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Cloud Hands Tai Chi

Contact: Michael Ward
Work Phone: 301-525-8266 Anniversary: March 6, 2022 Website:
Photo of Cloud Hands Tai Chi


Classes Now Online and In-Person

Be still as a mountain. Move like a great river.
Tai Chi is a series of 37 gentle, flowing movements that has been practical as a health exercise since ancient times. Based on natural laws, it teaches relaxation, erases tension, and boosts energy. Performed in a calm peaceful manner, it works for all, regardless of age.

Michael Ward teaches the Yang Style short form as taught by renowned master of the art, Professor Cheng Man-ching. Mr. Ward is a senior student of Robert Smith, the first Western student of Professor Cheng. Michael Ward was given permission to teach Tai Chi by Robert Smith.

Beginner through Advanced/Corrections classes are offered Monday evening in Silver Spring at Crossings, a Center for the Healing Traditions; and Sunday at the City Dance Center in the Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda. For more information on these, private, or workplace classes, please call 301-525-8266.

All Monday and Sunday Classes are Now Online Only!

What students say about online classes:
If you are unsure about learning Tai Chi via Zoom, give it a try! I have taken Tai Chi classes from Michael Ward both in-person (before COVID-19) and via Zoom, so I can offer a comparison. Although the in-person classes are terrific, the Zoom classes are also outstanding, and easy to follow. Michael is an excellent teacher. He clearly explains, demonstrates and repeats all of the movements (as well as the principles of Tai Chi), and thoroughly answers questions before moving on to new material. He positions himself in front of the camera in a way that makes it easy for students to clearly see (and copy) what he is doing on the screen. I intend to keep taking his online classes for as long as they are offered. I have learned a lot through these online classes, and I think anyone new to Tai Chi would benefit from them. ~ Maureen

Michael Ward has seamlessly transitioned his Tai Chi instruction to online classes. His teaching style is superior. Michael is friendly, patient, and his love of Tai Chi is contagious. Online Tai Chi works because he engages with his students on every detail of the movements, postures, and responds to all questions as if in-person. What I enjoy the most about learning Tai Chi online is that I get front row at every class from the comfort of home. ~ Victoria

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