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It’s Not Therapy – Eric Weinstein

Work Phone: 703-288-0400 Anniversary: March 6, 2022 Website:
Photo of It’s Not Therapy – Eric Weinstein


My clients (who include therapists) come to me for the same problems they might see a therapist or coach for, as well as for concerns in the spiritual and energetic realms. They often know the limits of conventional talk therapy and want options to medication. Most of all, they want to make faster progress!

My toolbox includes a number of powerful, safe, and efficient approaches for healing, personal growth, and problem-solving through mind, body, and spirit:
~ Energy Psychology (similar to EFT/tapping, but including chakra and biofield work) to remove emotional and psychological blocks.
~ Eye Movement Integration (similar to EMDR, but gentler and faster) to treat bad memories and experiences that still affect you.
~ Hypnotherapy and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to reprogram your subconscious for what you want.
~ Shamanic Healing for your spirit/soul, and the spiritual aspects of your physical and emotional being.
~ Voice Dialogue/parts work (similar to Internal Family Systems) to bring you self-understanding and inner peace.
~ True Purpose coaching, a unique approach to finding and manifesting your life mission, and discovering a life-long source of guidance.
~ Motivational Interviewing, a self-actualizing approach to accelerate behavioral change in a positive and supportive way.

Are you ready to make your life better by changing how you think, feel, act, or re-act? Improve a personal or business relationship? Find better ways to deal with stress? Get over a bad experience? Conquer a habit? Overcome fear and doubt?

What is keeping you from the life you want to live? How can I help you make your life easier? Let us talk.

Serving clients in the DC metro area, Anne Arundel county, and nationally, by video sessions (and soon, in person, I hope!). I welcome and work with clients from young adults to seniors and from all walks of life, nationalities and ethnicities, and sexual/gender orientations.

Categories: Coaching & Counseling, Psychology & Therapy