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Shamanic Spring

Contact: Mary “Turtle” Rooker
Work 804 Larch Ave. Takoma Park MD 20912 Work Phone: 301-891-1288 Anniversary: March 6, 2022 Website:
Photo of Shamanic Spring


Affordable beginning, intermediate, and advanced shamanic classes, many online or hybrid, with an experienced teacher, authorized by Betsy Bergstrom. Apply shamanic principles to daily life with workshops, free shamanic movies, and journey circles.


The shamanic healers’ training focuses on aspects others rarely teach, such as ~ understanding the “big picture” and key concepts; ~ a profound, advanced understanding of the shaman’s allies, tools, and cosmology; ~ ethics; and ~ clear mediumship.

I specialize in teaching hard-to-find healing modalities like:

~ depossession and curse unraveling, using Bergstrom’s unique approach that dispels fear;

~ releasing cords, thought forms, intrusions, and implants, and

~ reconnection to the soul’s purpose, tribe, Nature, Great Wheel, seasons and more. And you’ll have support from an ongoing, free practitioners’ circle.


Basic, everyday shamanism can help everyone! Learn the secrets of shamanism to step more fully into your power and the path of Oneness, every day.

~ Learn to journey for direct access to wisdom and healing;

~ Heal your thoughts, emotions, and ego; ~ Develop healthy boundaries (great for “empaths”!);

~ “Protect” yourself without shielding via my unique approach; and

~ Be fully human, aligned with your soul and the rest of Nature.

Categories: Classes & Learning Centers, Shamanism