Table of Contents:

To Your Health

Demystifying Alternative Treatments — By Helena Amos

Herb Corner

Healing Ourselves In Times Of Change: Experiences Of Midlife In The Garden — By Tom Wolfe & Susan Wolfe

Mind • Body • Spirit

Can Mindfulness Meditation Help Reduce Shyness & Anxiety? — Patricia Ullman

Green News & Views

America’s “Hole-In-The-Head” Nuke Suicide Pact Gets Court Approval — By Harvey Wasserman

Astrological Insights

Improving Family Relationships While Balancing Your Life — By Misty Kuceris

Pathways Profile

Veterans Compost: A Profile Of Founder Justen Garrity — By Chris White

Energetic Literacy

Pioneering Co-Creators With God — By Rose Rosetree

Cultivating Compassion

Why Compassion Is An Inside Job — By Karen Hardie; edited by Cam MacQueen 

Book Reviews — By Alyce Ortuzar

  • Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair & Sustainable, by Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs
  • Mr Lear: A Life of Art and Nonsense, by Jenny Uglow

Washington Gardener

Easy Annual Flowers For Direct Sowing — By Kathy Jentz

On The Cover

“Let’s Keep The Planet Growing” — By Sue Miller