Natural Living Expo Workshop Descriptions

You can choose from 64 Workshops at the Expo. You can attend as many as 7, 50-minute workshops, all included in the low cost ($10 with coupon) of admission. There is no pre-registration, just show up and enjoy.

The title lines include the workshop name; the teacher; and the room name.

11:00 AM
Acupuncture and 5 Element Theory for Health and Happiness this Spring
Mary Morrison
Salon F
How can we use the principles of Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements to cultivate health and happiness this Spring? We will begin by exploring how our energy shifts with the seasons and how applying principles of Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory can support us through these shifts; then conclude by learning how to apply several simple, profound practices each day.

Psychic Development
Mary Phelan
Salon G
In this workshop, you will discover how your body talks to you, how your beliefs and attitudes affect your intuition, how your brain perceives psychic information, and how to utilize this to build a strong foundation for your intuitive development.

$$$ Energetic Literacy for More Prosperity $$$
Rose Rosetree, CI, CH, Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality
Salon H
Can you live with purpose and also make money? Cut through the clutter of “Supposed to’s.” Become more financially successful by discovering the role of your very human soul in making work choices. Sample aura readings are included in this lecture-demonstration.

Medical QiGong
Veronica Wong
Brookside A
Dr. Wong will give a presentation that will help you relax thru breathing techniques and to preserve your health thru circulation of energy (Qi) for wellness. She has been giving workshops in Europe, Asia, Latin America and USA.

Past Life Regression
Melody Krafft, M.A.
Brookside B
Come without expectations and experience a past- life regression. Glimpse your eternal self; release what no longer serves you. Be open to change and new doors of opportunity will open for you. Afterwards, question and answer time will be available.

Jyoti Meditation Lifts You Up
David Newcomb
Forest Glen
To enrich our lives, we need to add the value of spiritual meditation. Jyoti meditation focuses our attention on the seat of the soul, between and behind the two eyebrows. Maintaining this focus confers happiness that is lasting.

An Akashic Experience
Michele Barlock, Reiki Teacher
Glen Echo
A discussion about the Akashic Records (AR), how to gain insight about and heal situations, relationships & unwanted patterns. Experience an AR guided Meditation, tapping into your records in order to access deeper meaning and clarity. Bring journal and pen. Michele teaches and gives AR sessions and attunements.

Nature Spirit Energy Medicine and Practical Shamanism
Azurae Windwalker
All the answers we will ever need during the Shift will come to us from the Spirit of Nature. Learn a few simple exercises downloaded directly from Nature for protecting property and self from Earth changes and for alleviating symptoms of the Shift. Learn to be a co-creator with Nature in the DC area workshops following this lecture.

12:00 PM
Channeled Messages From the Masters: Spirit Speaks on Prosperity, Relationships & Past Lives
Rev. Jim Webb
Salon F
Back by popular demand! The Masters, channeled by Rev. Jim Webb, are a group of highly evolved beings who provide wisdom, insight, predictions and a powerful healing energy to those who attend. Including guidance on Past Lives and Manifestation, and answers to your personal questions.

Your Energy - Keeping It Clear
Sherry Dmytrewycz
Salon G
The energy of everyone and everything around you has an effect on you that can be negative. Learn how to strengthen and clear your energy field for greater health and peace of mind.

Tai Chi and Qigong for Balance
Salon H
Experience the energy of Tai Chi and Qigong. These ancient Chinese arts use meditation, movement, and breathing to renew our vitality and strengthen our balance. You will learn how to use guided imagery and breathing techniques to relax your mind and rejuvenate your energy.

Consciously Organizing
Diana Collins
Brookside A
Organizer and reader Diana Collins offers tips on transforming your home & office into a sanctuary with tips on de-cluttering.

Foundations of Acupuncture
Adam Miramon, L.AC., DIPL.AC.
Brookside B
Acupuncture is a medical practice that has been used in China for over 3000 years. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basic terminology, concepts, and theory of acupuncture allowing you to understand and appreciate this proven, ancient medicine.

