Natural Living Expo Workshop Descriptions
You can choose from 48 Workshops at the Expo. You can attend as many as 8, 50-minute workshops, all included in the low cost ($10 with coupon) of admission. There is no pre-registration, just show up and enjoy. Each listing shows Time, Title, Speaker and Room Name. At the end of the description is the booth number of the speaker.

10:30 AM
Everyday Spirituality: Intuition or Coincidence?
Rhonda Rhodes
Room: Tickets
Need help connecting with Spirit? It is not an elusive or exclusive thing. Discover ways we connect to Spirit daily. Hear about some of the steps on my own journey. How I learned discernment can resonate with others own experiences.
Booth #23

The Path from Stress! to Zen
Dr. Jessica Norris
Room: Arlington
Dr. Jessica Norris, PhD, describes aromatherapy and wellness techniques that will help the body and mind reduce stress, achieve calmness, and stay energized to get you through your busy day.
Booth #38

Nutrition Health Talk: You Can Take Control of Your Health
Dr. Katie Thompson
Room: Falls Church
Fatigue, digestive problems, allergies, hormonal issues, acid reflux, sleep issues and other chronic symptoms? These are indications something is not working in your body. Come learn how your body can repair itself by getting to the root cause and address your unique health needs naturally. Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health. This system is a unique healing practice different than anything you have experienced.
Booth #96

Getting UN-STUCK to Embrace Your Highest Purpose
Julie Haines
Room: Vienna
We are Spirits having a Human Experience, yet we easily get “Stuck” in relationships, jobs, and commitments that keep us from enjoying TRUE Abundance. Join us for this unique session to become “Un-Stuck” to live the life your Spirit planned!
Booth #6

Soul Sync Live!
Gwendolyn Mitchell
Room: Langley
Learn a powerful meditation that takes you to the field of limitless possibilities where intentions become actualities, heart-felt desires are fulfilled and life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and wellbeing.
Booth #29

The Significance of This Moment in the History of Our Planet
Sheida Kourangi
Room: McLean
As the world spirals down into ever increasing crises, how can the World Teacher, Maitreya, the Masters of Wisdom and the Space Brothers help us forge a new destiny for our planet? And how can we serve the world in need and speed up our own spiritual progress at the same time?
Booth #2

11:30 AM
Spirit Speaks on Prosperity
Rev. Jim Webb
Room: Tickets
Back by popular demand! The Masters, channeled by Rev. Jim Webb, are a group of highly evolved beings who provide wisdom, insight, predictions and a powerful healing energy to those who attend. Including guidance on Past Lives and Manifestation, and answers to your personal questions.
Booth #4

A Viable Ancient Herbal Holistic Alternative
Vaidya Vasudha Gupta
Room: Arlington
Learn the secrets from an ancient Indian herbal health care system to tackle your ongoing health issues. You will also learn affordable and easy home remedies and lifestyle changes to help achieve optimum health.
Booth #94

Relationships and the Law of Attraction
Alix Moore
Room: Falls Church
Looking for a new significant other or ready to improve the relationship you have? Join Alix & the Archangels for a practical, metaphysical conversation about relationships. Make the Law of Attraction work for you—co-create the relationship happiness you’re looking for!
Booth #80

Being An Empath...Why do I feel EVERYTHING?
Eileen Strange
Room: Vienna
This workshop is geared to people who “feel their world” and perhaps don’t understand how different that is from most other people. While I will be giving a “workshop”, I will also like to do a gallery reading to show how “feeling and intuition” work together and how it can be a “gift”!
Booth #49

Accessing a Parallel Life
Joe Mancini
Room: Langley
Every time you make a decision, all the other paths you might have taken actually get realized, but in parallel lives. This lecture/workshop gives participants a glimpse of one of the “paths not taken” and its relevance to the chosen life.
Booth #65

Jyoti Meditation Lifts You Up
Gaurav Singh
Room: McLean
Learn to access inner light through a simple, natural, age-old technique that focuses your attention on the seat of your soul. Once learned, Jyoti Meditation provides lasting energy and blissful satisfaction.
Booth #46

