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The Lotus and The Light Metaphysical Center

Work 9256 Mosby St #101 Manassas VA 20110 Work Phone: 703-369-6762 Anniversary: March 6, 2022 Website:
Photo of The Lotus and The Light Metaphysical Center


I used to hate my earlier life filled with stress, strife, struggle and unhappiness. I used to hate my mental health afflictions and feeling like an outsider looking in on all the happy, shiny people. I hated it until I loved it.

I loved it when I started using my past pain and turmoil to help others rise up and SHINE through their issues like I did, becoming the proverbial Lotus in the mud. That is why I choose the Lotus to represent my business by the way! It is a constant reminder that no matter what life throws at me or you, we can always rise above it and BLOOM!

If you are receiving this information, you have decided you are ready to do just that…BLOOM and you chose me to move ahead with your plans to ascend. YES! I am looking forward to us working together. Remember, when you win, I win and it helps me in my contribution to make this world a better place, one little lotus at a time.

In this four-week package you will receive access to my years of expertise, wisdom and significant training to help you understand, heal, move on and develop from blocks, restrictions and limitations to develop the life you want with clarity and ease.

We will meet once a week for a virtual session to work through what you want to accomplish, set an organized schedule with detailed steps for accomplishment, and I will check in with you weekly to congratulate, adjust or readjust your plan for success.

The good thing about working with me is I am ALSO an intuitive psychic so I can help you achieve clarity on things that feel stuck or muddy for you spiritually and we can see what you really WANT to create not what you THINK you need to create.

How does it get better than that? Let me show you! Scroll down to check out the package details and what I am offering you exclusively in this one-on-one setting.

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9256 Mosby St #101 Manassas VA 20110

Categories: Coaching & Counseling, Energy Work, Spiritual Healing