Yikes! . . . Why Did I Craft This Life Plan and Enter Into These Sacred Contracts?
Joanne Selinske, PhD, M.Msc., Cht.
Forest Glen
Do you wonder whether you were “not of sound mind” when you agreed to your life plan and sacred contracts? Join our entertaining exploration of the brilliance that crafted your soul’s plan for this lifetime while gaining understanding about relationships that perplex, defy logic or fixing!

13 Myths That Make Us Sick
Dr. Robert Rifkin
Glen Echo
Come and find out how you can get more energy, feel better, look better, prevent disease and be more effective and efficient in anything you choose to do by letting go of the health myths that make you sick.

Vastu (origin of Feng Shui): For Happiness
Padmaja Mummaneni
Vastu Shastra is a Vedic science of construction and architecture—the ancestor of Feng Shui. Receive in-depth information about Vastu and practical suggestions for maximum wellbeing from placing certain objects for peace, prosperity, congenial relationships and happiness. Swamiji will discuss the benefits of "Vibrational Meditation," too.

1:00 PM
Beyond The Veil
Jim & Sandy Young
Salon F
Our 19th year with Pathways. Don't miss what attendees of the Expo have packed the room year after year to experience! Where you, the audience, asks the questions on subjects like Career, Passed Over Loved Ones, Life’s Obstacles, Relationships, more.

An Introduction to Spiritual Tarot
Geraldine Amaral
Salon G
Please join author/Pathways columnist Geraldine Amaral to explore the Tarot cards for spiritual self-knowledge. If you want your "fortune" told, this class is probably not for you—learn how to put the power back into your own hands! Receive a spiritual message and a card to keep. Learn how to use the cards to illuminate your spiritual path and soul progression. **Each participant will receive a message card to keep!**

Multidimensional Healing Workshop
Grace Miazza, MSEd, BSEE, BS Physics
Salon H
Grace will discuss and demonstrate spiritual energy healing. Attendees will become active participants in deepening their grounding and exploring their own potential. Volunteers may be selected from the audience to demonstrate the concepts discussed.

The Healing Power of Angels
Rev. Kenneth Frazier
Brookside A
Interactive Seminars: Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters’ teaching on the “Healing Power of Angels” hosted by Rev. Kenneth Frazier. Angels were created to be our guardians and friends and to help us find our way back to our Divine Source and Reality. The Healing Power of Angels’ seminar will teach us how to call the angels into action for our healing, protection and the unfolding of our Higher Mind. Did you know there are angels in mortal form and you may be one?

Why You Should Become A Life Coach
Roger Panetta
Brookside B
Are you spiritual, a good listener, interested in wellness and committed to making the world a better place? As a life coach you can share your talents while helping others in a full time, part time or volunteer capacity. Learn how coaching works and if life coaching is for you.

Healing Trauma Workshop / CANCUN Spiritual Retreat August 2014 
Victoria Jai, NLP, ND and Jeanine Marzella, PHDc, CCHt
Glen Echo
Take back your Power! Align in Manifestation of Love, Loving Relationships and the Real You. Heal PTSD, Trauma, and any health issue with deep clearing on emotional, mental, physical and soul levels. Clear chaos that binds you. Access heart codes, akashic records, transformational dialog with deceased. Connection with Divine Source, Guides:  Angels, Ascendant Masters, Ancestors, etc. Alignment of DNA. CANCUN: Kundalini Yoga, Mayan Ruins, Rain Forest, Healing to the Core

The Reconnection: Explore the New Frequencies of Healing
Joan Fowler
Forest Glen
Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings afforded by Reconnective Healing? Find out in this engaging presentation.

Blending Aromatherapy and Energy Healing for Health and Well Being
Patricia Bonnard
For thousands of years, the healing properties of plants have supported energy healing. Liquid smudge is just one example. Learn and experience how to use aromatherapy with energy healing practices such as Reiki, chakra therapy and shamanic journeys.

