill quickly.

Angelically Guided Essential Oil Sprays, #141
The Custom Blend Spray uses organic essential oils and crystals chosen in exclusive combination for you by Spirit. It includes a "reading" on the spiritual importance of each. The Clearing, Healers, and Uplifting Blends are pretty magical, too!

Angels Whispering Light, #141
Have a 20-minute session with "B", and receive whispers of loving guidance from your guardian angels.

Arbonne International, #23

Arbonne is a 35 year old company whose products are botanically based and inspired by nature. We offer premium skincare, cosmetics and health & wellness products for every age. All of Arbonne's formulations are gluten free, vegan certified, and free of GMO's, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Come sample our world-class products crafted with integrity, expertise and innovation.

ASEA, #98
Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) decline as much as 90% over the span of a life from aging, stress, environment, and poor diets. RSM is foundational to cellular health and healing and is involved in virtually every major body system and function. Learn how RSM can help your body’s cellular health and make you a healthier person.

Astrology Gallery, #101
Astrology gallery helps people all over the world with clarity, peace and understanding with life’s obstacles, giving people closure with loved ones that have passed or reuniting lovers. Valerie’s can tune in her energy through chakras and your energy. She will help guide you to happiness and opportunities.

Authors Dr Joshua Kai and Rena Huisman, #60
Dr. Joshua Kai is the author of The Quantum Prayer: An Inspiring Guide to Love, Healing, and Creating the Best Life Possible.
Rena Huisman is the author of The Would-Be Medium: My Ten-Year Journey as a Workshop Junkie.

The Avatar® Course, #128

The Avatar Course® - Avatar is the most powerful, purest self-development program available. It’s a series of experiential exercises that enables you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. It’s you finding out about you.

Azurae Windwalker Shamanic Arts, #107
Personal Soul Petroglyph Portraits reveal your soul gifts, colors, totems, symbols, and angels for empowerment and healing. A 45-min. sitting is $100. Healing petroglyph prints strengthen your totem's help. Shaman Spiral Amulets protect your energy keeping you strong.

Bath Fitter, #94
Bathroom Renovation and Bathroom Safety

Be a Healthy TRU AGE, #95

Be You Spa, #9
Be You Spa has Intuitive Readings, Near Infrared Light Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Energy Tune Ups, Teas, Candles and Chakra Oils. Helping You Be the Best You Possible through our services, classes and webinars. Stop by and find out more, first 100 get a rose.

Black Star Jewelry, #47
Himalayan Quartz Crystal Meditation Implements from Nepal. Carved Miniature Gemstone Deities. Unique, one of a kind Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstones From the Kathmandu Valley. Unisex Designer Jackets in Silk and Recycled Fabrics. Evocative Accessories.

Blue Nyle Therapy, #152
Blue Nyle Therapy Services uses a one-on-one customized therapy program to bring you back to a physical and emotional state of balance. We use gentle, safe, and highly effective integrative therapeutic techniques to address the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. President & CEO Nyle MacFarlane, MS, OTR/L is uniquely trained to work with individuals of all ages in all stages of life. Her newborn and infant therapy is designed to relieve fascial strain throughout the body and to provide optimal brain health. Babies who are treated within the first few months of life are given the gift of starting off with a “clean slate” so that they can process the sensory environment without interruption. These babies tend to be happier in the first year and have an easier time with sleep, nursing, and digestion.

Body & Brain Yoga/ Tai Chi, #2
Providing Aura Reading with Aura Photo, Chakra Healing, Magnet Healing and more!

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute, #49
Bonita Woods Wellness Institute is a non-profit nutrition and wellness education center located in the heart of Falls Church City, Virginia. Our counselors range from nutritionists and hypno-therapists to shamans & angelic healers. We provide a variety of programs to teach our clients to take charge of their personal, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness & well-being.

British Psychic Linda Fitz Williams, #35
Linda Fitz Williams, The Brit Psychic, is an International Spiritual Medium, and Psychic Adviser. She is a third generation, natural born, gifted medium who has been traveling the United States, and other countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Germany, and England reading for clients privately and in gallery readings for over 35 years. British born and bred, she was raised in the English Spiritualist Church and believes everyone is psychic and can tap into their exclusive gift through proper training. She is a lightworker preferring to communicate inspiring messages of divine enlightenment via spiritual guidance in a loving, sincere and ethical manner. She is also available to offer workshops upon request. Drop by and meet Linda Fitz Williams for your own special reading.

Carlos The Medium, #14
Carlos is a naturally gifted psychic medium with an impressive ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. Carlos will serve as a messenger to deliver messages of love, healing, and closure between you and those dear to you in Spirit.

Cellular Detox/Healing and Heart Health, #139
Levels of toxicity is like no time in the history of mankind. Removing the body's toxic interference is the only way to help people heal from chronic illness. Mold, mycotoxins, biotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides.

The Center for Safer Wireless, #59
The Center for Safer Wireless is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate society about the risks and safer use of wireless technology (radio frequency radiation). We sell products to help people reduce their exposure to wireless radiation.

