Table of Contents

Pathways Profile

Mary’s Center Birth Doula Program: Making Empowered Birth Accessible — By Austyn Holleman with Faith Baiardi

Herb Corner

  • Mysterious Sea Moss – Superfood of the Sea — By Ginger Mair
  • The Best Essential Oils For Winter Woes — By Patricia Bonnard

Animal Wellness

  • Transcending the Wounds of Animal Traumas — By Debbie Carole
  • Canine Communication: Four Mindfulness Tips Your Dog Needs You to Know — By Jesse Sternberg

Environmental & Social Justice

The Dem Failure to Follow the “Georgia Way” Lost Virginia — By Joel Segal and Harvey Wasserman

To Your Health

  • Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, An Illness of Lifestyle — By Helena Amos
  • 10 Signs Your Oral Health is Making You Sick — By Sheri Salartash  


  • Rituals for Personal Growth and Sustained Happiness — By Mary Kearns and Marga Fripp
  • Harvesting the Light in the Darkness: Ground Yourself in Your PurposeBy Carol Burbank
  • Nurturing the SoulBy Joanne Selinske

Astrological Insights

Winter Quarter 2021-22: Personal Needs Are Important — By Misty Kuceris

Cultivating Compassion

  • Awaken to the Extraordinary Teachings of Our Animal Friends — By Tammy Billups; Edited by Cam MacQueen
  • A Prayer to Talk to Animals, poem — By Nickole Brown

Spice Chest

Top Five Kitchari Recipes — By Anjali Sunita

Energetic Literacy

Relax About Finding Your PurposeBy Rose Rosetree

Washington Gardener

Winter WindowsillsBy Kathy Jentz

Green News & Views

What COP26 Did and Didn’t Accomplish — By Alice C. Hill and Madeline Babin

Book Review

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail — Book Review By Alyce Ortuzar

On The Cover

“The Crystal Buddha”, By Richard Stodart

Winter Events Calendar