Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a living language of the relationship between people and environment. The function of Feng Shui is to create healthy, comfortable, supportive, and practical environments for working and living. Feng Shui is an empowering tool that embodies meaningful beauty and creativity. It helps with direction, clarity and energy. Although the word "Feng Shui" is Chinese, the actual faculty exists in all cultures. In changing times modern Feng Shui incorporates leading edge research and technologies from environmental psychology to Bau-biology to architectural and construction methods and building materials. Feng Shui is about optimum dynamic living with awareness. ----Jeannie Tower


Feng Shui Consultant and Director of the 3 Treasures School of Feng Shui. Jeannie's consultations and courses focus on using Feng Shui to align your space with your personal goals and vision, to create opportunities in your life! She can be reached at (703)684-6502 or email fsmagic88@aol.com For more info please visit: http://www.fengshuimagic.com