Alice Jones | #13

Alice Alicja Jones offers Spiritual and Past Life Readings, connecting with your Higher Self, Source, Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, investigating Soul path/relationships, and Akashic Records. |

Align With Grace / Para® Yoga – Claudia Neuman | #66

The practice of Yoga is expressed in many ways. Most don’t realize the goal of a regular practice is mind purification. Through the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, the Yoga of Sleep, the mind is deeply healed. To learn more, stop by the Pathways Productions table to talk with Claudia, and to register for her upcoming Enlightened Rest 108 Yoga Retreat this April at the Pathways Retreat Center. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

&Beyond – Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing | #86

&Beyond provides Pranic Healing to remove energy blocks and balance chakras, and provides guidance through angel and mediumship readings. |

Angelic Wisdom 111 | #91

Cheryl Ganzer is a USUI Reiki master —  and Divine Angelic Messenger — delivering powerful messages of love and light from The Archangels. In your 30-min. session you will learn how to cut cords with Archangel Michael and connect with the Archangels and Angels, and you will receive Divine messages on health, love, family, career, etc. A special gift from the Archangels… A mini Reiki attunement and gift Michael good luck medal. |

Animal Healing and Communication | #4

Awakening joy through loving connections with animals. As an animal communicator, Debbie shares this passion and bridges this human-pet connection with dignity and honor. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

ARA Medical Cannabis Institute | #46

The Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates (ARA) Medical Cannabis Institute provides expert evaluation, consultation, and management for individuals seeking to safely incorporate medical cannabis into their treatment regimen for common rheumatology symptoms including pain, spasm and insomnia. | 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Art Well 4 Life | #22

Looking to recalibrate your life-journey? Revitalize your wellbeing? Refresh and reframe with a “Back-up Brain Memory Chain,” “Mindfulness Texture Toy,” or “Life-Journey Decision Compass.” Blending creativity, mindfulness, and neuroscience, my handmade Vivarta© – talismans, toys, jewelry, gizmos – work magic! |

Attuned to Health PEMF + Neumi: Miracle Molecule for Health & Anti-Aging | #14

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a more concentrated version of being barefoot on the beach, connected to the earth’s magnetic field, giving your cells the energy they need to heal and repair. It can help with injuries, pain, low energy, headaches, and more. // Thanks to breakthrough technology, this supplement – Neumi – gets miraculous results for detoxification, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging. Using patented HydraStat nano technology, Neumi solves the problem of glutathione absorption, making the body’s master antioxidant highly bioavailable. Whether you’re looking to feel and/or look younger, Neumi can create a new you!

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Authentically Holistic | #97

Authentically Holistic helps empowered professionals manifest a holistic lifestyle transformation using Biofeedback Technology and Quantum Health Assessments. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Avillion Aura Imaging Photography | #65

The Ultra feature provides Polaroid Photo of Heart Chakra vibrations, a detailed Personal Chakra Report with 2 printed whole body pictures, and a comprehensive Avillion Aura Care Package to inspire elevation of consciousness. Available with brief Interpretive Spiritual Reading. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Bambootopia – Bamboo Products | #27

Bambootopia is known for their handcrafted bamboo walking sticks. We carry bamboo products from skincare, footcare, bamboo tea along with health and wellness bamboo items. |

Be Well with Nikki | #84

Your area resident & global Subconscious Program Eraser, Wellness & Life Guide, & Transcendance Catalyst using the power of science and woo woo to help you become more of who you are so you can fulfill your Soul’s Creative Purpose. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Becca’s Brain Boosters | #19

Is your brain a little tired or slow? That’s where Nootropics come in! They are special “brain vitamins”, helping your brain work better — safe substances, often found in plants, to boost your brain’s energy, clarity, creativity, and memory power. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Beneventi Botanicals | #100

We create natural skin care, metaphysical supplies, crystals, spiritual gifts, art, and jewelry. |

Berooj Gems, Crystals & Jewelry | #106

Lapis, calcites, rubies, and several stones from Afghanistan and Pakistan. |

Black Star Jewelry | #33

Hand-tooled sterling silver jewelry with gemstones and designs never before seen. Himalayan Quartz Crystal Meditation Implements from Nepal. Carved Miniature Gemstone Deities. Specializing in unique Rings, Bracelets, Earrings and Pendants. Evocative Accessories. |

