Table of Contents

Accessing Your Intuition

Becoming Unbound: Sensing as a Channel to the Extraordinary By Michael Jawer 

Herb Corner

   • What I Learned In My Year As A Budtender By Meghan Thompson

   • The Riches of Roobios TeaBy Fallon Keplinger

 Yoga Today

The Changing Face of Yoga: The Practice of Self-Inquiry By Claudia Neuman

 Education News

Nikole Hannah-Jones on Choosing Howard University By Mariel Padilla, The 19th           

Mind • Body • Spirit

   • The Importance of Being Grounded — By Mary Kearns, PhD

   • 3 Simple Yet Powerful Heart-Centered Techniques To Tap Into Your Authentic SelfBy Patricia Bonnard

   • Harvest Miracles — By Trish Hall 

Green News & Views

Biodiversity — By Pervaze A. Sheikh, Kezee Procita, and R. Eliot Crafton, CRS Reports

 To Your Health

   • Boosting Immunity With Acupuncture And Functional Medicine — By Helena Amos

   • ADHD in Children: Holistic Health Tips — By Melody Khorrami

 Astrological Insights

Fall 2021 – Reaching the Tipping Point — By Misty Kuceris

 Environmental & Social Justice

Farm Journal: Chronicles of a Farming Change AgentBy Michael Tabor

 Energetic Literacy

   • Does This Make Me Spiritual? — By Rose Rosetree

   • On Aura Reading, A Secret Superpower — By Leo Watts

 On the Path

Wildlife Adventures, Volunteering With Young Children & Disabilities Changed My Life — By Rozanne Weissman

 Washington Gardener

The “Other” Radish Harvests — By Kathy Jentz

 Global Visions

The Way of the Wizard — By Jill Mattson

 Book Reviews By Alyce Ortuzar

   • A Chance to Make History: What Works and What Doesn’t in Providing an Excellent Education for All, by Wendy Kopp

   • Small Town America: A Narrative History 1620 – The Present, by Richard Lingeman

 Community News

Remembering Allyson Walsh & the PsyTwins Legacy — By Diane Adele Nichols

 On The Cover

“Unblocked” — By Kinda Barazi

 Pathways Fall 2021 Natural Living Expo Preliminary Program

 Fall Calendar

 Fall Resource Directory