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Spend 5 days being part of a small-but-mighty brain trust of solo business owners who are pivoting our work. It’s a combination work-vacation event where you’ll meet other folks who are reckoning with change and reinventing their businesses. Together we’re gonna reflect on what’s working and what’s not, give each other support and inspiration, and leave feeling connected, rested, and grounded.

Second retreat available: October 31-November, 2024

Created and led by Amber Karnes, a Baltimore-based community builder, educator, artist and entrepreneur as well as the founder of Body Positive Yoga. Retreat is hosted at the Pathways Retreat Center in Free Union, VA. Learn more and register online at the link.

Who this retreat is for…

If you have a project or a business that’s gone through change and you want help untangling your brain about it, this retreat is for you. Pivot Retreat is:

  • peer mentorship retreat
  • For women+ (not a woman but want to attend? See the FAQ)
  • Who are solo business owners, self-employed artists, educators, community builders, or freelance workers
  • And are currently reinventing or pivoting their work

Self-employed and solo workers face unique challenges in the American business landscape, which means we have a different lived experience than the typical “small business owner.” We are the best peer mentors for one another because our businesses are all one-of-one.

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