Blended by Her | #107

Blended by Her is a Maryland-based handmade product and service company, owned and operated by Angela Denise. Our mission is to connect you back to yourself. |

BN Wholistic Wellness + Thai by Linda/Quintessence Health and Wellness | #113

Be immersed in Reiki, Thai bodywork & stretch, and/or Sound bath. Nourish with raw, organic wholistic food & sea moss drinks by Quintessence Health & Wellness. Support your physical, emotional and spiritual journey with natural products, sea moss. |

BrandArtYoga: Purveying Divine Vibrations! | #77

Authentic handmade products and unique decoration to promote your creativity, spirituality and meditation. Private and semi-private Yoga classes (RYT-500), Aryuvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki practitioner, Ionic Foot Detox. #brandartyoga @brandartyoga |  | |  |

Breathing Starlight, LLC | #85

Small Veteran-owned business of handmade Pagan goods, services, and oddities. |

Cannabis Karma | #1

Cannabis Karma’s mission is to provide good vibes events to the community in a relaxed chilled environment while normalizing the adult use of cannabis. We offer safe full service access to adults 21+. We provide Consulting and Cannabis event planning. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Coffee Karma Cafe | #87

We sell organic reishi mushroom coffee, tea and hot cocoa as well as coconut oil creamers. We will also offer products from our crystal jewelry division and our subscription box division. |

College Park Psychic | #44

Offering psychic palm and Tarot card readings, as well as specializing in chakra healing and balancing works with a bio magnetic amethyst crystal healing energy mat.

Crown to Earth | #12

Licensed Aesthetician and all natural skincare. |

Daring to Dream Now | #41 – #42

Crystals, Gemstones & Gifts – Beautiful crystals in various forms. We have crystal specimens, raw stone, tumbles, spheres, points & towers. We also have a variety of carvings such as skulls, dragon heads, hearts, moons, stars and many more. | 

DDB Serenity Blessed Hands | #39

Chair Massage. Table Massage. Foot Massage. We are an all inclusive wellness center that treats the whole body. Our focus is on better health and making our clients feel relaxed and pampered. We specialize in full body massages, foot detox and scrubs, yoni steams and so much more. Let us design a spa party or women’s retreat! |

della Terra Organics | #48

Small batch, organic wellness products made 100% from plants & locally crafted in the DMV! Our product line ranges from highly sought after Reef-Safe SunScreen and All Natural Insect Repellent to Sublingual and Topical Full Spectrum Cannabinoids to Aluminum-Free Deodorant. | | |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Double Eagle Hypnotherapy, LLC | #94

What is your purpose? Listen to what your subconscious says with a clinical hypnotherapist & regressionist. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom | #62

Simple spiritual exercises, such as singing the word “HU” can awaken you to your divinity as Soul. ECKANKAR offers classes and support to help you gain a deeper understanding of your unique spiritual unfoldment for your journey home to God. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Efua’s Baby, LLC | #59

Efua’s Baby, LLC was designed to inspire its buyers to celebrate their loved ones while honoring them by living a good and beautiful existence. We offer high frequency soy massage candles and whipped body butters with twelve fragrances to choose from. |

Euphoria Healing & Wellness | #90

We provide a healing escape from all the mental exhaustion and fatigue that everyday life can bring about. Our ideologies are based in Healthy Living, Natural Healing, and Reparative Self-Care. We assist the body to Rest, Restore & Repair. | 

Habeebah’s Herbals | #47

Habeebah Muhammad, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist & Certified Massage Therapist in traditional services and Sufi Unani preparation. She has a wholistic line of natural and organic body products that are spiritually heart-created and righteously made. “It’s About Chemistry and Creativity.” |

Healing & Spirit Messages with Ella | #7

Ella is a psychic medium and energy healer. Her experience with trauma, loss & chronic health issues prepared her for what is now her healing ministry — to guide others to heal in mind, body & spirit. After scanning your aura and body, your session is customized to the needs detected using a combination of energy healing modalities (Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Shamanic, Angelic, Celtic and more). As a psychic medium, she shares messages from your body, loved ones (living and in spirit), angels, animals, and other spirit guides. |

