Table of Contents:

The Pathways Interview

Aviad Haramati, PhD: Complementary & Alternative Medicine At Georgetown Medical School — By Daniel Redwood

Soul of a Citizen

From Occupy Wall Street To Occupy The Neighborhoods — By Paul Rogat Loeb

Green News & Views

  • Where Occupy & No Nukes Merge & Win — By Harvey Wasserman
  • Rising Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security — By Lester Brown

Cultivating Compassion

Occupying Our Plates — By Paul Shapiro; edited by Cam MacQueen

Oriental Medicine

Treat Headaches With Oriental Medicine — By Claire Cassidy

Herb Corner

Herbs For Treating High Blood Pressure — By Tom Wolfe

The Spice Chest

A Natural Approach To Prostate Health — By Jim Duke

Astrological Insights

Compromise Is Essential — By Misty Kuceris

Accessing Your Intuition

Bless This Tarot Deck! Consecrating Your Tarot Deck and Defining Its “Mission” — By Geraldine Amaral

Energetic Literacy

Energetic Literacy, Weight & How You Eat — By Rose Rosetree 

Metaphysical Book Reviews — By Lisa Wechtenhiser

  • Healing Leadership: A Survival Guide for Enlightened Leaders, by Steven J. Geske and Howard R. Hansen
  • Reader of Hearts: The Life and Teachings of a Reluctant Psychic, by Darrin Owens
  • The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by the Divine Weaver, by Lorraine Miller

Movie Reviews

Growing Up Along The Way: Estevez and Sheen’s Journey Through Spain — By Caroline Jones

Book Reviews — By Alyce Ortuzar

  • The Chesapeake Watershed: A Sense of Place and A Call to Action, by Ned Tillman
  • The Xerces Society Guide Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America’s Bees & Butterflies, edited by Debra Burns
  • The Ballad of Tom Dooley, by Sharyn McCrumb
  • The Dreamer and the Moon, by Irene Zevgolis-Christian

The Herb Companion

  • The Fragrant Art Of Aromatherapy — By Laurel Vukovic
  • A Plate Full Of Veggies — By Pat Crocker

Washington Gardener

Gardening By The Rules — By Kathy Jentz

To Your Health

Toxins In Your Sexual Health Products — By Lisa S. Lawless, PhD

Community Action

Life’s Sweeter With Fewer Sugary Drinks

Green Resources

2011 Guide To Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Tax Credits — By Sarah Lozanova

On The Cover

“Redemption of the Senses” — By Timothy Flatt