The Dancing Herbalist, LLC, #132
The Dancing Herbalist, LLC is a topical herbal products company that aims to support wellness and keep you moving through your daily life. Their products support joint and muscle pains as well as a variety of skin complaints.

The DC Dentist Dr. Terry Victor, #83
Learn the Benefits of Holistic and Biological Dentistry. Hear how Holistic, Biological and Eco-Friendly Dentistry utilizes advances in medical technology to provide you with a customized experience that is less invasive, more effective and a healthier approach for your oral care.

Diana Collins – Psychic, #53
For over 35 years Diana Collins has performed Tarot & past life readings with psychic input for your questions about career, finance, relationships, life mission.

Creative Healing Trends, #108
Readings and Healings offered by Rebecca Norris from Creative Healing Trends. Rebecca is a ThetaHealing and Matrix Energetics Practitioner. Receive an aura photograph after your healing!

Crystalis Treasures, #68
Come see our assortment of custom made power bracelets! Do you need love, money, health or more? We have a bracelet for you. Plus tarot decks, smudge, crystals and jewelry. 306 Elden St., Herndon, VA, 20170.

Debra Diamond Psychic Medium, #65
Debra Diamond, a natural psychic, medium and healer, offers psychic/mediumship readings, workshops and healings. Debra provides remarkable insights in financial, family, health and spiritual issues. She has the gift to assist others in the spiritual process and works with all aspects of Spirit.

doTERRA by Totally Essential, #110
CPTG Essential oils and natural essential oil infused wellness products. We have what you need for your total wellness lifestyle. We are committed to sharing the life enhancing benefits of the worlds best essential oils, stop by and experience doTERRA. Changing lives, one drop at a time!

Dreams of Stardolphin Visionary Art, #97
Gallery quality prints, embellished canvases, greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks and light encoded pendants and healing discs of my Original Artwork. I also have an Oracle Deck and three Children's books I wrote and illustrated.

Earth Wisdom, #124
Exquisite silk and velvet jackets and scarves, magic dresses, and the best tee shirts in the known universe. www.earthwisdommusicandclothing.com

ECKANKAR: Experience the Light and Sound of God, #86

Simple spiritual exercises, such as singing the word “HU,” can awaken you to your divinity as Soul. ECKANKAR offers classes and support to help you gain a deeper understanding of your unique spiritual unfoldment for your journey home to God.

EMFs protect, #140
Electro Magnetic Frequency protection for Cellphone and Body. Get protection from EMFs while increasing balance & sleep, reducing inflammation, carpal tunnel, and decreasing motion sickness / vertigo just to name a few. We also offer IDLife Nutrition Programs.

Foundation for Spiritual Emergence, #1
Grace Miazza provides information on the human energy field, effects of blockages, past lives, and areas of spiritual energy healing. Mini healings will be available. Grace is a scientist, trained healer, and near death survivor, which opened her to other dimensional realities at a young age.

Four Directions Wellness, Alexandria, VA, #104
Do you understand what your body is saying to you? Your health and happiness depend on it. That is why Four Directions Wellness opened in March. The organization helps each person understand his or her body's messages. Those messages are connected to one's body, emotions, mind and spirit. Please come visit Four Directions Wellness booth to learn more about our offerings and how we can be helpful to you.

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, #102
Whether you are drawn to the ancient traditions of Earth Spirit or seeking a vibrant community of people from all walks of life; whether you are searching for a retreat center or a place for ceremony...we are here.

Free Stress Test, #119
Find out how your mind can cause you to have stress, poor physical health, cause you to make inaccurate decisions, cause problems with work and many other undesirable conditions as well. Come to our booth for a free Stress Test.

Gainesville Holistic Center, #75 & 76
Dr. Stéphane (co-author with Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor) and our GHHC holistic practitioners provide a WHOLE-LISTIC SOLUTION to emotional, mind-brain, physical, spiritual, energy, addiction, PTSD, Lyme disease/illness/issues and much more. FREE SCAN at EXPO.

The Girl Behind the Counter, #18
Products crafted by The Girl Behind the Counter, LLC are filled with the essential goodness of plant-drawn oils and are skillfully blended to affirm, nurture, & safeguard vital energies while supporting the intention of more mindful living.

The Golden Lighthouse Metaphysical Center, #57
Soni Weiss will be giving Intuitive Tarot Readings to answer your questions regarding career, work, family, home, love life, and spiritual issues. Improve the quality of your life and relationships.

GPS Your Path, #70
Bonnie Patterino is one of a few IIHA Certified Hand Print Analysts in the world! Print your hands to accurately reveal your Soul Psychology, life lessons, gifts & authentic life purpose. Decode your whole-life blueprint and learn about your Life Energy Maps TM. After the decoding, you will receive a detailed one hour live whole-life phone reading and recording within a few weeks. Print today at a lower rate. The results are worth the wait!

Grail Foundation Press- New Answers to Life's Questions, #42
Publishing books to help each spirit on his/her path. Striving to generate awareness of "In the Light of Truth; the Grail Message" by Abd-ru-shin which sheds new light on life's fundamental questions and guides the earnest seeker to spiritual liberation.

