9 Breakthroughs in Mindset Shift | Booth #65

Immerse yourself in cutting edge 9D (9 Dimensional) sound technology, transporting you to a larger inner world, facilitating heightened awareness and making you forget your physical surroundings. Also try Somatic Breathwork and the other layers in 9D journeys. 1 Hour Journeys. 13 Themes Available. A Lifetime of Transformation. | www.9dbreathworktransformation.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Alice Jones | Booth #39

Alice Alicja Jones offers Spiritual and Past Life Readings, connecting with your Higher Self, Source, Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, investigating Soul path/relationships, and Akashic Records. | www.AlicjaJones.com

Align With Grace / Para® Yoga – Claudia Neuman | Booth #51

The practice of Yoga is expressed in many ways. Most don’t realize the goal of a regular practice is mind purification. Through the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, the Yoga of Sleep, the mind is deeply healed. To learn more, stop by the Pathways Productions table to talk with Claudia, and to register for her upcoming Enlightened Rest 108 Yoga Retreat this April at the Pathways Retreat Center. | www.alignwithgrace.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Alternative Bodyworx | Booth #79

A unique multifaceted alternative medicine holistic healing arts studio offering various forms of massage therapy, Yoga, nutrition & functional fitness. | www.alternativebodyworx.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Amber Noelle |Booth #34

What do you truly desire? Do you know your own heart? ​Let me aide your mission to find joy, your life’s purpose or a deeper relationship with yourself. My goal is to help you reach yours — to encourage you. | www.ambernoelle.com/

Angelic Wisdom 111 | Booth #7

Cheryl Ganzer is a USUI Reiki master —  and Divine Angelic Messenger — delivering powerful messages of love and light from The Archangels. In your 30-min. session you will learn how to cut cords with Archangel Michael and connect with the Archangels and Angels, and you will receive Divine messages on health, love, family, career, etc. A special gift from the Archangels… A mini Reiki attunement and gift Michael good luck medal. | www.Angelicwisdom111.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Antara Flow |Booth #77

Creating inner flow through energy clearing, brain health, stress/anxiety management, herbs, and more. Several services and products offered on site; stop by to see what you can get into. Ask me about my C.R.O.W.N. Retreat coming in April at the Pathways Retreat Center. | www.antaraflow.io

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Artwork of Lotus Heartsong | Booth #8

Live Painting, Original Art, Prints. | www.movementandart.com

Authentically Holistic, LLC | Booth #23

Using Biofeedback Technology to energetically balance the body. | www.AuthenticallyHolistic.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Avillion Aura Imaging Photography | Booth #102

The Ultra feature provides Polaroid Photo of Heart Chakra vibrations, a detailed Personal Chakra Report with 2 printed whole body pictures, and a comprehensive Avillion Aura Care Package to inspire elevation of consciousness. Available with brief Interpretive Spiritual Reading. | www.avillion.org

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Aya’s Apothecary | Booth #48

Apothecary with herbal remedies such as elderberry syrup, honey infusions, muscle rubs and teas. | www.ayagoddessbeauty.com

Bambootopia – Bamboo Products | Booth #70

Bambootopia is known for their handcrafted bamboo walking sticks. We carry bamboo products from skincare, footcare, bamboo tea along with health and wellness bamboo items. | www.bambootopia.net

Beneventi Botanicals | Booth #108

We create natural skin care, metaphysical supplies, crystals, spiritual gifts, art, and jewelry. | www.beneventibotanicals.com

Berooj Gems, Crystals & Jewelry | Booth #53

Lapis, calcites, rubies, and several stones from Afghanistan and Pakistan. | www.berooj.com

Bethesda Salt Cave | Booth #100-101

Amazing diverse wellness practice specializing in: the healing power of salt inhalation Halo-therapy for upper respiratory conditions including Long COVID; Clinical Spa Massages, Aesthetics, Endospheres sculpting, toning and weight loss; Cryo-Therapy fat freezing; Lymphatic Drainage & Ionic Foot; and Infrared Detox services. Private and community group classes & workshops offered. As seen on the Real Housewives of Potomac and the Love & Marriage show DC. Visit our booth for an in-person consult. | www.SaltCaveMD.com

Beyond with Becky | Booth #87

I am a Psychic Medium and Energy Healer, doing Tarot/Oracle card reading spreads. You can explore to help unstuck energy from trauma, grief or just day-to-day, as well as any unresolved life events or unanswered questions. | www.facebook.com/BeyondwithBecky

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Black Star Jewelry | Booth #46

Hand-tooled sterling silver jewelry with gemstones and designs never before seen. Himalayan Quartz Crystal Meditation Implements from Nepal. Carved Miniature Gemstone Deities. Specializing in unique Rings, Bracelets, Earrings and Pendants. Evocative Accessories. | www.blackstarjewelry.co

BN Wholistic Wellness + Thai by Linda/Quintessence Health & Wellness | Booth #106

Be immersed in Reiki, Thai bodywork & stretch, and/or Sound bath. Nourish with raw, organic wholistic food & sea moss drinks by Quintessence Health & Wellness. Support your physical, emotional and spiritual journey with natural products, sea moss. 