2:00 PM
Andean Shamanism
Paul Sivert
Salon F
Join us for a workshop introducing the cosmology of the Medicine People of South America. Learn about energy medicine and healing. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a shamanic journey.

Ageless Health
Dr. Tom Roselle
Salon G
Learn to create boundless energy and optimal health that will last throughout your lifetime. It is possible and Dr. Tom Roselle, an integrative health expert, author, & radio talk show host will help you discover the truth in achieving this state of well being.

Simple Steps to Communicate With Your Angels
Melissa Kitto & Richard Lassiter
Salon H
Want to connect with your guides easily on a daily basis? Learn the truth about your relationship with your angels and simple tools to connect and receive their messages. You’ll accelerate your spiritual growth and align more closely with your unique life purpose.

The Spiritual Martial Art
Dorothy Kadosh
Brookside A
Do something about negativity once and for all. Learn to raise your personal vibration and the vibration of your environment using simple techniques practiced for centuries. Reach a comfort level in your home, office and personal life never before achieved with continued education in psychic self-defense.

Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel
Members of ECKANKAR
Brookside B
Have you lived before? Do your dreams hold the key to a better happier life? Find your inner spiritual guide and discover ways to enrich your life through Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, based on the teachings of ECKANKAR.

Messages From the Other Side
Jali Wright & Monet Lamartina
Forest Glen
Jali Wright, renowned psychic-medium, and Monet Lamartina, authors of upcoming audio book The 3rd Conversation, will share exciting EVP recordings—indisputable evidence of real communication with those “on the other side.” Session attendees will hear for themselves the sometimes eerie, but mostly healing outcomes.

Destressing with Positive Energy
Ayo Handy Kendi
Glen Echo
Come ready to Play, Relax and Destress through the transformative stress management processes of laughter, stress busters, breathology and sound healing with Ayo Handy-Kendi, The PositivEnergy Breath & Laughter Coach. We especially welcome Aging Baby Boomers.

Ascension Meditation
Melissa Feick
Learn about the light codes that are dormant in your DNA. We will activate these codes through a meditation and Attunement. This will raise your vibration and open you up to higher dimensions.

3:00 PM
Between Two Worlds
Allyson and Adele: Psy-dentical Twins
Salon F
What is it like for psychic twins bridging the two worlds of Spirit and Earth? Seen on television and Internet radio, the twins talk about their book, Between Two Worlds. Witness demonstrations of spirit communication between the physical and astral worlds to reunite family, friends, and loved ones.

Energy Healing for Companion Animals: Why They Love It and How It Works
Allie Phillips
Salon G
Our furry companions love energy healing! They naturally resonate with healing energy and quickly relax. Animal protection expert and Master Healer Allie will discuss three different types of energy healing methods that benefit animals. No animals will be present.

Power of the SubConscious Mind
Kay Walkinshaw, PhD, DSc
Salon H
Discover the power of your mind! Learn to manage stress, lose weight, change unwanted habits and attain goals through the use of self hypnosis. This will be accomplished by learning how to use the power of your mind more effectively, as well as relaxation techniques, visualization, and your own imagination and intuition.

Billionaire Parenting – Emotional DNA
Dr. Stéphane Provencher
Brookside A
As we bring our children to this earth, emotional conflict(s) might affect them from in-utero and then outside. How can YOU be empowered to relate and help them live a life with passion? Whole-Listic approach to Finding the Whole “U.”

Restoring Gut Health
Betsy Costilo, MS, LDN & DeAnna Nara, MS, LDN
Brookside B
The integrity of one's digestive system is one of the most profound aspects of an individual's health; gut health is directly linked to the strength of the immune system, the quality of the skin, and much more. Join medical herbalists and licensed nutritionists Betsy Costilo and DeAnna Nara to learn how to use foods, herbs and supplements to restore health and function to your digestive system.