Healing Through Your Akashic Records | #32

Akashic Records are the vibrational intelligence of every soul and its journey. You can clear your perpetual stories; heal long-standing challenges; and empower future choices! Unresolved experiences of your past lives can help you connect with your eternal Divine Self.  | 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Heartfulness Institute: Heart-based Meditation for Self-transformation & Peace | #88

Learn Heart-based Meditation for self-transformation, stress management and lasting inner peace. A simple, but profound non-denominational, non-religious spiritual practice that welcomes all of humanity to experience its powerful growth through Yogic Transmission. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Holistic Concepts | #95

Our Healing with sound through these powerful Solfeggio tuning fork frequencies.

**Expo Workshop Presenter

House of Adonis Blue | #68

I am a Reiki Master who provides Reiki sessions to promote balance and healing while also providing tools to support that, such as Gemstone Jewelry, Artisans and Wellness items through House of Adonis Blue. |

Hypnotherapy for Everyday Issues | #50

At our booth, get a free consultation to see if or how hypnotherapy can help with an issue you are experiencing in your life. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Indigo Moon| #69

A local business for over 25 years, Indigo Moon sells unique wares from the exotic lands of India, Thailand and Nepal. You can shop their clothes, tapestries and jewelry at local festivals and markets. | Instagram: @tapestryluv

Integrity Research Institute| #23

Featuring new energy books, reports, DVDs and unique electrotherapy devices including the PREMIER Jr., EM Pulser, and the OsteoPad, with high voltage electrical or magnetic pulsations that can be applied directly to the body. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading | #35

Discover the amazing treasure map your ancestors left you in your eyes, including your gifts, talents, abilities and unresolved traumas — as well as ancestral images! Your ancestors have waited your whole life for THIS moment…and you’re next!| 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Joyful Bath Co. | #75

Local women-owned business hand-crafting natural and organic bar soaps, bath and foot soaks, soy candles, gift baskets and more. Made with vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced ingredients. Pure, natural and healing for the whole family. Baby bath and dog soaps too! |

Kaia Skin | #18

Handcrafted, organic and energy-infused skin and hair care products based on Ayurvedic principles and rituals. |

Karen Coston Jewelry | #21

Organic Modern Jewelry inspired by the stars with lots of one-of-a-kind elements. |

Knowles Apothecary | #57

A community pharmacy offering traditional and alternative health care. Our professional pharmacists, nutrition consultant and medical herbalist work holistically to meet patients’ needs. Providing optimum care through compounding specific prescriptions, formulating herbal remedies, and developing nutritional protocols with our line of professional supplements. Offering healing crystals, energy tools and salt lamps. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Kripa Healing | #43

We offer a variety of services to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by helping you relax, reduce stress, and promote healing. We offer a variety of modalities, including massage therapy, Reiki, energy healing, and more. We also provide group healing sessions and workshops. |

La Amatista | #60

La Amatista is a small family-owned business that direct sources amethysts, minerals, jewelry and other natural products from our home country of Uruguay. All items are fair trade, direct and sustainably sourced or created by our artisan partners. |

LifeWave | #102

Our X39 stem cell activation patch is a patented, non-transdermal, drug-free technology. It uses the light from your own body to activate and mobilize your very own stem cells to repair, restore, and rejuvenate your body to a healthier state.

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Lydia Monroe Tarot | #104

Tarot Readings, Moonwater potions, charm necklaces, and positive vibrations. Come by to see for yourself! |

Magnetude Jewelry | #78

Interchangeable bio-magnetic healthy fashion jewelry. |

Mara Berman Psychic, Light Meditations | #49

Mara’s Psychic information is derived from Aura colors, light sources using twelve dimensional rings, starseed energy, and the energy flow of the vortex. Readings involve Tarot cards, palmistry, and psychology to decipher complex questions. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Mary and Nancy | #29

Offering parents tools and support to help grow their child’s spiritual practice. The Intention Teddy is the first product to help with this mission. The plush teddy has a zipper pocket that can carry crystals inside. |