BodynBrain Yoga Tai Chi | Booth #44

Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and aura reading. | www.bodynbrain.com/locations/virginia/centreville

BrandArtYoga (BAY): Purveying Divine Vibrations! | Booth #103

Authentic handmade products and unique decoration to promote your creativity, spirituality and meditation. Private and semi-private Yoga classes (RYT-500), Aryuvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki practitioner, Ionic Foot Detox. Check out our calendar of events! #brandartyoga @brandartyoga

https://www.brandartyoga.com | https://www.facebook.com/brandartyoga  | https://www.etsy.com/shop/brandartyoga | https://www.Instagram.com/BrandArtYoga  | https://www.pinterest.com/brandartyoga

Cannabis Karma | Booth #1

Cannabis Karma’s mission is to provide good vibes events to the community in a relaxed chilled environment while normalizing the adult use of cannabis. We offer safe full service access to adults 21+. We provide Consulting and Cannabis event planning. | www.cannabiskarma.org

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Capitol Ketamine & Wellness | Booth #49

A newly available, physician-led practice in NWDC, offering breakthrough therapy for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. Drs Bloom, Girma, and Woods are board-certified physicians and specialists in the use of Ketamine. | https://capitolketamineandwellness.com/

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Coffee Karma Cafe | Booth #96

We sell organic reishi mushroom coffee, tea and hot cocoa as well as coconut oil creamers. We will also offer products from our crystal jewelry division and our subscription box division. | www.homecafesubscription.com

The Conduit School by Crystal Cognizance | Booth #73

The Conduit School is a consciousness development center building a community of Sacred Pathfinders. Through ancient tools, technologies, and techniques that guide those who feel called to expand into the fullness of their true self and abilities while supporting them to embody their life’s purpose through any path that is chosen. Join founder Dahlia Rose for free classes, discussions, support, and healing! |  https://crystalcognizance.com/

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Courtz Crystals – Magical Handmade Gem Globes | Booth #109

Christial Balls©️ seen in a Vision. Light. Love. A giant Snow Globe with crystals, gems, water and gold glitter. The first form of Life is a crystal. These globes are excellent to keep Positive Vibrations in your life. Swirling glitter, cascading around the gems. | www.Courtzcrystals.com

Crown to Earth | Booth #16

Licensed Aesthetician and all natural skincare. | www.CrownToEarth.com

CryOxygen Clinic | Booth #41

We believe wellness is a state of optimal physical, mental, and emotional health, and offer a range of modalities designed to help our clients achieve this, including cryotherapy, oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, and more. Each of these modalities is based on the latest scientific research and provides lasting benefits for: pain management and relief; injury recovery; improved flexibility, blood circulation and immunity; and so much more. | www.cryoxygen.com

Daring to Dream Now | Booth #110-111

Crystals, Gemstones & Gifts – Beautiful crystals in various forms. We have crystal specimens, raw stone, tumbles, spheres, points & towers. We also have a variety of carvings such as skulls, dragon heads, hearts, moons, stars and many more. | www.daringtodreamnow.com 

della Terra Organics | Booth #17

Wellness education and Self Care Consultations along with locally crafted (in the DMV), small batch, organic wellness products made 100% from plants! Self Care & Hygiene, Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Plant Extracted Delta 8, Pet Care. Vegan, gluten free, eco-friendly. | www.dellaTerraOrganics.com

Divine Soul Empress | Booth #88

As the understanding of self grows within the human population, there will also be many readers, healers and spiritual workers able to offer you guidance along the way. The founder of analytical psychology, C.G. Jung stated, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” I help you bring the subconscious truth to the conscious mind for better awareness and understanding of self; you are able to take control of your life, thus allowing you to create a life you truly love. | www.divinesoulempress.com