Psychic and Intuition Development Workshop
Debra Diamond
Forest Glen
Develop your intuitive skills, raise your energetic vibrations and learn telepathy in this interactive workshop. We'll discuss the five claires, communicating with Spirit, and advance your metaphysical and spiritual practice in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Bring your questions for Spirit!

Age Management Medicine
Delara Tavakoli, MD
Glen Echo
Age management medicine is based on sufficient medical evidence revealing that one's quality of life can be greatly improved by delaying the onset of signs and symptoms associated with aging. Both men and women experience measurable benefits when diminishing hormones are replaced, and balanced appropriately, throughout the aging years.

Science & Spirituality
Harold Bates
New discoveries in science and quantum mechanics reveal more agreement now between the prophets of old and the physicists of today than ever before. With this convergence of science and spirituality are we on the exciting threshold of a unified knowledge base?

4:00 PM
Speaking With Spirit
Rev. Sally Knuckles
Salon F
We all have the ability to communicate with those in Spirit. It is a matter of exercising skills of "listening" and/or "seeing.” Learn how to pay attention to Spirit's communications and how to interpret what you receive.

Essential Oils 101
Colleen McCartney
Salon G
Want to live a greener, less toxic life? Have you heard about essential oils? From cleaning, to physical & emotional healing, to protecting your garden, learn the different ways you can use essential oils everyday.

Meditation With Angel and Auras
Mara Berman
Salon H
Meet your angels and spiritual guides in this experiential meditation. Learn aura cleansing and spiritual blessings. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Mara has been a psychic for over 15 years.

Huikala Reiki
Claudette Knox
Brookside A
“Huikala Reiki” presented by Kupua Claudette Knox is a combination of Reiki and Hawaiian “Huna” (the secret behind the mysteries of the universe). Combining these ancient teachings creates an incredible healing system. Huikala Reiki was developed by Reiki Master Teachers Gena Wilson and Claudette Knox (teaching Reiki for 17 years).

Healing With Tuning Forks
Johnny Henderson, PhD, RPP, RPE & Tom Langan, RCST, BCPP, RPE
Brookside B
The beauty of sound, feel of vibration, power of energy, healing skills of therapeutic tuning forks. Somatic Energy Therapies will briefly explain the efficiency of chakra balance, karma and meridian stimulation, astrological blueprint support, visceral and vertebral adjustment and nervous system relaxation.

The Magic of Crystal Skulls
Joseph Mancini
Forest Glen
Crystal Skulls are new/old tools of transformation. They are used for divination, augmenting personal power, increasing other stone's energies, healing, channeling, and facilitating past-life journeys. Hear stories of some famous skulls and how to buy, activate and use crystal skulls.

The Chakras for Self-Healing
Uma Alexandra Beepat
Glen Echo
Chakras is a hot topic word in today's metaphysical community and it should be! Come learn in this fun and informative workshop about the history of Chakras and how they pertain to your soul journey. Also includes a short guided meditation to cleanse the chakras and seek out imbalances.

Innovations in Holistic Dentistry
Terry Victor, DDS
Learn the newest innovations for dental implants, how to have a clean and healthy mouth, and how your oral health can affect your overall health.

5:00 PM
Brain Wave Synchronization, Developed by the Monroe Institute
Hildegard Starmer
Salon F
You don’t have to sit in a monastery for 20 years to experience profound feelings of peace. Discover how Hemi-Sync can support heightened states of consciousness, intuition, creativity, problem solving, etc. Come early to this inspiring lecture.

Celebrating Spirituality the InterFaith Way: Walking the Labyrinth
Carrie Krystek, M.Ed. (AET)
Salon G
At Four Quarters, we use rituals, celebrations, and sacred sites to inspire people toward the directions they need to go. Join us as we explore the spiritual messages inherent within one of Four Quarters sacred sites; a symbol that has transcended cultures, geography, and time itself to have many different meanings to many different peoples throughout the world: The Labyrinth.