Medium Annie Larson | #67

Annie Larson is a celebrated psychic medium, who provides evidence of the survival of consciousness to clients.  She has been featured on television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers, including The Washington Post. In addition, she is Reiki Master Teacher, published astrologer, past life regression therapist, who has been helping and teaching clients with her insightful guidance, clarity, healing, classes, and retreats. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Miriam’s Guidance – Astrology and Gene Key Readings | #20

Readings focusing on aligning you to your evolutionary path in this lifetime through the archetypal fusion of Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys. |

Molasses Sunshine Studio Designs | #16

Molasses Sunshine Studio Designs creates timeless jewelry and t-shirt designs inspired by African culture and spirituality. |

My Tibet Shop | #58

Tibetan crafts and meditation supplies including Tibetan Singing bowls, incense, Mala Beads, statues and much more. We have been in business since 2006, helping Artisans of Nepal in a fair trade manner. |

Nature Gems | #5

Natural Gemstone jewelry with 925 Sterling Silver metal. We carry all birthstone jewelry with precious and semi precious stones; also have Bali jewelry.

Naturepedic | #54

Welcome to the organic mattress revolution! Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to transform the lives of our customers through safer, healthier sleep. By eliminating materials like flame retardants and polyurethane foam from our line of certified organic natural mattresses, Naturepedic supports an organic holistic lifestyle while protecting the environment. |

Nekhbet's Niche | #96

Nekhbet's Niche is a custom creative solution… you dream it and I do my best to create it! I specialize in handmade healing crystal jewelry, organic body care products and services ranging from Tarot readings to doula and lactation. |

New Spiritual Horizons | #81

Reawaken your psychic abilities, unfold your life's purpose, and communicate with your team of spiritual helpers/angels. This is Practical Spirituality with the focus on helping you find your own answers and trusting your inner guidance. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Oasis Soul Scent Co. | #24

Oasis Soul Scent Co. crafts luxuriously scented candles and bath & body treats with natural ingredients & lasting fragrances inspired by soulful music. Products are handmade with love in Maryland, USA. |

OM Botanical Plant-based Skin Care & Beauty Products | #38

OM Botanical makes the safest and most effective plant-powered skincare. They’ve combined the best of Ayurveda and science. Their products are always clean, vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in carbon-neutral sugarcane tubes. Every OM Botanical product sold also plants a tree. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Pathways Productions & the Pathways Retreat Center | #64

Magazine. Events. Retreats. Marketing. Stop by for: information about advertising & marketing options through our quarterly publication and events; to learn more about upcoming Pathways Retreats; to find out how you can submit articles for future issues; and to pick up your complimentary EXPO TOTE BAG (*limited quantity, while supplies last). |

pHreshWellness | #82

Our goal is to switch 5,000 women a year to natural, aluminum-free deodorant that works! |

Power Essentials | #93

Catlin Power helps you improve the ease and flow in your life through coaching, energy healing, and essential oils.

**Expo Workshop Presenter

POWUR Energy SOLAR | #61

Powur is the fastest growing National Residential SOLAR Company in the United States offering extraordinary value & experience for homeowners & an inspiring career path for Top Solar Professionals & Impact Entrepreneurs! |

Practical Vision | #108

Practical Vision is the art of combining intuition with real-world guidance to Life Coaching, whether you need assistance with career, business, personal issues, or romance. Working with someone who has both spiritual guidance and experience helps to open pathways to deeper understanding in navigating life’s seasons.

Reflexology and Beyond | #70

Brigitte Wiss, Clairvoyant & Gifted Certified Holistic Reflexologist since 2000 will rejuvenate you physically, emotionally & spiritually through her unique practice. She will customize your session to your needs. Not a foot massage! Not your typical Reflexology! Best for STRESS and more! |

Relax Saunas | #115

Relax Saunas are portable, affordable, personal-use saunas that help to remove toxins, reduce body fat, boost metabolism, and slow down aging while providing deep relaxation. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Ritual Light - Divine Self Care | #40

Products and tools to transform routines into self-care rituals with a deeper purpose to achieve a balance of the mind, body, and soul.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation | #101

