Sound Voyage Meditation Retreat • June 7 – 10, 2024
Pathways Retreat Center, Blue Ridge Mountains, VA

Do you ever feel as though you’re constantly rushing around so much that you never have the time to stop and be still, breathe and feel what’s going on in your life? This Sound Journey Meditation Retreat focuses on the power of vibration, breath and gentle movement to help us re-harmonize with our bodies while incorporating Ayurvedic inspired meals to nourish your body from within. 

Allow yourself to be Soothed and Serenaded during this Sound Healing weekend,  which uses inspiring instruments from Peter Hess®️ Therapeutic metal singing bowls, Gongs and a variety of other instruments to create a tranquil atmosphere in which to rejuvenate and realign with your Ambitions and Purpose. 

Taking time out of your hectic life to unwind. This retreat is all about relaxing and stepping into the present moment so you can feel and heal anything that is holding you back from being your true self. The resonance and reverberations you feel during a sound healing retreat help to release tension and blocks in the body, rebalance and reconnect with yourself. Resting in Sound.


* Individual PeterHess®️Sound Massage may be booked between activities in addition to Full-body Massage * 

DAY 1: Friday, June 7

3pm – 6:30pm: All participants arrive – Settle in Meet and Greet – Light Ayurvedic-inspired Dinner 

7pm : Opening Sound Meditation

DAY 2: Saturday, June 8

7am: Morning Sound Bowls – Guided Meditation 

8:30am: Ayurvedic-inspired Breakfast 

11:30am: Sound of Yoga – Gentle Movement with Sound Bowls

1pm: Ayurvedic-inspired Lunch 

5pm: Sound of Gongs 

6pm: Ayurvedic-inspired Dinner

8pm:Bedtime Breathwork 

DAY 3: Sunday, June 9

7am: Morning Sound Nidra Meditation 

8:30am: Ayurvedic-inspired Breakfast

11:30am: Group PeterHess®️Sound Massage 

1pm: Ayurvedic-inspired Lunch

5pm: Sound of Gong 

6pm: Ayurvedic-style Dinner

8pm: Thai Yoga Massage  

DAY 4: Monday, June 10

7am: Closing Guided Sound Meditation 

8:30: Ayurvedic-inspired Breakfast

12:00: Guest Departure

Vibrational Sound Meditation and the Peter Hess Sound Massage Modality is an invitation to experience vibrations from Therapeutic Metal singing bowls and other musical tools such as Gongs, Chimes, Crystal bowls, Tuning Forks and more to assist the participant into a safe space of gentle harmonizing stillness.

All Ayurveda-inspired meals are provided lovingly by Anjali Sunita, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Yoga Practitioner and founder of Village Life Wellness (


Space is limited! Register early to secure your spot. Questions? Contact us: 240-247-0393;


$1395 — Single Occupancy

$995 — Shared Occupancy (Twin Beds)

Lodging, Food, Beverage & Full Program Included

Massage Body Service Add-On Available for Add’l Fee

Kat is a Cypriot / Australian who grew up in Egypt, Uganda and Dubai. During her 25-year career working in the airline industry she was able to travel and learn from many traditions in many cultures from countries around the world. Kat was led to explore holistic modalities to combat feelings of lethargy, chronic fatigue and unrest. Modalities include but are not limited to: Clinical Yoga Therapy from Traditional North Indian Yogic traditions, Vibrational Meditation from Nepal, Integrative Nutritional Wellness Coaching + Herbal Medicine, Energy-work and Breathwork ( Pranayama ). 

Kat Founded Cyprus Sound Yoga in 2016 to share her learnings with others who also were seeking alternative ways to rest harmoniously. As a PeterHess®️Sound-Massage Practitioner and a RYT500 Yoga Practitioner- Specializing in both Sound Yoga and Hatha Raja Yoga, Kat offers therapeutic sound sessions in both individual and group settings and includes sound relaxation and Yoga Nidra in her Gentle Therapeutic Yoga offerings.