1:00 PM
Beyond The Veil
Angel Talk TV/Radio hosts Jim and Sandy Young
Room: Tickets
Jim & Sandy Young, Angel Talk TV/Radio Hosts, Washington Metro Area’s high in demand speakers and internationally acclaimed psychics with over 10,000 professional readings since 1994.  Experience why everyone year after year crowd the room as the audience asks questions on any subject; Passed Over Loved Ones, Romance, Career, Guides, Global Issues & more. Booth #124

Falling In Love With Yourself
Liora Hill
Room: Arlington
Do you ever feel you are missing how you could love someone or how you could be loved? Knowing there is more love available both to express and to feel, do you ever (rightfully) desire that love to be present in your life? Well, it all begins with you. The extent to which you can love another, and the extent to which you feel love, is the extent to which you love yourself. In this 1 hour mini-class, you will do work that brings you into relationship with yourself in a way that ends with you fully loving you.
Booth #87 & 88

Saint Germain: The Genesis of the Aquarian Age through the Genie within You!” 
David Christopher Lewis 
Room: Falls Church
Master Alchemist, Aquarian Avatar and Lover of Our Souls, Saint Germain will co-create blessings to accelerate personal and planetary consciousness and alchemical joy. He will use the advanced frequency of violet laser light to quicken global transmutation and change. Expect miracles for your community and a powerful uplift in Spirit
! Booth #99 & 100

Meditation with Light and Auras
Mara Berman
Room: Vienna
Meet your angels and spiritual guides in an experiential meditation. Learn aura cleaning and chakra clearing. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Feel comfortable in your own energy.
Booth #95

The Reconnection: Explore the New Frequencies of Healing
Joan Fowler
Room: Langley
Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings afforded by Reconnective Healing? Find out in this engaging presentation.
Booth #89

Modern Meditation in the Workplace
Tom Valone, PhD
Room: McLean
In this one-hour training seminar, learn how to meditate easily and quickly with a simple 4-step technique. Preserving the essence of an ancient practice, Modern Meditation is being offered free of charge. Studies show that daily meditation provides stress reduction, brain longevity, increased youthfulness, a peaceful state of mind and amazingly, a “reversal of the usual cortical thinning that occurs with age.”
Booth #53

2:00 PM
Andean Shamanism
Paul Sivert
Room: Tickets
Join us for a workshop introducing the cosmology of the Medicine People of South America. Learn about energy medicine and healing. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a shamanic journey. 
Booth #121

Between Two Worlds
Allyson and Adele: Psy-dentical Twins
Room: Arlington
What is it like for psychic twins bridging the two worlds of Spirit and Earth? Seen on television and Internet radio, the twins talk about their book,
Between Two Worlds. Witness demonstrations of spirit communication between the physical and astral worlds to reunite family, friends, and loved ones. Booth #122

An Introduction to Spiritual Tarot
Rev. Geraldine Amaral
Room: Falls Church
Please join author/
Pathways columnist Rev. Geraldine Amaral to explore the Tarot cards for spiritual self-knowledge. If you want your “fortune” told, this class is probably not for you. Use the cards to uncover your unconscious patterns to create your destiny and illuminate your spiritual path. Learn how to put the power back into your own hands! **Each participant will receive a spiritual message card to keep!** Booth #3

Ageless Health
Dr. Tom Roselle
Room: Vienna
Learn to create boundless energy and optimal health that will last throughout your lifetime. It is possible and Dr. Tom Roselle, a natural health expert, author, & radio talk show host will help you discover the truth in achieving this state of well being.
Booth #98

Holistic Dentistry Impacts Your Life
Dr. Terry Victor
Room: Langley
Understand the connection between Holistic Health and Dentistry in determining ways of preventing disease and dysfunction through treatment by a Holistic Dentist. Discover the importance of good oral health care and its life-long effects on your overall health and well-being.
Booth #114

Essential Oils 101
Colleen McCartney
Room: McLean
Essential Oils 101: Come experience doTERRA! In this intro session we will collect health concerns from the group, and cover how to use the oils for your needs. You will experience 10 different essential oils! You don’t have to buy anything, but we will have some specials just for those who attend the class. We will also have a raffle at the end of the class so make sure you plan to stay until the end!
Booth #70