Habeebah’s Herbals, #67
Habeebah Muhammad, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist & Massage Therapist in traditional services and Sufi Unani preparation. She has a wholistic line of natural and organic body products that are spiritually heart created and righteously made. "It's About Chemistry and Creativity."

Hands of Light-Geoffrey Morell, #106
Internationally Renowned healer, Geoffrey Morell, will demonstrate his healing techniques and provide books and materials on the subject of energy healing.

Healing, Spirit Messages with Ella, #13
Energy Healing: physical, emotional and spiritual concerns addressed with Ama~Deus, Seraphim Blueprint, Vogel crystal, and more. Spirit Messages: receive messages from loved ones, angels, animals, etc. Aura Photo readings: discover spiritual beings in your photo and receive their messages.

Heartland Foods, #84

Heartland Home Foods offers an affordable farm to home delivery service of all natural and organic foods. Please contact us for a complimentary sample package which includes your choice of steak, chicken and vegetables! Mention the Natural Living Expo for special show savings! Be sure to check out our facebook page!

Hidden Medicine Healing, #32 & 33
Supplier of healing crystals, chakra balancing tools, crystal grids, Pompeii Organic Essential oils, tumbled stones, healing crystals Sweet grass, cedar, sage smudge wands and handmade spiritual tools. Crystal singing bowls and sound healing. Kileigh Susice, owner, is a licensed massage therapist and shamanic practitioner providing mind, body, spirit healing, along with her own line of Hand rolled Incense, oils, and blends that correlate with the Chakra energy centers.

Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching, #122
Through connection with Higher Beings, Rev. Carol "Anandi" Richardson is offering Energy Healing Sessions and Core Self Readings & Blessings, empowering you to discover your Core Self, heal yourself, and find your bliss. 20 minute sessions for $20.

Holistic Veterinary Healing, #52
We offer top quality holistic and integrative compassionate veterinary specialty care. Our doctors have decades of experience within the healing field. We view your animal as a whole focusing on the root cause of dis-harmony for projected long term healing.

Hypnosis Columbia, #144
Hypnosis Columbia for weight reduction, smoking cessation, letting go of fears, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, grief, and much more!

Hypnosis Silver Spring, Don Pelles, #35
Donald Pelles, Hypnotherapist provides hypnosis for weight reduction, stop smoking, stress reduction, phobias, pain, pre-surgery and allergies.

Indigo Moon, #91
Indigo Moon features a variety of merchandise that spans from stunning wall hangings to exquisite purses, Indian clothing to sterling toe rings. The items come from the exotic lands of Thailand, India, and Nepal. Indigo Moon exhibits at festivals, college centers, and Eastern Market in Washington, DC.

Inner Circle Gifts, #25
Offering: Starborn Creations mineral and crystal jewelry, Tools for Transformation sacred geometry jewelry, that incl. instructions to cleanse and program these power pieces. Gorgeous genuine Vogel crystal, amethyst and labradorite display pieces and so much more!

Inspired by Angels, #31
Readings with Gena Wilson, LCSW, a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Angel Messenger, Animal Communicator, Psycho-spiritual therapist, and Reiki Master. www.Inspiredbyangels.com Hawaiian Aumakua Cards/Palmistry Readings with Kupua (shaman) Claudette Knox, a Gifted Intuitive, Huna Instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Internal Makeover Cleanse, #48
Internal Makeover Cleanse - Did you know the average person has 5-20 lbs. of waste matter sitting in their colon??? Sign up for your FREE 10-minute cleanse consultation at today's event: Cleanse and detoxify your mind, body & spirit, while losing excess weight!

International Society for Spiritual Sciences, #130
Vastushastra is a Vedic science of energies acting coherently through home/workplace to achieve healthy and peaceful life. Offering powerful energized products for happiness and prosperity. World renowned Swami Manjulanand, founder-president of 'International Society of Spiritual Sciences' will be available for consultation. www.manjulanand.org

Intuitive Services, #146
Donna Joy is an experienced psychic-medium, tarot reader, psychic detective and past-life specialist. Stop by her booth for free gifts.

Iridology, #71
The eyes are the window to your soul. But did you also know that they are the window to your health? The practice of Iridology, the study of the iris, can give us a clear picture of what is going on in nearly every part of your body based on the tissue health. Come by booth 117 and meet Steven Galloway, CNP Holistic Nutritionist, and get your eyes and health analyzed at a special expo price.

Johrei Fellowship, #134
Come and experience Johrei Light. Johrei--the channeling of Divine Light to purify the spirit--has been here to raise vibration and expand spiritual consciousness since 1935. Learn how it can benefit your spiritual path and practice.

Joyful Bath Co., #99
Local women-owned business hand-crafting natural and organic bar soaps, bath and foot soaks, bath accessories and gift sets. Made with vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced ingredients. Pure, natural and healing for the whole family. Baby bath and dog soaps too!

Dorothy Kadosh, Psychic Astrologer, #56
Readings with Dorothy can be profound and uplifting, providing important details about angels, your loved ones and you, and past lives. Get dates for positive results in career, love and health. Go away feeling happy with something to look forward to.

Marcella Kay, #137
Marcie Kay with over 30 years psychic experience.

