A Weekend Retreat of Messages and Learning to Channel

May 3-6, 2024 • Pathways Retreat Center

We are back to host a 2nd weekend of Channeling and Messages in the upflow vortex of the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Mountain system, facilitated by Dahlia Rose in collaboration with Pathways Productions!

Guided by experienced mentor and teacher, Dahlia Rose, this weekend will be filled with initiations and activations that open your energy to channel. Each human being has a specific energy or energies they bring through. As we learn to channel, we inevitably confront our own limiting beliefs and self-doubt. The process challenges us to confront and transcend the mental barriers holding us back from fully embracing our potential. When we recognize we are channels for divine wisdom and love, we realize the possibilities for growth and transformation are limitless. 

During our 4 days together, you will learn how to refine that energy for clearer messages and guidance. The best place to receive such an activation and advancement on your spiritual journey is among like-minded individuals in the spirit of community building! We will take time to create a field of transformational energy together that will leave you elevated for weeks afterward.

Join us to learn your unique channeling methods alongside proven techniques that will only enhance your gifts. This retreat offers a nurturing and supportive environment where attendees can explore their limiting beliefs and fears, allowing them to release old patterns and embrace a higher, more expansive version of themselves. This newfound sense of freedom opens doors to new opportunities and encourages participants to step into their authentic power. This gathering will transcend your spiritual energies as we create and awaken deeper connections into your physical tissues in order to support the increase in light you will be holding. 

Take that leap of faith, and join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Embrace the call to ignite your inner light and expand into the fullness of your being!


Channeling Workshops: Experience transformative workshops to learn ancient techniques to open your intuitive channels, communicate with your guides, and receive channeled messages with clarity and confidence.

Group Sessions: Participants support and encourage each other on their spiritual journeys. Share your experiences, insights, and breakthroughs in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

One-on-One Guidance: Receive personalized guidance to help you deepen your connection with your spiritual guides, assist you in overcoming and healing blocks, and amplify your intuitive abilities. Do all of this while bringing in necessary safety and protection!

Empowerment and Healing: Engage in powerful healing practices, including energy work, meditation, and sound therapy, to release stagnant energy, promote self-healing, and experience profound transformation.

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DAY 1 – Friday

3pm – 5pm — Arrivals 


  • Evening: Ceremonial Activations & Learning — Dahlia and Participants

DAY 2 – Saturday

  • Morning: Meditation & Connection


  • Learning About Your Channeling Energy System


  • Afternoon/Evening: Learning Techniques and Connecting Your Channeled Being; plus Q&A with Dahlia


  • Evening: Dahlia Channels for the Group

DAY 3 – Sunday

  • Morning: Meditation & Connection 


  • Integration and Additional Practice of Techniques


  • Afternoon/Evening: Having Participants Bring Through Their Channel


DAY 4 – Monday

Morning: Breakfast

  • Addressing Any Thoughts, Comments, Concerns, and Continued Recommendations 

Departure by 3 pm

*Subject to change


Space is limited! Register early to secure your spot. To contact us: 240-247-0393; pathwaysads@gmail.com


$1195 — Single Occupancy

$795 — Shared Occupancy (Twin Beds)

Lodging, Food, Beverage & Full Program Included

Retreat facilitator Dahlia Rose is the founder of The Conduit School, serving her community as a healer, teacher, and conduit for high vibrational energies. She is a certified Energist, Sacred Pathfinder, Transcendental Counselor, Ordained Priestess in The Order of Melchizedek, Meditation Teacher, Embodiment Coach/Practitioner, Oracle, Crystal Intuitive and Specialist, Certified Angelic Healer, Curandero, Multiple Lifetimed Shaman, Multiple Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Pranashakthi Master/Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Pattern disrupter, Empathic Mirror, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and Crisis Counselor. She does all of this because she believes we need to expand the way we look at healing, reconnect with our bodies, and feel empowered to be more than we ever thought possible. Email: pleiadiancouncils@gmail.com