Natural Living Expo Workshop Descriptions

You can choose from 56 Workshops at the Expo. You can attend as many as 8, 50-minute workshops, all included in the low cost ($10 with coupon) of admission. There is no pre-registration, just show up and enjoy.

Here are some of the descriptions that have been submitted. We will continue to add on to these in the next few weeks and will post a final list with the workshop times and locations about 6 weeks before the Expo.

Age Management Medicine
Delara Tavakoli, MD
Age management medicine is based on sufficient medical evidence revealing that one's quality of life can be greatly improved by delaying the onset of signs and symptoms associated with aging. Both men and women experience measurable benefits when diminishing hormones are replaced, and balanced appropriately, throughout the aging years.

Ageless Health
Dr. Roselle
Learn to create boundless energy and optimal health that will last throughout your lifetime. It is possible and Dr. Tom Roselle, an integrative health expert, author, & radio talk show host will help you discover the truth in achieving this state of well being.

Andean Shamanism
Paul Sivert
Join us for a workshop introducing the cosmology of the Medicine People of South America. Learn about energy medicine and healing. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a shamanic journey.

Awakening to Your Spiritual Greatness
Members of ECKANKAR
Tantalizing clues to our spiritual greatness abound – but what puzzle do they ultimately solve? How can our study of past lives, dreams, and conscious living reveal the Inner beauty and power that is our true self, Soul?

Between Two Worlds
What is it like for psychic twins bridging the two worlds of Spirit and Earth? Seen on television and Internet radio, the twins talk about their book, Between Two Worlds. Witness demonstrations of spirit communication between the physical and astral worlds to reunite family, friends, and loved ones.

Beyond The Veil

Angel Talk TV/Radio hosts, Jim and Sandy Young Internationally Acclaimed Psychics with over 10,000 professional Readings since 1994 will offer what everyone year after year have crowded the room to experience. Where the audience may ask questions on Passed Over Loved Ones, Soul Mates, Career, Future Predictions, Angels, Guides & more.

The Chakras for Self-Healing
Uma Alexandra Beepat
Chakras are a hot topic word in today's metaphysical community and it should be! Come learn in this fun and informative workshop about the history of Chakras and how they pertain to your soul journey. Also includes a short, guided meditation to cleanse the chakras and seek out imbalances.

Channeled Messages from the Masters: Spirit Speaks on Prosperity, Relationships & Past Lives
Rev. Jim Webb
Back by popular demand! The Masters, channeled by Rev. Jim Webb, are a group of highly evolved beings who provide wisdom, insight, predictions and a powerful healing energy to those who attend. Including guidance on Past Lives and Manifestation, and answers to your personal questions.

Connecting with your loved ones with messages from Spirit
Carlos Alcocer
Your loved ones in Spirit are always with you. Learn how to recognize the signs and means for communication. Spirit works in amazing ways to send you a message. Concluding the workshop with a demonstration of mediumship.

Consciously Organizing
Diana Collins
Organizer and reader, Diana Collins offers tips on transforming your home & office into a sanctuary with tips on de-cluttering. Hypnotherapist Donald Pelles teaches you how to go into "The Zone" and declutter your mind and spirit.

Facial Diagnosis and Detoxification
Dr. Venus Seleme
Dr. Seleme has been a chiropractic wellness specialist for seventeen years in Fairfax, VA. Her workshop will cover face diagnosis and how to gently detoxify the body. She will teach the relevance to chronic illnesses such as degenerative arthritis, IBS and Lyme disease.

How Practical Shamanism Can Help the Sensitive Empath
Azurae Windwalker
Are you an Empath? Do you pick up on the feelings of others easily? Do you sometimes hold on to the negative energy of people and places to the detriment of your health? Experience powerful shamanic techniques. Learn to clear non-beneficial energy and exercise your empathic skills. Find a cure for the challenges of being a highly sensitive empathic soul!

Innovations in Holistic Dentistry
Terry Victor, DDS
Learn the newest innovations for Dental Implants, how to have a natural, clean and healthy mouth and how your oral health can affect your overall health.

An Introduction to Spiritual Tarot
Geraldine Amaral & Friends
Please join author/Pathways columnist Rev. Geraldine Amaral to explore the Tarot cards for spiritual self-knowledge. If you want your "fortune" told, this class is probably not for you. But join us to learn how to put the power back into your own hands! Receive a spiritual message and a card to keep. Learn how to use the cards to illuminate your spiritual path and soul progression. **Each participant will receive a message card to keep!**

Intuitive Remote Viewing
Mary Phelan
Mary Phelan’s Intuitive Remote Viewing is an easy to learn adaptation of Technical and Controlled Remote Viewing. Mary will show you how to develop this ability utilizing your intuitive senses and you will amaze yourself!

The Kingdom of Heaven Within the Hearts of All Mankind
The Urantia Book Fellowship Interfaith Committee
An Interfaith Introduction to The Urantia Book, an anthology of the highest concepts of Science, Philosophy and Religion, and the 5th Epochal Revelation to our planet, with multi-media.

Magic, Shamanism and Technology
Michael Langevin
In shamanic societies shaman ceremonies and rituals are used to heal and cause miracles. At The Monroe Institute audio technologies are used to bring about altered states and expanded awareness. Magic exists in both places. The overlap, connections and difference is fascinating and worthy of examination and will lead to a powerful synthesis.