Marie St. Rossi, #143
Tibetan healing jewelry, handicrafts from India, Nepal, and Thailand. Dharma objects, harem pants.

Kangan Water // Juice Plus, #22

KANGEN Alkaline Water and the UKON - Tumeric Supplement: www.WhyChangeYourWater.net / JUICE PLUS+ and the Tower Garden - 28 different fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule or chewable form.

Knowles Apothecary, #79 & 80
A community pharmacy offering traditional and alternative health care. Our professional pharmacists, nutrition consultant and medical herbalist work holistically to meet patients’ needs. Providing optimum care through compounding specific prescriptions, formulating herbal remedies and developing nutritional protocols with our line of professional supplements. Offering healing crystals, energy tools and salt lamps.

Life Transforming Hypnotherapy, #40

Joseph Mancini, Jr., PhD, CCHt, CRt., PLt., offers individual, couple and group hypnotherapy, and specializes in spiritual hypnotherapy (past-life regression, couples’ regression, future progression, life-between-lives, counterpart selves, parallel lives) and much more! Joe also does Crystal Skull Readings at his booth.

Lotus Wellness Center LLC, #125
Lotus Wellness Center is a holistic wellness studio located in Manassas, VA offering a wide variety of holistic services and classes in meditation, psychic and spiritual development.
Come check us out! We will be offering Celtic Cross readings, Bach Flower personalized remedies, Energy Balancing and mini massage sessions!

The Love Light Project, #116
E.Cho’s, The LoveLight Project, partners with Stephanie Courtney’s Synergy & Flow to provide multi-modal healing and galactic attunements. Stephanie and Elizabeth, are both multi-modal Light Masters and together provide a unique and specific healing experience to each individual which could result in: activation, attainment, healing, clarity, clearing, grounding, epiphany, and more. The messages and healing will be delivered by the Light Masters through: Sound, Light, Touch, Color, and Spirit; delivered from the core of the cosmic heart in the spirit of Love, Light, Synergy, and Flow.

Susan Lynne, Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, #11
Susan Lynne is a gifted psychic & medium with over 30 years of experience. She uses all the clairs, angels, astrology, Tarot, numerology, spirit guides, and dream interpretation. Available for readings, consultations. CDs and other gift items for sale. susanlynne@mediumlink.com.

Mahalo Minerals, #88, 89, 90
We offer a variety of minerals and crystals. We also have Shiva Lingas, Tibetan Singing Bowls, large crystals, amethyst geodes, as well as beautiful energy pieces. You will find stones as jewelry and we also have the largest selection in the tri-state area. See ya there.

M.A.M.A.S. Midwifery, #151
M.A.M.A.S. is a full-scope midwifery practice, serving Washington DC and the close-in Maryland suburbs of DC. Our certified nurse-midwives offer prenatal care, birth services, postpartum care, well-woman gyn care, family planning, breastfeeding/early parenting assistance, and intrauterine insemination, all in the comfort of your home.


The Mindfulness Center, #72
The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Maryland is a charitable community wellness center offering individual services, classes and workshops in Mind-Body Practices including Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Nia dance, Professional Teacher Trainings, Retreats, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and Mind-Body Therapies for Chronic Conditions. Stop by our booth to enjoy a demo session of our services and therapies with our experienced practitioners!

MMJ Advocates Group, #29
MMJ Advocates Group and DC Cannabis Cards provide Washington, DC and Maryland residents with safe, legal, and affordable access to medical cannabis treatment. Our network of compassionate physicians is available to write recommendations for medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is currently legal and available in the District and Maryland, with Maryland dispensaries scheduled to open in late 2016.  For additional information or to schedule an appointment please visit 

Multidimensional Functioning, #12
A read of your energy-field which accesses the divine within to address your questions, concerns, and problem solve.

Natalology - Foundation of You Life And ancestry, #92
Unleash Opportunity of Metaphysics and reawaken your unlimited power with Unique Method - Natalology. Decode Your Destiny and Ancestry information. Break through your physical boundaries, Raise your consciousness and tap into the power of Metaphysical Law to heal yourself on a mind-body-spirit level, and create your brightest future.

New Earth, #41
Introducing delicious 2 oz. daily renewal supplement that helps maximize brain health and healthy cellular performance. Perfect for athletes and active lifestyles, it’s NSF Certified for Sport, all-natural, without GMOs, added sugar, artificial sweeteners or colors, or energy crash.

The Northern Virginia Metaphysical Fellowship, Rev. Sally Knuckles, #3
"All Are Welcome!"  Divine Metaphysical church services on Sunday with once a month message service.  We offer various classes, mediumship development, Group Past Life Regression, Tarot, meditation, and well known guest speakers. Carlin Hall, Arlington Va.

NRG Concepts: Alchemical Life Coaching, #51
NRG Concepts was created to help you to live life to the fullest. Who we are is inextricably tied to the environment we move in. My intention is to provide you with a holistic source for your transformation through Alchemical Life Coaching and/or Interior Consulting. I am able to work with you to identify your needs and partner with you on your growth and expansion.

