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Rose Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Work Phone: 703-450-9514 Anniversary: March 6, 2022 Website:
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Feeling stuck, emotionally? Yearning to grow spiritually? Are you a curious empath or one who secretly struggles?

Then learn about Energy Spirituality, starting with a generous supply of free resources. Unique healing and learning all the way through to becoming a professional Practitioner. Energy Spirituality is an in-demand specialty now, growing fast.

In Energy Spirituality, four different skill sets fit together beautifully. Here is how:
1. WANT TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES? Or simply to know yourself better? Learn practical skills, amazingly easy to learn, taught step-by-step.
Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING Skills. Start with the Free Intro to Aura Reading Through All Your Senses¨. Fun, interactive online workshops!
It is a lot of information, given in bite-sized chunks, minus any b.s.

2. DO YOU CRAVE A HEALTHIER AURA? Hey, that is not asking too much. Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING Skills are unique in the world today. Not physical healing, like Reiki, nor emotional healing, like psychotherapy. Instead, a spiritual approach co-created with God (and not spirits, as in psychic work).
Change your life by learning Energy Spirituality skills for emotional and spiritual growth. Start with the Free Intro to interactive online workshops in The Spiritually Sparkling¨ Collection.
That one Energy Spirituality session helped me more than three years of weekly psychotherapy.

3. EMPATHS, SEEKING A BETTER LIFE? Learn a trademarked system that gently helps empaths use their full potential. Discover the difference for yourself!
Empath Empowerment¨ helps you to own, embrace, and manage your special empath gifts. Visit Also available, Rose RosetreeÕs self-paced online workshops on Empath Empowerment Coaching. Often imitated, never equaled.
Emotional and mental clarity grew, and they kept building until I realized that I finally had found my true self.

4. YEARNING FOR GOD? Then let us talk Energy Spirituality Enlightenment Coaching. Offering you skills that work now, in The Age of Awakening.
Without Energy Spirituality, I’d still be endlessly searching for That Thing that makes this crazy life make sense.

Discover unique resources to help you at Meet a blog community with over 79,000 comments! Send Rose Rosetree a tweet. To set up a personal session, contact Appointment Coordinator Mitch: 703-450-9514. Fastest response: email You could start taking your free workshop today!

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