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ISMA Integrity Of Self Movement Arts

Contact: June Idrissa
Address 1361 H Street, NE Washington, DC Washington, DC 20002 Phone: 202-215-9212 Website:
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The ISMA Studio offers one-on-one private classes, where students work on their particular fitness goals and needs. Classes are designed to increase flexibility, alignment, toning, core strength, endurance, and coordination.  Students experience themselves as the wonderful “movement instruments” they are.  ISMA also offers the opportunity to create your own group classes (of 1-on-2 +) and family classes (of 1-on-2 +).

ISMA Integrity of Self MovementArts® is a system of movement education designed to encourage awareness, appreciation, and utilization of the individual as a movement instrument. In some cases, it is a re-examination of how we move, which enables us to train or re-train our bodies to adopt more efficient movement habits.

ISMA Integrity of Self MovementArts® incorporates five core disciplines in EVERY class; Breathwork, Skeletal Awareness, Energy Dynamics, Balance, and Labanotation.

June Idrissa is committed to providing ISMA solutions to address your needs, whether you are simply looking to improve your posture or overall health, or noticing body stiffness, a loss of balance and coordination, or joint or back pain. ISMA will help you achieve your wellness goals.  ISMA has monthly subscription options, and ISMA Classes are available In-Studio and Virtually anywhere.

Get started and make ISMA your Regular Practice.

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1361 H Street, NE Washington, DC Washington, DC 20002

Categories: Bodywork, Classes & Learning Centers