Manifesting with ThetaHealing
Rebecca Norris
Expand your conscious reality with ThetaHealing. This workshop will explain the principles of manifesting what you desire in your life in practical, fun, and magical ways. You will learn to access "all that is" by dropping into your heart field. Everyone will experience ThetaHealing hands-on as Rebecca guides you through your very own manifestation.

Manifesting with Your Angels and Trusting Your Vibes
Susan Lynne
This informative workshop will show you how to manifest, contact and communicate with your Angels. You will learn to trust your vibes and listen for the messages that are being sent to you. Discover the best ways to communicate with your Angels. Guided meditations will be included.

Meditation with Angels and Auras
Mara Berman
Meet your angels and spiritual guides in this experiential meditation. Learn aura cleansing and spiritual blessings. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Mara has been a psychic for over 15 years.

Power of the SubConscious Mind
Kay Walkinshaw
Discover the power of your mind! Learn to manage stress, lose weight, change unwanted habits and attain goals through the use of self-hypnosis. This will be accomplished by learning how to use the power of your mind more effectively, as well as relaxation techniques, visualization, and your own imagination and intuition.

The Reconnection: Explore the New Frequencies of Healing
Joan Fowler
Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings afforded by Reconnective Healing? Find out in this engaging presentation.

Reiki Circle
Michele Barlock
No prior experience with Reiki needed. All levels welcome. The purpose of this circle is to briefly learn about what Reiki is and how it can be a powerful part of your healing and wellness journey. Most of this uplifting session will be focused on creating a group healing circle with the intent of offering the Reiki energy to yourself or someone else in need. Your personal intent will be bolstered with the loving energy of other’s offering a heart centered healing.

The Seventh Angel – Saint Germain’s Alchemy
Rev. Kenneth Frazier
Did you know you were once an immortal being? Reclaim your immortality and the Power to Make Yourself Whole! Learn about the Aquarian Age Seventh Angel - Saint Germain, and his alchemy for healing and transforming your life. This interactive, entertaining workshop is based on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as taught by Mark & Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The Shamanic Journey
Larry LoBianco
Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice. In this workshop, Larry LoBianco, a shamanic practitioner, discusses the fundamental aspects of shamanism and shamanic journeying. Participants also have the opportunity to experience a shamanic journey. Open to beginner and experienced journeyers.

Shattering the Illusions of Limiting Beliefs
Jim Phillips
Most of us limit our experiences in life because of limiting beliefs we hold about life and our Self. Shatter these illusions with Jim Phillips and create liberating beliefs that result in the incredible life you have yet to imagine.

The Significance of This Moment in the History of Our Planet
Sheida Kourangi
Who are the Masters of Wisdom and what is their Plan? Who are the Space Brothers and what is their Mission? How can we serve the world in need and speed up our own spiritual progress at the same time?

Speaking With Spirit
Rev. Sally Knuckles
We all have the ability to communicate with those in Spirit. It is a matter of exercising skills of "listening" and/or "seeing". Learn how to pay attention to Spirit's communications and how to interpret what you receive.

The Spiritual Martial Art
Dorothy Kadosh
Do something about negativity once and for all. Learn to raise your personal vibration and the vibration of your environment using simple techniques practiced for centuries. Reach a comfort level in your home, office and personal life never before achieved with continued education in psychic self-defense.

Stress Less naturally with essential oils
Colleen McCartney
There is a physiological response to stress, whether it’s getting caught at a red light or pulling late hours for work. Learn the basics of what essential oils are & how they work. We will have a focus on the effect stress has on the body and how you can proactively support your body to deal with stress.

The Unseen Forces Affecting Your Life
Sherry Dmytrewycz
There are many energies affecting your health and well being. Learn what these energies are and how to protect yourself.

Three Meditations for Better Living
Gaurav Chikara
Workshop attendees are guided through 3 powerful meditations created through inspiration from the Indian Yogis. The first meditation fights depression by opening up the heart center; the second one improves willpower; and the third one takes the seeker deeper into self-realization. Distance healing is channeled to the seekers during the meditations. Followed by a short Q&A session. Be Happy Be Healed.

Vastu (origin of Feng Shui): For Health, Happiness and Peace
Padmaja Mummaneni
Vastu Shastra is a Vedic science of construction and architecture—the ancestor of Feng Shui. Receive in-depth information about Vastu and practical suggestions for maximum well being from placing certain objects for peace, prosperity, congenial relationships and happiness. Swamiji will discuss the benefits of “Vibrational Meditation,” too.

Who Are You? Finding the "WHOLE" U
Dr. Stéphane Provencher How would people react if you exposed your true self? Does anyone know the real U? Lift your mask to allow your SOUL to be awakened. We attract people that metaphysically mirrors; empower changes to regain the "WHOLE" U.

Zoetic Meditation - Transforming Human Consciousness
Liora B. Hill
Zoetic Workshops is transforming human consciousness from the Spirit within. DYNAMICALLY CREATE YOUR LIFE. Rejuvenate & center yourself with a guided meditation and interactive dialogue. Learn about Zoetic - who we are and what we do. Hands-on Healing will be available for those who desire it.

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