Where To Find

Pathways Magazine’s print edition is FREE and distributed quarterly through a network of outlets in Maryland, DC and Virginia. The network consists of food stores, public libraries and community centers, Yoga and wellness centers, and other brick and mortar locations where foot traffic is allowed and easily accessible. 

Search MD-DC-VA to see current lists of outlets where you can pick up a print copy. These lists are updated regularly, so check back. Each location receives an initial delivery, and is then restocked monthly for the duration of the issue; larger, more popular locations are restocked more frequently.

Report Feedback — Please Contact Us to report a concern, or request a restock, at any of the listed outlets. 

Distribution Cycle:

SPRING: March 1 (digital issue), March 10 (print edition) SUMMER: June 8 (digital issue), June 10 (print edition) FALL: September 8 (digital issue), September 10 (print edition) WINTER: December 8 (digital issue), December 10 (print edition)

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