Dreams of Stardolphin Visionary Art | Booth #104

Gallery quality prints, embellished canvases, greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks and light encoded pendants and healing discs of my Original Artwork. I also have an Oracle Deck and three Children’s books I wrote and illustrated. | www.stardolphin.com

ECKANKAR of Northern Virginia | Booth #91

Are you ready to embrace your spiritual freedom here and now? Reclaim your divine birthright through direct experience with the Light and Sound of God. Rediscover HU – the ancient, universal word of spiritual liberation – and so much more!  | www.eck-va.org

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Emerald Heart ~ Pathway to Healing | Booth #24

I am a natural healer, psychic medium, medical intuitive and connect to past lives. This allows me to see choices made and what’s coming in, giving you the opportunity to heal, and move forward on your journey. | www.EmeraldHeart.com

Enhanced Mind and Body | Booth #37

An Energy Enhancement System you don’t want to miss!

Enlightened Soul Communication | Booth #31

Soul channeling service via accessing the Divine realm and the Akashic records to facilitate clarity by providing guidance to help transform any aspect of your life, including health challenges, relationship challenges, work/business challenges, life purpose, or your soul’s mission.

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Exalt Pro Wellness | Booth #92

Ear candling, an ancient practice with roots in various cultures, promotes relaxation, relieves sinus pressure, and enhances overall well-being. Discover the natural approach to ear care that nurtures your ears and senses. Stop by to learn more. | www.Exaltprowellness.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Frequense! Frequency Meets Nutrition! | Booth #107

Is your brain a little tired or slow? That’s where Nootropics come in! They are special “brain vitamins” helping your brain work better — safe substances, often found in plants, to boost your brain’s energy, clarity, creativity, and memory power. Stop by to try samples of RISE, a powerful Nootropic! Additional products include: SOURCE Trace Minerals; SYNC collagen; GABA and magnesium for restful sleep; BALANCE drops; CBD/CBG RELIEVE cream 2000mg; CBD/CBG, FACE moisturizing cream. Product info sheets and nutrition ingredients are available. All products are boosted with 11 harmonic frequencies. 

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Grail Foundation Press | Booth #4

Grail Foundation Press strives to generate widespread availability of In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin, a book which reveals the hidden connections of our existence and offers valuable guidance for the journey through life. | www.grailmessage.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Healing Through Your Akashic Records | Booth #12

Akashic Records are the vibrational intelligence of every soul and its journey. You can clear your perpetual stories; heal long-standing challenges; and empower future choices! Resolving emotional experiences of your past lives can help you connect with your True Self. | www.myakashichealing.com 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Healing Light of Jyorei | Booth #60

Experience a sensation of tranquility and well-being with a 10-min. “Jyorei” — a “purification of the spirit” healing practice from members of Shumei, an organization with an inclusive approach to spirituality that works with any religion, fostering health, happiness, and harmony for all. | https://shumei.us/ 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Herbal Infusion | Booth #6

We carry a large selection of Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, and natural body products in addition to providing Colon Hydrotherapy, MLS Robotic Laser, Holistic Body Wraps, Ear Candling, Zyto Scan and so much more. | www.herbalinfusion.net

Hypnotherapy for Everyday Issues | Booth #43

At our booth, get a free consultation to see if or how hypnotherapy can help with an issue you are experiencing in your life. | www.joycherielbrown.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Indigo Moon| Booth #30

A local business for over 25 years, Indigo Moon sells unique wares from the exotic lands of India, Thailand and Nepal. You can shop their clothes, tapestries and jewelry at local festivals and markets. | Instagram: @tapestryluv

Integrative Medicine of Northern Virginia | Booth #19

Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Primary Care using Western and Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Nutrition to treat and prevent acute and chronic disease. | www.imednova.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Jennifer Rose Medium | Booth #21

Beyond the veil with Jennifer Rose Medium! Join her for extraordinary and profound connections and psychic insights. Elevate your spirit with a personalized mediumship experience. Limited slots available – Reserve yours now! | www.jennifer-rose-medium.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Lemuria | Booth #74

A Maryland-based company, we work with organic farmers and manufacturers committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. We invest in producers sharing a common goal of bringing healthy and nutritional herbs and personal care products to the world. | www.thelemuria.com

LifeWave Light Therapy | Booth #13

LifeWave is celebrating its 20th year in the health technology field. Now operating in 81 countries, LifeWave offers a nontoxic way to stimulate the body’s own natural healing cycles. Stop by our booth to learn more! | http://lifewave.com/kimberlyhartke

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Mara Berman Psychic, Light Meditations | Booth #82