Influence of the Heart and Mind
Michele Quesenberry, Licensed Heal Your LIfe® Teacher
Salon H
Thoughts and visions dance through the mind on a regular basis. The heart holds and moves energy with enormous capacity. They both have influence on your mood, health, self worth, relationships, how you act and experience life. This workshop offers Heal Your Life® tools and an overview on gaining awareness, redirecting thoughts, and the body-mind-heart connection.

Laughter Wellness for Health
Savitri Khalsa
Brookside A
If you want to laugh MORE in your life, I invite you to experience Laughter Wellness for better health and happiness. Learn the health benefits of this easy exercise. Feel the uplift of your whole being simply by laughing.

Integrative Handwriting Analysis
Linda Connolly, MA, CH, MNLP, RMT
Brookside B
Does your handwriting reflect challenges from past lives? Learning basic principles of graphology will increase your self-awareness. Learn how to use handwriting awareness to your benefit—relationships, the workplace and life in general! Volunteers will be invited to participate.

Spiritual Belly Dance for Beauty, Health, and Abundance
Angel Sanctum- Center for Spiritual Movement
Forest Glen
Honor and celebrate the sacred within via fun and exciting belly dance, breathing, and energy healing technique. Connect more profoundly with the beauty and wisdom of your unique soul. All are welcome.

Mantra Meditation & Ayurveda for Health
ISKCON Spiritual Center Staff
Glen Echo
What we meditate on now creates our future life. The Vedas prescribe Mantra Meditation for this age. Experience Mantra Meditation. Ayurveda is the oldest comprehensive health care system and provides a holistic approach to healthy living. Improve your health.

A Journey Within – Meditation
Mohinder Shingdia
A healing journey to discover our purpose in life. Gain knowledge about receiving energy from the universe. Daily practice to find peace within and remove long-term blockages. We are a tiny spark of energy lost and suffering in this vast universe.

6:00 PM
Qi-Gong or the Art of Increasing Your Energy While Relaxing
Beatrice Ollier
Salon F
Beatrice Ollier from the Center for Qi-Gong will demonstrate how to move Chi or Light into your etheric and physical bodies for the purpose of raising vibrations and relaxation.

Manifesting With Your Angels and Trusting Your Vibes
Susan Lynne
Salon G
This informative workshop will show you how to manifest, contact and communicate with your Angels. You will learn to trust your vibes and listen for the messages that are being sent to you. Discover the best ways to communicate with your Angels. Guided meditations will be included.

The Importance of Supplementation
Sara Carapezzi
Salon H
In today’s world, diets aren’t always what they should be. Even a well balanced diet can lack in nutrition due to soil depletion, GMOs and food processing. Learn to live with energy, stamina and a feeling of well being!

Spiritual Architecture™
Rev. Dr. Anderson
Brookside A
Using methods similar to building architects we will heighten the power that is your divine birthright. You are using it already; learn to use it consciously with purpose and focus to experience the life you deserve!

Spirit Guides
Jennifer Garcia, Founder of Spiritual Spectra
Brookside B
Come hear predictions, channeled messages, wisdom and insight from Psychic Medium Jennifer Garcia. She'll provide audience members guidance on subjects such as relationships, careers, life challenges, and more. She'll also share any messages from loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Zoetic Meditation - Transforming Human Consciousness
Liora B. Hill
Forest Glen
Zoetic Workshops is transforming human consciousness from the Spirit within. Rejuvenate yourself with two guided meditations that expand your intuitive and healing abilities. Q&A to follow. Learn about Zoetic—who we are and what we do.

The World Teacher is Back!
Sheida Kourangi
Glen Echo
Who is the World Teacher and how does his Emergence affect our personal and collective destiny? We’ll touch on everything from the art of self-realization and Transmission Meditation to space brothers, world changes, and the birth of a new civilization.

The Kingdom of Heaven Within the Hearts of All Mankind
The Urantia Book Fellowship Interfaith Committee
An interfaith introduction to The Urantia Book, an anthology of the highest concepts of Science, Philosophy and Religion, and the 5th Epochal Revelation to our planet, with multi-media.

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