Table of Contents:

Pathways Profile

Slow The Fork Down! Slow Food USA Puts Climate Change Solutions On The Table — By Rachel Y. Carillo 

Herb Corner

Imparting Herbal Wisdom: Herbalists Share Seasonal Favorites — By Tom Wolfe & The Smile Herb Staff

Yoga Today

Yoga For Travelers: Avoid ‘SItting Disease’ — By Claudia Neuman

Our True Spiritual Identity

You Are That: Revealing Your True Spiritual Identity — By Geraldine Amaral

Mind • Body • Spirit

  • Family Meditation — By Patricia Ullman 
  • Four Keys To Unlocking Deeper Relationships — By Jon-Paul Rippetoe
  • 5Rhythms: The Magic Of Healing, Exercise and Meditation Rolled Into One Dynamic, Delicious, Mysterious Practice — By Ann Kite

Astrological Insights

A Period Of Reflection — By Misty Kuceris

Energetic Literacy

Succeed At Living Within Your Means — By Rose Rosetree

To Your Health

Great Skin…Great Digestion: The Gut- Skin Connection — By Helena Amos

Accessing Your Intuition

Just Getting Started: Navigating Retirement — By Eve of Elite Tarot

Community News

Cannabis In The D-M-V: What You Should Know About Cannabis Laws In DC, MD & VA — By Meredith Kinner & John McGowan

Cultivating Compassion

Stress Ills — By Lee G. Woolley; edited by Cam MacQueen

Books That Matter — Review By Alyce Ortuzar

Our Latest Longest War: Losing Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan, by Aaron B. O’Connell

Metaphysical Book Reviews — By Nicole Ortega & Isabella Cates

  • Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon, by Ezzie Spencer
  • Bigger Than All the Night Sky: The Start of Spiritual Awakening. A Memoir, by Rose Rosetree

Washington Gardener

DIY Garden Recycling Projects: Being Truly “Green” In The Garden — By Kathy Jentz

On The Cover

“A Song In My Heart” — By Sue Miller