Mara’s Psychic information is derived from Aura colors, light sources using twelve dimensional rings, starseed energy, and the energy flow of the vortex. Readings involve Tarot cards, palmistry, and psychology to decipher complex questions. | www.maraberman.net

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Medium Annie Larson | Booth #11

Annie Larson is a celebrated psychic medium, who provides evidence of the survival of consciousness to clients.  She has been featured on television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers, including The Washington Post. In addition, she is Reiki Master Teacher, published astrologer, past life regression therapist, who has been helping and teaching clients with her insightful guidance, clarity, healing, classes, and retreats. | www.mediumAnnieLarson.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Morganne V | Booth #42

Morganne is an intuitive holistic psychologist, coach and speaker who teaches about inclusive well-being. She helps you uncover thoughts in your subconscious mind while supporting you in your mental health, and developing a deeper connection with who you truly are. | www.morgannev.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

My Best Mid-Life | Booth #56

Give YOURSELF the gift of vibrant health & wellbeing. I help Midlife women reclaim vibrant health, energy & weight loss, naturally. Stop by to see Joyce Kirshenbaum, Certified Health & Life Coach, for a FREE Transformational Discovery Session. | https://mybestmidlife.com/ 

My Tibet Shop | Booth #98

Tibetan crafts and meditation supplies including Tibetan Singing bowls, incense, Mala Beads, statues and much more. We have been in business since 2006, helping Artisans of Nepal in a fair trade manner. | www.mytibetshop.com

Naturepedic | Booth #25

Welcome to the organic mattress revolution! Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to transform the lives of our customers through safer, healthier sleep. By eliminating materials like flame retardants and polyurethane foam from our line of certified organic natural mattresses, Naturepedic supports an organic holistic lifestyle while protecting the environment. | www.naturepedic.com

Nekhbet’s Niche | Booth #52

Nekhbet’s Niche is a custom creative solution… you dream it and I do my best to create it! I specialize in handmade healing crystal jewelry, organic body care products and services ranging from Tarot readings to doula and lactation. | www.nekhbetsniche.com

New Spiritual Horizons | Booth #80

Reawaken your psychic abilities, unfold your life’s purpose, and communicate with your team of spiritual helpers/angels. This is Practical Spirituality with the focus on helping you find your own answers and trusting your inner guidance. | www.NewSpiritualHorizons.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

New View For You Shamanic Healing Practice | Booth #58

Cheryl is a Shamanic practitioner helping clients to remove unwanted patterns and energy blockages to become their highest and best version of themselves to live a life of peace, joy, and abundance. Offering 15-minute energy clearing sessions. | www.newviewforyou.com

Oil of Ru | Booth #2

Oil Of Ru Beauty, Lifestyle and Organics. | www.oilofru.com

OM Botanical Plant-based Skin Care & Beauty Products | Booth #54

OM Botanical makes the safest and most effective plant-powered skincare. They’ve combined the best of Ayurveda and science. Their products are always clean, vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in carbon-neutral sugarcane tubes. Every OM Botanical product sold also plants a tree. | www.ombotanical.com

Pathways Productions & the Pathways Retreat Center | #50-51

Magazine. Events. Retreats. Marketing. Stop by for: information about advertising & marketing options through our quarterly publication and events; to learn more about upcoming Pathways Retreats; to find out how you can submit articles for future issues; and to pick up your complimentary EXPO TOTE BAG (*limited quantity, while supplies last). | www.pathwaysmagazineonline.com

Peace & Laughter Holistic Boutique | Booth #97

Premier metaphysical / holistic boutique located in downtown Haymarket, VA. Crystals, Energy Intention Wands & Pendants, Jewelry, Candles, Oracle/Tarot decks and so much more. Thoughtful products services to support the Body, Mind, and Soul. | www.peaceandlaughter.com

POWUR Energy SOLAR | Booth #35

Powur is the fastest growing National Residential SOLAR Company in the United States offering extraordinary value & experience for homeowners & an inspiring career path for Top Solar Professionals & Impact Entrepreneurs! | https://powur.com/rcraig.blume/

Professional Holistic Reflexologist | Booth #93

Brigitte Wiss, Clairvoyant & Gifted Certified Holistic Reflexologist since 2000 will rejuvenate you physically, emotionally & spiritually through her unique practice. She will customize your session to your needs. Not a foot massage! Not your typical Reflexology! Best for STRESS and more! |  www.reflexologyandbeyond.com

Puzzles with Purpose: Puzzling Prospects | Booth #40

Talking is sometimes hard to do, but not when you have something else to do. We specialise in wellness jigsaw puzzles. Our puzzles are unique in that they come with a guided journal to guide your thoughts and plans.

