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Mindful Body with Soul

Phone: 703-737-0341 Anniversary: March 6, 2022 Website:
Photo of Mindful Body with Soul


What if your day was filled with peace and appreciation for all?
What if you could find joy in the presence of turmoil?
It seems unimaginable in these confusing times but if it was possible, would you want to find out how?

Learning who we are beyond our physical bodies is how we find peace and happiness. We are taught in school and throughout our lives how to deal with the physical world, physical health, and to accept the lot we are dealt. But few people have knowledge of the energetic body and its powerful creative force.

A deep understanding of things like Soul, Chakras, Limiting Beliefs, Universal Energy Field, Vibrational Frequency, and Karma transform the way we experience others and ourselves! Understanding spirituality can create a life with ease, even in the face of chaos.

Our Soul is the true essence of who we are. Before we incarnated, it chose to have experiences we are now living out! Why did we choose these experiences, even the bad ones?

The Chakra System is just as important as every other system in the physical body yet most people know little about how it works and how neglecting it can ruin our health! What if you knew nothing about your digestive system? Would you be at a disadvantage?

Limiting Beliefs hold us back from accomplishing greatness. Do you know what yours are? We all have them.

Start your journey to enlightenment with the guidance of Jennifer Merritts, Spiritual Coach, INHC, founder of Mindful Body with Soul Healing Center. For a deep understanding of who you are beyond your body and how to use your powerful creative energy, sign up for Learn To Be A Powerful Creative Energy Being, an online / go at your own pace course with thought provoking content presented in an easy to understand format that can be applied to everyday life.

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