3:00 PM
Auras Can Tell You THAT?
Isabella Cates
Room: Tickets
Online dating! Spotting liars! Great info can be yours with aura reading. Read auras already? Discover more practical uses. No skills yet? Get inspired to learn, because you can. Plus, a chance to receive a free professional aura reading!
Booth #123

Messages from the Other Side: Evidential Mediumship 
Uma Beepat & Ron Pritchard
Room: Arlington
Uma and Rob are Psychic Mediums with mediumship training in the USA and UK. They have been mentored to bring through Spirit Communication from your loved ones using evidence-based information. Come be a part of a fascinating demonstration of channeled messages from your loved ones and receive guidance about the philosophy of mediumship and opening to communication. Time is included for a Q&A about your own mediumship skills or experiences.
Booth #74 & 75

Find Your Life Purpose
Melissa Kitto & Richard Lassiter 
Room: Falls Church
Do you wonder if something is missing in your life? You have a unique life purpose. It’s time to find it. In this workshop you’ll get in touch with your soul’s wisdom to find clarity in who you are, where you came from and why you are here. Develop the power of your Intuitive Energy.
Booth #108

Awakening to Spiritual Freedom 
Members of ECKANKAR
Room: Vienna
Tantalizing clues to spiritual freedom abound—but how can we piece them together? How can a study of past lives, dreams, and conscious living reveal the beauty and power of the liberated Soul?
Booth #104

Addressing the Cause of All Chronic Disease
Michael Ciletti
Room: Langley
What does your path towards optimal health look like? Even with healthy eating, exercise and nutritional supplementation, are chronic health issues blocking you from achieving peak performance or your health goals? What role does your blood and cellular health play in contributing towards chronic health (anaerobic) challenges? Peak Health is dependent on your cells’ ability to use oxygen effectively, water and nutrients to make energy, manage energy and eliminate wastes, aka ‘metabolism’. To put your body back on the right path, addressing cellular health is the very first step. 
Booth #73

Past Lives ~ Future Loves
Joanne Selinske, PhD, M.Msc, Cht.
Room: McLean
Join the co-author of Llewellyn’s
Little Book of Life Between Lives for an hour of discovery. We travel through eternity with souls who incarnate with us time and again. Love is both the glue and foundation of these relationships and the learning, lessons and healing they are designed to accomplish. Join us to better understand your relationships and the patterns that challenge and perplex, fortify and strengthen! Booth #85

4:00 PM
Getting Unstuck: Messages from Spirit
Jamila White
Room: Tickets
During this session, international psychic medium and intuitive development teacher Jamila White will deliver authentic, heartfelt, and sometimes even funny personal messages from Spirit for audience members. Come find out what guidance God, your angels, ancestors, loved ones, and spirit guides want to share with you to help you get unstuck and living on purpose, and learn a powerful, foolproof technique to use your own intuition for getting clear about your path when you’re facing uncertainty and confusion. 
Booth #54

Mindfulness for Self-Healing
Mindfulness Center Staff
Room: Arlington
Learn Mindfulness practices that cultivate resilience and well-being! Using the senses, mindfulness and guided imagery, learn practices that increase the effectiveness of positive affirmations. These practices empower individuals to play a proactive role in improving their overall health and happiness.
Booth #78

Living Your Passion!
Mara Benner
Room: Falls Church
You are not living your dream. Why not? Join Mara Benner of Four Directions Wellness to explore what you are meant to do while living on the earth plane. Learn what is calling your name, identify key factors in moving forward, and begin your plans for 2019. Participants will have the opportunity for a special drawing for the Living Your Passion: Identifying and Starting Your Business class that begins in October.
Booth #79

Shake It Off Naturally with Tension, Stress, and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®)
Leah Harris
Room: Vienna
Come learn about TRE®, a gentle and innovative series of exercises that assist in releasing deep muscular patterns of tension and trauma, safely activating a natural shaking or vibrating mechanism that calms the nervous system and restores balance to the body.
Booth #40