Through Sahaja Yoga, you can achieve a state of meditation known as thoughtless awareness. In this state, you experience and enjoy the present moment without any distractions from the past or future. And, it is Free. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Salt On Main Wellness Center | #63

Discover why everyone is talking about dry salt therapy! Halotherapy or dry salt therapy is a relaxing experience that detoxifies the respiratory system, soothes skin conditions, calms stress, and promotes an overall feeling of wellness. Visit our booth to sign up for a “Salty Preview” and enjoy a 15-minute session! |

Sentient Metaphysical | #112

Sentient Metaphysical offers a wide variety of supplies related to the alignment of chakras, clearing energies, manifesting and raising vibrations. We carry crystal jewelry, handbags and much more. |

Shelly's Traveling Rock Shop | #71

I sell some of the most beautiful tumbled stones you will ever see! I work with a master geologist who hand selects rough rock from around the world. |

Shen Yun Shows | #45

We showcase the video of Shen Yun dance and music, and have info and tickets available for future shows. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

SNS Wellness • Alchemizing Wellness | #93

Merging wellness coaching, energy healing, hypnosis & oils to bring harmony back into your body and life.Shannon N. Smith is a speaker, author, coach, and healer specializing in “whole body alignment.” She helps you feel a deeper connection to your body and intuition to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, clarity and calmness. | 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Sole Healing | #76

Providing reflexology and massage for shows, conferences, meetings or seminars. A great opportunity to have a sponsored area of relaxation and rejuvenation at your event. On site Corporate Wellness programs, business and private events, and girls’ night out parties. |

Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy Wellness Lounge | #92

Handmade all natural products and wellness. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Souls Talisman Crystals | #66

Souls Talisman Crystals include high quality gemstones in each hanging crystal, Mala Necklace, Gem Elixir, and Crystal grid. We also have a wide variety of loose stones available. Each beautifully balanced talisman is created with Intuition and deep soul listening.  |

Soulz Voice: Pure Essential Oil Blends | #103

Soulz Voice has researched the perfect combinations for each remedy with the help of the best experts and has curated a number of products said to provide solutions for holistic well-being. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

SpiritSpeak with Virginia Lee | #28

Virginia Lee is an intuitive reader, psychic and medium. Her focus is on your unique personality traits as they affect your life interests and purpose. |

Spiritual Medium Rhonda - Soul Portraits | #84

Rhonda is an Evidential Psychic Medium and Spirit Guided Artist. She blends Art, Music, and Mediumship while channeling only the highest vibrations to create a personalized reading experience. Offering Psychic and Mediumship readings and one-of-a-kind Soul Portraits. |

Sukyo Mahikari | #53

Sukyo Mahikari provides free 10-min. energy sessions. Many find the energy to be relaxing and rejuvenating for the soul, mind, and body. Some achieve better clarity and sense of purpose in their lives. | 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

SunPsychic Jean | #8

A Psychic Medium who facilitates connection with your loved ones and pets who have transitioned, with your Spirit Guides, Angels and other High Vibrational Beings to assist with your personal and spiritual growth. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Susan Lynne's Mediumlink | #10

Susan Lynne is a gifted psychic & medium with over 30 years of experience. She uses all the clairs, angels, astrology, Tarot, numerology, spirit guides, and dream interpretation. Available for readings, consultations. CDs and other gift items for sale. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Takoma Metaphysical Chapel | #3

The Takoma Metaphysical Chapel is an Interfaith Spiritual Community of love. We support your spiritual growth and development with classes, meditation and prayer calls, workshops and an uplifting, powerful Sunday celebration service. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

The Aquarian Team | #110

Presenting the teaching and books of Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. Nutrition, reincarnation and sexuality — these 3 subjects concern every one of us. When explained in the light of the Science of the Initiates, we build the future solar civilization in line with the energies of Aquarius. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

The Helpful Herb, LLC | 

Small batch herbal remedies and tea blends. |

The Rounds | #55

Set sustainability on autopilot with The Rounds! We deliver hundreds of household basics, pantry staples, local goods, and sustainable services to your door in zero-waste, reusable packaging. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