NutraLinks, LLC, #21
Established by pharmacists, Nutralinks is a natural products distributor. An effective remedy in Asia for nine decades, our natural decongestant inhaler is non-addictive, containing only natural ingredients delivering immediate relief of nasal congestion due to colds, allergies, and more.

Nutrition Master Foods, #26
Begin, the dawn of a new era in eating. Breakfast Tubes™, Lunch Tubes™, Dinner Tubes™ and Food Shots™. They are Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free. No, GMOs, chemicals, food fillers, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones and no added refined sugar.

Nutritional Healing Center of Crofton- Free Screening, #131
Wholistic Approach to Health, Utilizing Organic Wholefood Supplements in Nutritional Response Testing. Activator Method Chiropractic Technique, Therapeutic Cold Laser, Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxification with EBM Footbath, Multipolar Magnets for Electromagnetic Radiation, Allergy Elimination with Laser Acupuncture.

OM Botanical - Best Natural Skin Care, #39
Stop by at OM Botanical booth and experience a paradigm shift with uniquely superior products offering fast visible results. Skin care the way it should be. Unbleached, unprocessed, incredibly effective and yet 100% natural. Made with full spectrum(whole) organically grown botanical ingredients, these multi-functional products offer a simple two stepregimen.

One Source Healing, #28
Heal the soul first and healing of all aspects of life will follow, including health, relationships, finances and more. Visit us at our booth or online to learn more about soul healing. From guidance on more effective meditation, classes on soul healing and practical techniques, soul healing groups to Divine Soul Healing Services, we are here to serve you. Thank You!!

Paiges Promotions for Wyndham, #109
Please come and visit our Wyndham booth! We are doing drawings for free weekend getaways and gift certificates of all kinds. And come get your free Mardigras Beads too. Have fun at the Expo!

Past Times - Hypnotherapy & Bach Flower Therapy, #136

Angela offers consultation on how to heal the body with the subconscious mind as well as emotional healing with the help of Bach Flower Remedies.

Psy-Twins, # 87
Psychic mediums Allyson and Adele bring messages of comfort and advice to individuals wanting readings, and will sign copies of their newly published book, Between Two Worlds. Attend their mediumship audience demonstration today at one of the hourly lectures.

Psychic of Germantown MD, #105
Healing to feed the Mind, Body, & Spirit. Naturally & Organically.

Psychic Readings by Maria, #150
Offering spiritual guidance, life coaching, spiritual cleansing and chakra balancing, psychic readings and tarot card readings. Maria will help you achieve clarity in life's path, love, health, family, and more. Maria comes from a long line of psychic advisors providing unconditional love and acceptance, dedicating her life to helping others live their fullest with peace and joy.

Psychic/Spiritual Reading with Alice Jones, #17
Alice Jones offers Spiritual and Past Life Readings, connecting with your Higher Self, Source, Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, investigating Soul path/ relationships, and akashic record.

Psychic Vision, #149
Psychic readings by Mia, palm and tarot card reader. Chakra cleansing, meditation advice love marriage business.

Purium Health Products, #10
Our Purium Product categories include: Weight Loss, Greens, Athletes, Anti-Aging, Family Nutrition, Organic, Vegan, kosher Gluten-Free, Kids Foods, and Bio Skincare. Purium's philosophy is different from other thinking ... we throw out the old beliefs and make the new, "eat safe food," eat Purim.

Anna Pusser, #137

Psychic consultations through the Madame Lenormand Oracle,
based on Old European Wisdom of Romano Gypsy divination tools.

Raw Certified Organics for Everyone!, #66
Raw Living Vegan Certified Organic Superfoods: Probiotics, Antioxidants, Concentrated Grass Juices, Sprouted Protein, Fulvic Acids. Botanical Raw Food-Grade Certified Organics for Skin, Hair, Body, Home, Oral Hygiene, Mosquitoes and More! Cold-Processed. Tested for Purity. Excellent Discounts. Health Practitioners/Entrepreneurs Wanted.

Real Simple Bodycare: natural bodycare products, #120
Real: not imitation or artificial. Simple: easily understood. Bodycare: care for the entire body from head to toe. This is a line for natural products for the entire body. The products include great handmade soaps that cleanse the skin and nourish the soul. The entire line is fantastic! Come and try them.

Reconnective Healing Co-op, #96
Explore these new frequencies of light and information. Stop by for a demonstration or sign up for your personal session. The music of your life is in your instinct. Stop by and enter your name in our free seminar give away.

Remedies From Nature, Creating Naturally, #49
Specializing in naturally created products using the finest quality ingredients. Our products include: aromatherapy and herbal remedies, salves and tinctures, bath and body care products, hand-whipped butters and lotions, moisturizing soaps, hair care products and so much more!

Remnants of Magic, #121
Remnants of Magic makes one of a kind wire wrapped jewelry with your choice of gold or sterling silver wire. We wire wrap designer cabochons, faceted stones, crystal points or we can custom set your own unique stone. All Jewelry is individually hand crafted so by nature is one of a kind. We also have power bracelets, energy sprays, crystal wands and much more.

Remodel USA, #50
Your living environment is why we are in business. That's why we offer the highest quality remolding products for your home such as the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System, Sunsuite Sunroom and Bath Planet Tub Conversions.