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Quantum Intuitive Energy Healing | Booth #18

Reiki, quantum paradigm shift, intuitive guidance, channeling, Akashic Records reading, end of life energy healing. | www.hemalivora.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Relax Saunas | Booth #105

Relax Saunas are portable, affordable, personal-use saunas that help to remove toxins, reduce body fat, boost metabolism, and slow down aging while providing deep relaxation. | www.relaxsaunas.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Remnants of Magic | Booth #47

Remnants of Magic creates the highest quality in handcrafted one-of-a-kind wire wrapped jewelry in sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire, Power bead bracelets, Crystal wands and much more. Power bead bracelets can help attain love, money, health and more. Every item sold through Remnants of Magic is chosen for its beauty and metaphysical properties thus ensuring you get a piece as magical as the person who wears it. | www.remnantsofmagic.com

Ritual Light – Divine Self Care | Booth #27

Products and tools to transform routines into self-care rituals with a deeper purpose to achieve a balance of the mind, body, and soul.

RX Wellness Spine & Health | Booth #20

We offer brief, non-invasive spinal screenings by chiropractors. No adjustments, just insights. Plus, new patient appointments at a discounted rate. | www.rxwellness.net/

Sacred Nature Herbals & Coaching | Booth #15

Embrace the magic in every sip and soak with our enchanting herbal teas and bath soaks. While shopping spellcast products, chat with certified life coach Olivia Bowen about getting unstuck and bringing more magic, alignment, and ease to your life. | www.sacrednaturecoaching.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Sahaja Yoga Meditation | Booth #36

Through Sahaja Yoga, you can achieve a state of meditation known as thoughtless awareness. In this state, you experience and enjoy the present moment without any distractions from the past or future. And, it is Free. | www.dcsahajayoga.org

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Sole Healing | Booth #95

Providing reflexology and massage for shows, conferences, meetings or seminars. A great opportunity to have a sponsored area of relaxation and rejuvenation at your event. On site Corporate Wellness programs, business and private events, and girls’ night out parties. | solehealingonline.com

Sootie| Booth #72

Experience All Natural Deodorants and Fragrances that Perform. | www.sootie.com

Souls Talisman Crystals | Booth #99

Souls Talisman Crystals include high quality gemstones in each hanging crystal, Mala Necklace, Gem Elixir, and Crystal grid. We also have a wide variety of loose stones available. Each beautifully balanced talisman is created with Intuition and deep soul listening. | www.soulstalismancrystals.com

Spiritual Medium Rhonda – Soul Portraits | Booth #78

Rhonda is an Evidential Psychic Medium and Spirit Guided Artist. She blends Art, Music, and Mediumship while channeling only the highest vibrations to create a personalized reading experience. Offering Psychic and Mediumship readings and one-of-a-kind Soul Portraits. Ask her about her C.R.O.W.N. Retreat coming in April at the Pathways Retreat Center. | www.spiritualmediumrhonda.com

Stacey Gayer, PT | Booth #69

Stacey is a PT who does one-on-one hands-on sessions. She utilizes her 25 years of experience, scientific research and her gift of intuition to treat the root causes of dysfunction and pain. | staceygayerpt.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Sukyo Mahikari | Booth #90

Sukyo Mahikari provides free 10-min. energy sessions. Many find the energy to be relaxing and rejuvenating for the soul, mind, and body. Some achieve better clarity and sense of purpose in their lives. | 

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Susan Lynne’s Mediumlink | Booth #14

Susan Lynne is a gifted psychic & medium with over 30 years of experience. She uses all the clairs, angels, astrology, Tarot, numerology, spirit guides, and dream interpretation. Available for readings, consultations. CDs and other gift items for sale. | www.mediumlink.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Takoma Metaphysical Chapel | Booth #81

The Takoma Metaphysical Chapel is an Interfaith Spiritual Community of love. We support your spiritual growth and development with classes, meditation and prayer calls, workshops and an uplifting, powerful Sunday celebration service. | www.takomachapel.org

**Expo Workshop Presenter

The Artful Lightworker – Natasha Hightower |Booth #33

Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner offering Mediumship & Life Path Readings as well as Reiki Healing. | www.theartfullightworker.com