The Sanctuary Wellness Center | #30

We are a community of integrative health practitioners dedicated to the flourishing of your health and vitality. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

The Soul Shepherd | #80

Psychic Readings offered at 15 and 30 minutes. Mediumship Readings offered at 30 minutes and a picture of eyes from the person passed is needed (cell phone picture is OK). Spiritual Pottery and Stained Glass offered for sale. |

The Winsome Apothecary | #6

The Winsome Apothecary crafts holistic luxury body products for your higher self at an economically friendly price point. From our Clean Deodorant to our luxurious body oils, your rejuvenation and wellbeing are our top priority. Your self-care starts here. |

Third Eye Candles | #51

Reiki-infused candles and gifts for healing and meditation, including Chakra Healing candles, Mother Blessing candles, and energy clearing sprays. Handcrafted with love and intention to bring you healing whenever you need it, wherever you are. | 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Tools for Self-Forgiveness & Self-Empowerment in Marriage & the Workplace | #98

Finally stop censoring, compromising & abandoning yourself, find your voice, & live your happiest vision at home & work with Shawn Mahshie’s NO-MATTER-WHAT Way. Get the Wheel of Self-Forgiveness book (NEW!). Learn about retreats/courses in The Work of Byron Katie. | 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Tibet Sky Emporium | #72

Hand crafted and fair trade Tibetan Himalayan ethnic jewelries and Yoga clothing. A social entrepreneurship focused on handcrafted and fair trade Tibetan Himalayan ethnic items and jewelry, felted Christmas ornaments and scarfs. I offer unique, mostly handcrafted clothes, jewelry, scarves, bags, and various accessories and cultural items from Tibet, Nepal and India. I donate 10-20% of the profits to the village region in Tibet I left so long ago. My long term goal is to expand my NGO activities in Tibet and make all of the products eco-friendly and fair trade. | |

Total U | #25 - #26

Copper Jewelry, Crystals, Gems and Minerals.

Touch-n-Heal | #99

Touch N Heal therapies are designed to manage pain & illness in a natural approach, with long-lasting results and no side-effects, and have taken a step ahead by combining various techniques such as Pyramid, Water and Color therapy (PWC Therapy). This helps in Chakra-balancing, thus eliminating a myriad of health-issues.  |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Transition Talks: Live Life-changing Speakers in Berkeley Springs, WV | #36

TransitionTALKS is a monthly live speaker series in Berkeley Springs, WV, that features world renowned presenters. Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Regina Meredith, Penny Kelly, David Martin, Freddy Silva have all come to Berkeley Springs. |

**Expo Workshop Presenter

TW's Holistic Shop | #31

Holistic Health & Wellness. | 

Vedic Health Ayurveda | #34

Ayurveda and natural healing center. We use ancient principles of Ayurveda to help people balance their doshas and promote healing within them. |

Victory Nutrition International | #73

Interested in trimming down and losing weight in a way that supports optimal health? Breakthrough nutrient delivery and absorption technology — an iron-free Patent Pending Disruptive nutraceutical technology — resets circulatory and metabolic systems, and restores the cellular ability to use and transport oxygen, water and nutrients. It also helps shift metabolism to safely activate FAT BURNING, to empower your journey. |

VPS Stones | #74

We deal in Gemstone Hangings, Crystal Healing Bags, Tumbled Stones, Gemstone Coasters, Chakra Stones, Chakra Gift Boxes, Gemstone Items, Chakra Hangings, Selenite Items, Gemstone Jewelry, Essential Oils, Gifts items and much more. | 

Worldwide Stretch Therapy | #56

Helping others increase their range of flexibility through specialized stretch techniques. |

Zoetic Workshops | #83

Do you ever have inner voices of fear, shame, guilt and pain, whether you want to admit it or not? Well, people like that – people like you - hire Zoetic Workshops to help identify and HEAL the sources, the causes, of those inner voices. Then you identify the life you truly desire and then actually create and live exactly that life. Currently, there are three ways you can work with us: 1. You can sign up for an individual class; or 2.You can sign up for a seminar that will honestly give you tools to take off and live your life as an amazing journey; or 3. You can sign up for the Whole Curriculum and truly transform your life. |