Restorative Resonance, #148
Restorative Resonance is the energy healing practice of myself, Jeffrey Grant. At my booth I will be doing 20-minute energy healing sessions using techniques from Usui Reiki, Qi Gong and Pranic Healing for $20 per sessions.

Rising Phoenix Holistic Center, #127
We transform lives by fostering spiritual nourishment and intentional living in a neighborhood spiritual oasis. We support your journey by offering workshops, holistic healing, spiritual coaching, yoga, meditation, and a metaphysical gift shop. Stop by for your $20 intuitive reading with Tracy Causley, founder of Rising Phoenix, and ask us about Hawaii!

Rose Rosetree’s Energetic Literacy, #78
Empath Merges, Aura Readings, Face Readings – personal readings available from the Pathways Columnist on Energetic Literacy. Also find autographed copies of Rose’s how-to books (360,000+ copies sold). Rose Rosetree’s 1,000+ media interviews include "The Diane Rehm Show," The Washington Post, “The View.”

Sandy McDougall Soul/Business Coach, #103
Got a special talent or product people really need? Ready to find more traction? As a dynamic business and soul coach, Sandy McDougall helps you clarify your mission and then empower yourself to get there. She melds creative/intuitive guidance with practical/business know-how.

SavvyRest, #81 & 82
Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom is your one stop destination to help create the customized organic bedroom of your dreams! Savvy Rest mattresses and furniture are the key components of a nontoxic sleeping environment. Visit booth 81 & 82 to learn more. www.srnb.com

Science of Spirituality, #27
Science of Spirituality is a global, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated towards individual and community renewal based on love, non-violence and truthfulness. We empower ourselves via meditation so that we can better serve. All SOS programs are offered for free.

See Your Spirit Guides in Antoine’s Face, #113
Antoine is a Light Portal and offers a unique form of Mediumship. His face will disappear and you will be able to SEE and talk to your Spirit Guides and departed loved ones in love and light.

Self-Realization Community, #122
An interfaith community, our number one affirmation is "We Are One," and our number one goal is embodying Divine Love. Guided by Ascended Masters, we draw from the highest mystical teachings of all religions on the path of Self-Realization.

Dr. Venus Seleme - Seleme Health, #73
Dr. Seleme will offer 20 min. face diagnosis readings/detox consultations and her range of health and detox products: organic millet pillows for cervical and lumbar stabilization, magnesium oil sprays, organic bath salts, coffee scrub bars, pain-relief salves, detox manual and kit, essential oils, and crystal-charged honey. Emily Do will offer 30 min. reiki sessions.

Shamanic Healing Institute, #54
The Shamanic Healing Institute provides healing and education services through spiritual healing ceremonies, retreats, practitioner training programs and products. Visit Paul M. Sivert, LCPC, shamanic practitioner, to learn more and start your personal journey in Shamanism. Sign up for a Divination Ceremony and Healing.

Shamaniclarity and Peace & Laughter, #16
Protection Rites and Crystals, come meet Karen Johnson, Modern Day Shaman and Cheryl Giannelli, Intuitive Crystal Healer. Sign up for a 20 minute Protection Rite appointment and/or purchase some beautiful reiki infused crystals to help you on your spiritual path and support the body, mind and soul.
Contact Karen at:
Visit Cheryl at:

Skin Scholars, #126
Organic and Handmade Skin Love harnessing the power of Pure Essential Oils. Our Philosophy: If Your Skin Doesn't Need It, We don't Use It.

Smile Herb Shop, #64
Smile is the local hub for professional medical herbalism and natural living. In addition to teas, bulk herbs, spices, vitamins, supplements and essential oils, Smile features professional herbalists and an aromatherapist to provide customers with personalized attention to help them pick the right herbs and products for their needs. Smile is also home to several resident teachers and hosts educational classes nearly every week on topics from Ayurveda to Herbalism and from Aromatherapy to Mushrooms. Come by and experience the Smile difference today!

Soul Healing in College Park/Lanham, #115
Demonstrating the remarkable healing practices of renowned spiritual healer, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Offering this New York Times best-selling author’s books and CDs. Sign up to receive blessings for healing any aspect of life from certified Divine soul healers.

Sole Healing, #93
Providing reflexology and massage for shows, conferences, meetings or seminars. A great opportunity to have a sponsored area of relaxation and rejuvenation at your event. On site Corporate Wellness programs • Business and Private Events • Girls night out parties. solehealing@comcast.net

Songs of Alchemy, #33
A Sacred Sound Healing modality developed by Kileigh Susice Owner of Hidden Medicine Healing Arts Studio. Songs of Alchemy consist of sacred sound healing with the use of crystal singing bowls, shamanic massage, vocal toning and many shamanic tools to create a sacred space for powerful prayer and healing. These sacred tools and prayer create a powerful vibration and frequency that can heal at the cellular level breaking up stuck, stagnate, negative or blocked energy cleansing and clearing the chakras and auric field of anything that does not vibrate at its true frequency. I hold this sacred space for you from my heart, with the intention of awareness, transformation and healing for all involved.

