A Weekend Retreat of Messages and Learning to Channel

November 3-6, 2023 • Pathways Retreat Center

Facilitated by Dahlia Rose, in collaboration with Angelica Blackmoon and Pathways Productions!

Join us for an extraordinary 4-day retreat that will elevate your spiritual journey and empower you to connect with your higher self and spiritual guides. Immerse yourself in a sacred space of enlightenment, healing, and inspiration as you discover the profound art of receiving and channeling messages. Be inspired by spiritual teachers and thought leaders Dahlia Rose and Angelica Blackmoon who will share their wisdom, stories, and guidance to ignite your inner light and empower your spiritual journey.


Channeling Workshops: Experience transformative workshops led by spiritual teachers and channeling experts Dahlia Rose and Angelica Blackmoon. Learn ancient techniques to open your intuitive channels, communicate with your guides, and receive channeled messages with clarity and confidence.

Group Sessions: Participants support and encourage each other on their spiritual journeys. Share your experiences, insights, and breakthroughs in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

One-on-One Guidance: Receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors who will help you deepen your connection with your spiritual guides, assist you in overcoming and healing blocks, and amplify your intuitive abilities. Do all of this while bringing in necessary safety and protection!

Empowerment and Healing: Engage in powerful healing practices, including energy work, meditation, and sound therapy, to release stagnant energy, promote self-healing, and experience profound transformation.


DAY 1 – Friday

3pm – 5pm — Arrivals

Evening: Ice breakers, learning, and dinner — Dahlia and Participants

DAY 2 – Saturday

Morning: Breakfast

Angelica Blackmoon arrives to channel Siddhartha


Afternoon/Evening: Learning and Q&A with Dahlia


Dahlia channels

DAY 3 – Sunday

Morning: Breakfast

Learning and Q&A with Angelica Blackmoon


Afternoon/Evening: Guiding participants through healing and practices that open their channels and allow them to receive and practice giving messages (if they feel called)


DAY 4 – Monday

Morning: Breakfast

Addressing any thoughts, comments, concerns, and continued recommendations. 

Departure by 3 pm.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Ignite your inner light and connect with the divine guidance that awaits you.


Space is limited! Register early to secure your spot. To contact us: 240-247-0393; pathwaysads@gmail.com


$1195 — Single Occupancy

$795 — Shared Occupancy (Twin Beds)

Lodging, Food, Beverage & Full Program Included

Easy Payment Options:

To make securing your spot even easier, we recommend a simple 3-step payment plan:

  • Pay a non-refundable deposit of $300 by August 5th to secure your reservation.
  • Pay the remaining balance in two installments: $247.50 by September 2nd and $247.50 by October 16th.
  • OR…
  • Secure your place for the transformative retreat by paying in full before the deadline. You can of course pay in full at registration.

Retreat facilitator Dahlia Rose is the founder of The Conduit School, serving her community as a healer, teacher, and conduit for high vibrational energies. She is a certified Energist, Sacred Pathfinder, Transcendental Counselor, Ordained Priestess in The Order of Melchizedek, Meditation Teacher, Embodiment Coach/Practitioner, Oracle, Crystal Intuitive and Specialist, Certified Angelic Healer, Curandero, Multiple Lifetimed Shaman, Multiple Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Pranashakthi Master/Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Pattern disrupter, Empathic Mirror, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and Crisis Counselor. She does all of this because she believes we need to expand the way we look at healing, reconnect with our bodies, and feel empowered to be more than we ever thought possible. Email: pleiadiancouncils@gmail.com

Retreat collaborator Angelica Blackmoon has spent her life as an intuitive, seemingly with roots in her family genetics. As a child she had precognitive dreams and the ability to connect to and communicate with some animals. With maturity she studied metaphysical texts and learned to meditate, often from the perspective of some Eastern cultures. Today she is an empathic intuitive, serving as a conduit for a very compassionate being who himself is gentle and kind with profound wisdom. Angelica treats her abilities as a sacred trust and speaks to others with the utmost sincerity and as much clarity as possible.

Angelica Blackmoon has written for The Echo World Magazine and has been on radio talk shows such as Journey into the Light with host Michael Long. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram under Angelica Blackmoon.  She is also available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Email: AngelicaBlackmoon@gmx.com