Inner Wisdom Intuitive & Psychic Development Retreat • Sept. 26-29, 2024

Led by Medium Annie Larson in Collaboration with Pathway Productions

Develop your psychic senses to tap into the energy of another person, place, or thing. Through lessons, observations, and hands-on practice, you will learn how to start the flow of information. 

This is a perfect immersive weekend suited to those who suspect they have abilities but don’t know how to use them, want a supportive environment to develop, wish to go beyond their intuition, enhance their energy healing practice, or to ultimately develop skills to offer sessions as a professional psychic.  You will practice doing readings on others all weekend long.

Annie and the Pathways team have created a safe, comfortable, and gentle space to connect a community of other like-minded people in attendance.  Please join us.

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RETREAT SCHEDULE (Subject to Change)

DAY 1 – Thursday

3pm – 5pm – Arrivals

5pm – 7pm – Dinner

7pm – 8pm – Orientation, Setting Intention, Opening the Circle

DAY 2 – Friday

8:30am – 10am – Breakfast and Free Time

10am – 12pm – Setting the Foundations for Information to Flow

  • Create And Prepare Yourself as a Conduit for Information
  • Set the Foundations for Connecting Inward
  • Become A Clear Vessel
  • Calm Your Mind and Surrender To Psychic Flow of Information

12pm -2pm – Lunch and Free Time (massage, hot tub, hike, journal, read, rest)

2pm – 5pm – Working With Energy

  • Find Your Psychic/Intuitive Voice
  • Work With Chakras and Auric Energy Fields
  • Develop Your Third Eye

5pm – 7pm – Dinner

Sitting in the Power

DAY 3 – Saturday

8:30am – 10am – Breakfast and Free Time

10am – 12pm – Clairs Development

  • Recognize Your Own Innate Psychic Abilities
  • Develop Latent Abilities
  • Work With Clairs To Glean Psychic Information

12pm – 2pm – Lunch and Free Time (massage, hot tub, hike, journal, read, rest)

2pm – 5pm – Clairs Development (continued)

  • Practice and Exercises To Develop the Clairs

5pm – 7pm – Dinner

Sitting in the Power

DAY 4 – Sunday

8:30am – 10am – Breakfast and Free Time

10am – 12pm – Tools of a Psychic

  • Use Various Forms of Divination
  • Closing the Circle

12pm – 2pm – Light lunch, departures


Space is limited! Register early to secure your spot. To contact us: 240-247-0393; 


$1395 — Single Occupancy

$995 — Shared Occupancy (Twin Beds)

Lodging, Food, Beverage & Full Program Included

75-Min. Massage Body Service Add-On: $150

Annie Larson is an international clairvoyant and medium, who provides evidence of the survival of consciousness to clients. She has been featured on television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers, including The Washington Post.

As an experienced professional medium, Annie has been tested, vetted, and certified by schools of mediumship, universities, metaphysical and Spiritualist churches, and professional forums.

Annie is a Reiki Master Teacher, published astrologer, past life regression therapist, and advanced yoga teacher who, for decades, has been helping clients with her insightful guidance, direction, clarity, and healing. Her extensive development and mentoring classes help others hone their intuitive voice.

With hundreds of glowing client reviews from live appearances, classes, and phone sessions, Annie has made a credible name for herself in the psychic industry.


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