The Soul Shepard, #142

The Soul Shepherd is an Intuitive Empath, Psychic, Medium and Medical Intuitive. Connecting through the eyes, in-person and distant readings available. The Soul Shepherd is able to channel messages that Spirit feels are needed to unlock "shadowed areas or stuck areas" in you so that you are able to be open to your journey.

Soul Source – Oasis for Transformation, #45
Offerings: Past life & life between lives regression®, spirit releasement w/Joanne Selinske, energy & hypnosis healing with Jessica Lin, healing thru the Akashic records w/Bill Sanda, bridging science & spirituality w/author Douglas Kinney, & didgeridoo w/Joe Gentile.

Souls Talisman Crystals, #100
Hanging Crystals to Balance your mind, body, spirit, and space. Offering handmade hanging Crystal Talisman's infused with love, joy and inspiration. A wide variety of Natural stones are used in the handmade hanging crystals. They are each unique and one of a kind. The meaning of each stone used in each creation, enhances the energy that the crystals themselves give off.

Spirit Guided Portraits LLC. Spirit Artists; Evidential Mediums; Psychic & Tarot Readers, #15
A picture is worth a thousand words, both Terri and Rhonda’s goal is to prove the continuity of life after death and deliver messages of love from our loved ones. We “see” and “sense” the visual essence of spirit, the drawings we create are powerful evidence of your loved one or your Spirit Guide.

Spiritual Spectra - Spiritual Tarot Consultations, Medium Readings & Energy Healing, #114
Spiritual Spectra is a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection, located in Maryland. Psychic Medium Jennifer Garcia, Founder of Spiritual Spectra, will be offering Spiritual Tarot Consultations, Medium Readings, and Energy Healing services at this booth. She will also be presenting "Messages from Spirit" so please check the schedule for time and location.

The Spiritual Tarot, Rev. Geraldine Amaral, #3
Pathways Columnist Rev. Geraldine Amaral and Friends. Put the power back in your own hands! Tarot is NO LONGER only for "fortune-telling!" It is a SACRED TEXT encoded in symbols that show us our LIFE LESSONS as we progress on our spiritual path. Please stop by our booth for a Spiritual Tarot Reading. Let the cards help you unlock the power of your unconscious mind. www.thespiritualtarot.com

Hugh Strain -- Healer for Soul, Mind and Body Blockages, #146
Personalized charting of your Soul, Mind and Body Blockages for as contained in the Akashic Records. Removal of blockages as guided by The Divine using one or more modalities: Source Ling Guang Calligraphies, Divine Healing Hands, Eric Pearl's Reconnective Healing and/or The Reconnection.

Takoma Park Chapel, #5
The Takoma Park Chapel is an interfaith spiritual community in the metaphysical tradition. We offer classes, workshops and uplifting Sunday worship service. Stop by our booth for psychic readings, messages, Reiki, spiritual healing and more information.

Tarot, Aura, Pyschic Readings - Mara Berman & Holly Range, #69
Mara Berman is a psychic and Tarot card reader. She conducts meditations contacting angels, guides and higher powers through light activations. maraberman@comcast.net. Holly Range is a psychic and Tarot card reader. She is a storyteller and conducts life lessons through story telling.

Tarot by Thomas, #8
Professional and discreet Tarot consultations. Calling on more than a quarter of a century of experience, Thomas has read for people from all walks of life, nationalities and spiritual traditions. Available for private readings and events.

Tarot Card Reader Sonia Subaran, #36
Sonia Subaran, Tarot reader with over 30 years experience in Jamaica and the United States. Intuitive with clear messages from Spirit.

TCCII, #138
Experience the benefits of our meridian tapper, Qigong, meditation, and Chinese medicine as we share holistic methods from Eastern and Western traditions.

Tea Of Life® Health Inc., #74
The Semi –Contra/ Epazote Herb; The ancient wonder herb and Herbal Supplement; Over 100 health benefits. No GMO. Caffeine Free. 100% Natural. Open the door to your Health and well-being! Patented, trademarked.

Telepathic TV - Neville Johnston & Mary Phelan, #55
Neville is offering Palmistry and Angel Messages and Mary is offering Intuitive Tarot, Past Lives and Dream Interpretation. They will also have their latest books, copper devices and oracle decks for purchase.

Terra Christa, #38
Terra Christa has been serving the Spiritual Community for over 20 years. Located in Old Town Vienna, Terra Christa offers many types of crystals, jewelry, books, music, healing tools, Aromatherapy, Angels, Native American art, Tibetan Singing Bowls and much more. At our Expo booth we’ll offer types of healing tools: Pendulums, Etheric Weavers, Wands and Song Pods.

Tim’s Tarot, #37
Tarot Readings by Tim Boyd, internationally renowned Certified Tarot providing 20 minute Tarot consultations, See Bio at

To The Point Tarot, #37
To the Point Tarot Don’t have an hour for a tarot reading? Laurie Catlin is the reader for you! She’ll get straight to the point with a 15 minute reading.

