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Your Stellar Self, LLC

Work Alexandria VA Anniversary: December 6, 2022 Website:


Mary is an intuitive coach, energy healer, author, and retreat leader with a passion for working with people of all ages to develop mind, body and spirit wellness. She currently offers her services virtually or at Refresh Yoga Center in Old Town Alexandria. Using a combination of Reiki, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, sound healing, and more, I create custom healing sessions to help reduce stress, pain and discomfort, and help facilitate the release of energy blockages. In a past life journeying session, she takes you through a guided visualization. Her clients have found this technique to be fascinating, enjoyable, and one that provides some important insights. Mary also offers mind-body-spirit retreats.

She is also the author of Lessons from a Reluctant Healer: On Learning to Listen to that Still Small Voice Within to Better Bring Your Gifts to the World, an inspiring personal memoir of Mary’s journey towards trusting in her innate gifts and the wisdom of that still, small voice within. She shares the challenges she has faced in following her life path as she goes through the process of self-discovery. Blending her lived experiences with research in a variety of scientific disciplines, Mary offers a message of hope during this unique time in history. Throughout this book, she shares the methods she has learned along the way that have helped make her journey smoother, and she encourages us to cultivate our inner wisdom and acknowledge our innate gifts so that we can do our part to help create a better world for all.

Mary holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Fordham University, is Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life Coach, and has also studied herbalism, past life regression, and various shamanistic traditions with world-renowned experts.

Categories: Coaching & Counseling, Intuitive Healer, Past Lives, Reiki