The Helpful Herb, LLC | Booth #38

Small batch herbal remedies and tea blends. | www.thehelpfulherb.com

The Lotus & The Light Metaphysical Center | Booth #55

The Lotus and The Light is your hub for all your spiritual needs. Whether you are looking for spiritual development, conscious community or personal healing, we have you covered! Come check us out! | www.thelotusandthelight.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter

The Saffron Books | Booth #71

Our mission is to bring the teaching of Vedic scholars to a wider audience, promoting eastern wisdom and practices to alleviate stress and anxiety. This encompasses meditation, Yoga, and practical spiritual wisdom to apply in your life. | https://thesaffronbooks.com

The Sanctuary Wellness Center | Booth #57

We are a community of integrative health practitioners dedicated to the flourishing of your health and vitality. | www.sanctuaryberryville.com

**Expo Workshop Presenter

Tibet Sky Emporium | Booth #94

Hand crafted and fair trade Tibetan Himalayan ethnic jewelries and Yoga clothing. A social entrepreneurship focused on handcrafted and fair trade Tibetan Himalayan ethnic items and jewelry, felted Christmas ornaments and scarfs. I offer unique, mostly handcrafted clothes, jewelry, scarves, bags, and various accessories and cultural items from Tibet, Nepal and India. I donate 10-20% of the profits to the village region in Tibet I left so long ago. My long term goal is to expand my NGO activities in Tibet and make all of the products eco-friendly and fair trade. | www.facebook.com/Tibetskyemporium/www.tibetskyemporium.org | https://instagram.com/tibetskyemporium

Total U | Booth #75-76

Copper Jewelry, Crystals, Gems and Minerals.

Transition Talks: Live Life-changing Speakers in Berkeley Springs, WV | Booth #68

TransitionTALKS is a monthly live speaker series in Berkeley Springs, WV, that features world renowned presenters. Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Regina Meredith, Penny Kelly, David Martin, Freddy Silva have all come to Berkeley Springs. | www.TransitionTalks.org

**Expo Workshop Presenter

 Triple Moon Waxcraft | Booth #66

Handmade organic soy intention candles curated with crystals and homegrown herbs, as well as being poured during specific moon phases to further solidify that candles intentional energy. | www.Triplewickgoddess.com

Vedic Health Ayurveda | Booth #84-85

Ayurveda and natural healing center. We use ancient principles of Ayurveda to help people balance their doshas and promote healing within them. | www.vedichealth.org

** Expo Workshop Presenter

VPS Stones | Booth #63

We deal in Gemstone Hangings, Crystal Healing Bags, Tumbled Stones, Gemstone Coasters, Chakra Stones, Chakra Gift Boxes, Gemstone Items, Chakra Hangings, Selenite Items, Gemstone Jewelry, Essential Oils, Gifts items and much more. | www.vpsstones.com 

Warrenton Wellness – Light Therapy | Booth #83

The Blu Room® is a patented technology that creates a relaxing atmosphere that insulates the user from the daily environment. Using light and sound the user experiences the calm of the consciousness-lifting environment. The Blu Room® is not a medical device but it may facilitate healing in some individuals. | www.warrentonwellness.com

WildFire Haven | Booth #64

I wish to share with others the ability to tap into self-healing, self-love and attuned sovereignty through magickal energetic healing of all 4 houses — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Akashic Records, Runes, Quantum Energetic Alignment, QHHT. | www.WildFireHaven.com

Worldwide Stretch Therapy | Booth #9

Helping others increase their range of flexibility through specialized stretch techniques. | www.worldwidestretchtherapy.net

Yoga • Meditation • Spirituality • Vegetarianism • Ayurveda | Booth #5

ISKCON is an international organization dedicated to spreading spiritual knowledge and culture. It is based on the ancient texts of India such as the Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, and chanting of the holy names of God to become pure and bring peace and prosperity. | www.iskconbaltimore.org

** Expo Workshop Presenter

Your Enchanted Tree LLC | Booth #87

Intuitive Readings by Rev. Terry Lauria-Whalen, specializing in: Relationships, Karmic Lessons, Past Lives, Personal Transformation, Mediumship, Palm Reading, Astrology (Natal & Transit Charts), Hypnosis, NLP, Reiki, Karuna®, IET® Energy Healer and Master Instructor & Metaphysical Teacher. | www.yourenchantedtree.com

Zoetic Workshops | Booth #62

Zoetic Workshops helps adults achieve creating the lives of their hearts’ desire. And then they LIVE exactly those lives, bringing the spiritual into the practical. | www.ZoeticWorkshops.com

** Expo Workshop Presenter