Touch N Heal, #145
This new mind-body approach to health is proving to be much more effective in managing, and often healing, pain and diseases that were previously unresponsive. Among the alternative therapies, Su Jok, Reflexology, Seed therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Color therapy and Ayurveda are already very popular in other parts of the world and are quickly becoming better known and used here in the U.S

Treasures From the Silk Road, #129
Handmade tapestries, bags & clothing from around the world.

Unique Reflexology and Beyond, #12
Brigitte Wiss, Clairvoyant & Gifted Certified Holistic Reflexologist since 2000 will rejuvenate you physically, emotionally & spiritually through her unique practice. She will customize your session to your personal needs. Not a foot massage! Best for Stress and more!

Urantia Book Interfaith Committee, #4
The Urantia Book is an anthology of highest concepts of Science, Philosophy, and Personal Religion. The 5th Epochal Revelation to our planet, is a book for all faiths.. For information see the book online.

The Vitamin Shoppe, #135
The Vitamin Shoppe is a broad-spectrum resource for everything ranging from natural body care to teas and herbals, to homeopathic and superfood options. Many of our products are organic/non-gmo, and we offer athletes a number of options for vegan/organic proteins as well as pasture-raised, hormone free whey options and clean pre-post workout supplies. Many locations also offer green living options, and all stores are able to custom order from a pool of nearly 40K items to fit your needs.

Whispers of Joy, #36
Shamanic practitioner and messenger of Spirit. I will be doing readings, selling my books and various other items.

Valley of Gems, #6 & 7
We sell: gems, crystals, pyramids and spheres of quartz crystal and amethyst. Large pieces of polished moonstone, labradorite and lapis. Our own handmade jewelry made with unusual, beautiful, natural stones, such as peronite, druzy, dendrite opal, labradorite, moonstone, and rare Tibetan turquoise. And much more….

Veterinary Holistic Care, #133
We are a holistic veterinary clinic providing excellent holistic and integrated veterinary care primarily for dogs and cats, and more recently small exotics. Our focus is on keeping your pet healthy and promoting quality of life.

Visions of the Heart SLC, #44
Visions of the Heart Spiritual Life Center is a Interfaith and Interspiritual community of truth, wisdom and love, meeting in Takoma Park. We create a sacred and safe space to experience your truth, healing, growth, love and light.

Washington Chiropractic, #61
Washington Chiropractic servicing the DC Metro community for 16 years. The doctors and staff will be speaking with attendees about their health issues, posture and alignment, making a special offer for participants with issues the doctor may be able to help. www.washingtonchiropractic.com

Washington DC Teaching Center, #24
Teachings of the Ascended Masters as taught by the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet: An array of books, pictures, CDs and DVDs of ascended master teachings on spirituality, personal growth & healing; published by The Summit Lighthouse ®

Jamila White, Psychic, #34
One of Pathways’ most popular practitioners, Jamila is a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, life coach and Reiki Master/Teacher who helps people get unstuck: money, love, career, past lives, soul purpose, Akashic records & more. Her readings are empowering, engaging, uplifting, and fun! Come to my workshop today for inspiring live audience readings! In-Person, Phone & Skype.

Wisdom of the Tarot, #136
Join Elise for a powerful look at the influences surrounding you. Tarot reveals deep insights and guides you to reach your full potential.

The World Teacher for All Humanity Is Now Here- Share International, #147
This is a momentous time in the history of our planet with the emergence of Maitreya, the Masters of Wisdom, and the mission of our Space Brothers. As our world is facing many crises, there is more hope and help than ever.

World Trenz, #62 & 63
Goddess Clothing,(skirts,dresses,blouses) Shawls, scarves and Ruanas,Jewelry,Metaphysical tapestries,statues,bags,singing bowls. Belly Dance costumes and Home Décor items.

Jali Wright, Psychic-Medium, #43
Psychic Medium Jali Wright’s readings integrate both psychic insight with spirit communication for information packed readings giving you answers and direction. Connecting with spirits through channeling and pictures, she inspires your Soul's Solution. Learn about her book, Everybody Wants Great Sex, Right? And her audio book “The Third Conversation” with Monet Lamartina. Also available are energetically infused handmade cosmetics, J-Luv.

Yoga Meditation Spirituality Vegetarianism Ayurveda, #30
ISKCON is an international organization dedicated to spreading spiritual knowledge and culture. It is based on the ancient texts of India such as the Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, and chanting of the holy names of God to become pure and bring peace and prosperity.

Young Living Essential Oils, #85
Young Living essential oils support the body's systems to help you stay healthy. Come by the booth and find out how you can take. The first step toward good physical and emotional health. The iTOVi scan also available for a fee.

Zoetic Workshops, #111 & 112
Zoetic Workshops is transforming human consciousness from the Spirit within. In our classes you are trained in meditation & other life-altering techniques. You gain mastery with Permission Conversations, perceiving others through their chakras, accurate distance readings, and advancing your natural healing abilities.

Zrii: Live without limits, #19
Product that will change your life! Zrii is dedicated to transforming lives through quality products. Endorsed by Deepak Chopra and the Chopra center, these products have been developed to balance all areas of health; both mind and body. Zrii way of life is abundance. Zrii represents an opportunity to create the life you always wanted to live.