Your Crowning Glory: Journey to Your Authentic Self • July 25-28, 2024

A comprehensive, transformative & immersive self- empowerment retreat to nourish the body, expand the mind, & connect with the spirit.

Unlock your true potential at our transformative retreat with Spiritual Medium Rhonda Rhodes and Inner Flow Coach Nicole Batiste. This exclusive intimate event is your chance to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, and spiritual awakening.

Dive deep into the wisdom of five profound themes: “The Apprentice,” “The Explorer,” “The Seeker,” “The Sage,” and “The Crowned.” Each theme offers a unique pathway to personal growth and empowerment, guiding you to a deeper understanding of your place in the world and aligning you with your true self.

Whether you are looking to elevate or enhance your psychic abilities, your mediumship skills, or just seeking personal growth, a deeper spiritual connection, on a more profound level, or just learning to trust your intuition, this retreat is your gateway to a more enlightened and fulfilling life.

The Apprentice Setting the groundwork, establishing a baseline, clearing the way for true transformation.

The Explorer Inner and outer journeys through excursions, group activities, challenges and personal reflections. 

The Seer  Using art and creative expression to develop intuition and inner vision, discuss intuition, insight, and synchronicity.

The Sage — Lectures and discussions on philosophy, spirituality, and ancient teachings through guided nature walks and meditation, and reflection exercises.

The CROWNed Creator — Empowerment and leadership workshops and exercises, group sharing, ceremony and celebration.

All participants receive a carefully hand-picked curated Journey Package designed to elevate and enrich your transformative experience.

Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity. Sign up now and begin your journey to your authentic self. Spaces are limited, so act fast!


DAY 1: 

3pm – 5pm — Guest Arrivals

6pm— Dinner, Meet & Greet

DAY 2: The Apprentice’s Awakening


  • Morning Session — Dive Deep into the Apprentice Workshop


  • Afternoon Session — Navigate Uncharted Territories with the Explorer Workshop
  • Free Time for Exploration & Integration
  • Reconnect and Wrap Up the Day


Day 3: Discover Your Inner Explorer, Unveil the Seer


  • Morning Session: 

       – Engage in thought-provoking discussions during the Explorer Discussion

       – Unveil Insights as the Seer


  • Afternoon Session — Continue the Journey as the Seer
  • Free Time for Seeing & Integrating
  • Reconnect and Wrap Up the Day


Day 4: Embrace the Sage Within


  • Morning Session — Immerse Yourself in the Wisdom of Your Sage Workshop


  • Afternoon Session — Deepen Your Understanding of Your Sage
  • Free Time for Integrating the Sage
  • Reconnect and Wrap Up the Day


Day 5: Unleash the CROWNed Creator


  • Morning Session — Culminate Your Journey as the CROWNed Creator


  • Reflect and Wrap Up the Retreat
  • Celebrate Our Transformation

Guest Departures

*subject to change


Space is limited! Register early to secure your spot. To contact us: 240-247-0393;


$1616 — Single Occupancy

$1111 — Shared Occupancy (Twin Beds)

Lodging, Food, Beverage & Full Program Included

Inner Mastery is the key to wholeness. Nicole is an international inner flow coach, #1 best-selling author, writer, poet, mindfulness educator, transformative healing facilitator, a licensed brain health trainer, certified heart math practitioner with a focus on stress and trauma, functional medicine & and holistic health coach, life coach, & and energy healer. Nicole draws upon her knowledge from science, experience, and intuition to facilitate her clients’ transformations. Nicole creates a nurturing safe space to deepen the participants’ ability to receive and integrate the lessons from each day.

Rhonda is an internationally known Spiritual Medium and artist who combines art, music, and mediumship in her transformative readings and intuitive arts. She connects and channels only the highest vibrations for the greatest good of the sitter to deliver messages. She is known as “the music medium” as she often sings during readings, as spirit communicates with her through music. Gifted from an early age, Rhonda has always been Claircognizant. A teacher for over 28 years, she is an experienced speaker, workshop facilitator, and professional reader in psychicism, mediumship, readings, Tarot, finger/thumb analysis and her signature Soul Portraits. Rhonda will help ensure participants receive guidance and support tailored to help facilitate their Spiritual growth during this retreat.