Table of Contents:

Pathways Profile

FRESHFARM FoodPrints: Making Space for Wellness in the Kitchen and Outdoors — By Hannah Schiff

Yoga Today

Through a Yogic Lens: Is it Really Cultural Appropriation? Or Something Deeper? — By Anjali Sunita

To Your Health

Weight Loss With Functional Medicine — By Helena Amos

Environmental & Social Justice

Cannabis in the D-M-V: Update on Cannabis Laws in DC, MD & VA — By Meredith Kinner and John McGowan  

Herb Corner

  • Staff Summer Picks: Herbal Recipes and Remedies — By Pathways Staff; Edited by Michelle Alonso
  • The Healing Power of Flower Remedies — By Martha Garland

Astrological Insights

Summer 2021 – Re-evaluating Your Life — By Misty Kuceris

Cultivating Compassion

Vision for Living in Integrity With Creation — By Cynthia Sampson; Edited by Cam MacQueen

Green News & Views

  • Why Do We Mow? — By Alyce Ortuzar
  • Biden Administration Proposes New Civilian Climate Corps — Edited by Michelle Alonso

Mind • Body • Spirit 

  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life — By Patricia Ullman
  • Cracking the Chrysalis—Surrendering to Transformation — By Trish Hall
  • Change Your Life With the Sound of Your Voice — By Jill Mattson

Energetic Literacy

Sensitivity Smarts — By Rose Rosetree

Washington Gardener

Three Tough Summer Garden Plants for Our Region — By Kathy Jentz

Book Review By Alyce Ortuzar

  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind, by Yuval Noah Harari

Community News

In Memoriam – Honoring Lost Friends

On The Cover

“Eyes of Nature” — By Christina Le

Pathways Summer 2021 Natural Living Expo Preliminary Program