Mantra Meditation Workshop
ISKCON Spiritual Center Staff
Room: Langley
The ancient texts of the Vedas describe mantra meditation as the perfect cleanse for the mind. It washes away all the toxins (like stress, anxiety) from our consciousness and uplifts it to a spiritual platform from where we can see the world and interact with it in a spiritual and compassionate way. In this workshop, you’ll learn what is Mantra meditation, its history and benefits, and how to apply it in your life.
Booth #32

Balancing Chakras and Emotions with Essential Oils
Dr. Venus Seleme
Room: McLean
The mind and body are inexplicably linked; if you are not healthy mentally, your body will be negatively affected. Come explore how smell affects our emotions and the seven chakras that correspond to different body functions and organs. Learn how essential oils can help with emotions and ailments associated with our seven chakras and help balance emotions and the energy associated with chakras and realign them. Using essential oils to support emotions and chakras is simple and easy. Learn how essential oils can help promote, maintain and support your health!
Booth #115

5:00 PM
The Awakening - Methods To Develop Your Psychic Abilities 
Gena Wilson
Room: Tickets
This seminar will assist you on your path to developing or increasing your abilities.
Booth #19

Biodanza, Dances of Joy and Vitality
Michelle Dubreuil Macek
Room: Arlington
Join us for a movement session offering joy, vitality and tender human connection in a safe space. Biodanza provides the container for you to discover you through a variety of dances, the medicine of awesome healing music and heartfelt emotion. Come be more in your heart space!
Booth #47

Discover You Limitless
Nelda Fink
Room: Falls Church
Learn the 5 key steps to break away from the life of chance and circumstance using the most powerful tool in all of creation. Discover your life of fullest potential—the life of limitless.
Booth #48

EMF Protection 101 Plus

Elaine Hunolt
Room: Vienna
Are you safe from EMFs? EMFs can affect your health! Healthy Spaces IQ, LLC will provide surprisingly simple solutions to protecting yourself from EMFs vs. when you need to call an expert.
Booth #44

Ask ANYTHING! YOU decide!
Dr. Stéphane Provencher D.C., PSc.D., Ph.D.(c), F.I.M., F.I.C.S., B.C.A.M.P., Room: Langley
You came to this expo to gain knowledge but your questions may still be unanswered at the end of the day. Come and ask them. Any topic from nutrition, emotion, brain, spirituality. I will share my experience and knowledge with you. Let’s talk!
Booth #103

Classic Chinese Music & Holistic Health
Lisa Fan
Room: McLean
Classic Chinese music features Pentatonic that correlates with the five elements of life (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). Please come to find out how classic Chinese music helps people to be in harmony with nature, and gain holistic health.
Booth #84

6:00 PM
Manifesting with Your Angels and Trusting Your Vibes
Susan Lynne
Room: Tickets
This informative workshop will show you how to manifest, contact and communicate with your Angels. You will learn to trust your vibes and listen for the messages being sent to you. Discover the best ways to communicate with your Angels. Guided meditations will be included.
Booth #16

We Are All Healers
Geoffrey Morell 
Room: Arlington
An acclaimed energy healer demonstrates his unique method of clearing the aura, pinpointing areas of disharmony in the body, and applying energies to promote recovery and health. The spiritual, emotional and nutritional origins of health problems will be addressed.
Booth #77

Anchoring the Empath
Ingrid Jolly
Room: Falls Church
Rise to challenges as empowered beings of electromagnetic light. We are sharing how to lift into 5th dimensional vibrations while living as an Empath in the third dimensional world.
Booth #127

“Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” (and more)
Adrienne Hausman
Room: Vienna
Lavender essential oil can heal a burn injury and help lower your blood pressure? Rosemary essential oil is good for memory and hair loss, and arthritis can be relieved with Roman chamomile essential oil. Experience the wonder of nature’s medicine!
Booth #15

The Urantia Book” – An Introduction with Multi-Media
The Urantia Book Fellowship Interfaith Committee
Room: McLean
An introduction to
The Urantia Book, including an overview of The Fifth Epochal Revelation to our planet and a multi-media presentation. Booth #17

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