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Maryland Psychiatric Research Center

Address 55 Wade Avenue Catonsville MD Phone: 410-402-6057 Anniversary: March 6, 2022 Website:
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Are you a psychic medium?
Are you a clairaudient?
Do you receive vocal messages?

Many people hear voices or receive vocal messages. Some people are able to channel these unusual experiences in a healthy productive manner, while others find these experiences to be distressing and feel the need for psychiatric care. We hope to gain insights from people who live comfortably with these kinds of experiences that may be helpful to others who find their experience to be challenging and stressful. Our ultimate goal from this National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study is to learn how to be more helpful to people who struggle with their voices.

~ If you have these kinds of experiences, we are very interested in working with you in a paid research study at the University of Maryland School of Medicine where we are trying to learn about how these real experiences occur in the brain. If you have psychic abilities, please contact us so we can determine if you are eligible. People between the ages of 18-65 you may be eligible to participate.
~ The study includes interviews, cognitive texting, EEG recording, and an MRI brain scan. The study involves making 3-4 visits to the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center at 55 Wade Avenue in Catonsville, MD.

We have made changes to approaching scientific research during COVID-19. One of these response measures is to move some research assessments online. Depending on your available technology, we can make arrangements for you to complete some assessments remotely on a laptop, tablet or cell phone in order to reduce the number of visits to our research center. That said, we have taken many steps to ensure the safety of our research volunteers and staff during any required in-person visits.

~ Each visit is likely to take 2-3 hours, with payment of $20 per hour. *During COVID-19, these visit durations may be reduced.

For additional information, please contact Sharon August at, 410-402-6057. The research is directed by Dr. James Gold, PhD. Email:; phone: 410-402-7871.

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55 Wade Avenue Catonsville MD

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