Pathways Magazine is a FREE quarterly journal and resource guide published seasonally for the greater Washington DC area. We are committed to providing the public with free access to local resources and specific tools for improving quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is our intent to accomplish this by sharing information and ideas, and providing space—in the print world and the digital realm—for others to do the same.

The articles and resources in Pathways demonstrate an ongoing commitment on the part of individuals to participate and connect in a spirit of unity, cooperation and understanding, and to maintain a high level of integrity, responsibility and service. Pathways is an outlet of mutual support. We have been serving the DC area since 1979! 

Today, Pathways has a fresh new look and format to reflect our complex current world and global connectivity. You’ll see elements of the magazine’s traditions alongside new features and new formatting. We intend to keep growing, exploring and evolving for many years to come. 


Pathways Magazine is distributed to nearly 100 outlets in Maryland-DC-Virginia. Our print run ranges from 10,000 – 20,000 copies, varying by issue. Additionally, we offer a digital edition of each issue as an online FlippingBook that can be bookmarked, downloaded and shared.  

Pathways content covers multiple topics that address mind, body, spirit and environmental themes. Our readership is educated, enlightened and engaged in learning about:

  • Holistic health, complementary/alternative medicine, nutrition, exercise, and wellness
  • Environmental, peace, ecological, justice and social activism themes/topics
  • Human potential and leading edge “new thought” themes
  • Intuitive, metaphysical, spiritual and new age themes/topics

Article Submissions: Deadlines & Guidelines 

Pathways invites article submissions for consideration in any of the topic/thematic areas listed above. Consideration for inclusion is reviewed on a case-by-case basis for the current issue. Read our complete submission policy and guidelines for more information.

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Where To Find Pathways

View a current list of outlets in MD-DC-VA where you can pick up a print copy. This page is updated regularly to ensure accurate information about distribution. 

Pathways Magazine Archives

We are grateful for the growth of community around Pathways Magazine over the last 40+ years. Our dedicated readers have been known to hold on to our issues for years! Visit our Archives for a visual history of Pathways, from 2010 to present day.