Expo Speakers

Spring 2023 Expo Workshop Schedule

NOTE: Coming Soon…Numbers listed at the end of each description indicate the speaker’s associated booth number.

10:30 AM

Meet Your Spirit Guide

Melody Krafft

Room: Beverly

Experience a guided journey into meeting your Spirit Guide. What does your Guide want to tell you? This is a relaxing and healing experience. | #16

Experience the Light!

Bruce McBarnette

Room: Dallas

Practitioners from Sukyo Mahikari will discuss how the “light” energy works and provide free 10-minute sessions for participants. Many find the light to be rejuvenating for the soul, mind, and body. | #88

Bemer Can Improve Your Life

Cholena Erickson, Independent Bemer Distributor

Room: Las Vegas

Bemer is an FDA-approved PEMF medical device from Germany used in hospitals throughout Europe. I will explain to you how it can benefit and improve low energy, lack of vitality, muscle fatigue, exhaustion from stress and physical discomfort. | #64

11:30 AM


Eileen Strange, The Soul Shepherd

Room: Beverly

This workshop will be for people who believe themselves to be an Empath. Topics will be the description of an Empath and how each of us can not only survive being an Empath but actually thrive. | #10

Meditation With Light and Auras

Mara Berman

Room: Dallas

Meet your angels and spiritual guides in an experiential meditation. Learn aura cleaning, and chakra clearing. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Feel comfortable in your own energy. | #82

A Holistic Approach to Better Health

Neelam Sethi

Room: Las Vegas

Touch-n-Heal therapies are designed to manage pain & illness in a natural approach, with long-lasting results and no side effects, and have taken a step ahead by combining various techniques such as Pyramid, Water and Color Therapy. | #31

Breaking the Cycles That Bind You

Heidi Henyon

Room: Continental A

Come acquire 5 tools to recognize and stop the behaviors learned from experiencing trauma and abuse. | #41

Sahaja Yoga – Guided Meditation

Dr. Nirmala Srivastava

Room: Continental C

Participants will be introduced to a unique method of meditation, which is rooted in ancient spiritual knowledge called Sahaja Yoga. We will use simple affirmations to awaken the inner dormant energy within us to re-balance emotional, physical and mental states. | #36

12:30 PM

Life as a Psychic Medium: 5 Tips to Living with Psychic Abilities

Uma Alexandra Beepat

Room: Beverly

Uma draws on her years of experience and formalized training as a Psychic Medium to lay out an outline for new or developing Psychic Mediumship to follow in their own growth. Uma is one of the leading Psychic Mediums in the area and an Expo fan favorite! Come watch her work and take her advice for a guaranteed enlightened event. | #39

Abandoning Your Cage and Finding Yourself

Natalie Marconi

Room: Dallas

Get to the roots behind self-limiting and joy stealing beliefs. Through conversation and energy work we learn how to identify and release trauma that allows us to come to a better understanding of who and why we are. | #30

Creating Magic Through Connection

Catlin Power

Room: Las Vegas

Sharing the power of connection, what it can create and bring into a person’s life and why it’s so important to our human experience. | #45

Using Biofeedback Technology to Get to The Core of Physiological Healing

Audra Woodley, M.S.

Room: Continental A

Biofeedback Technology informs us of vital information about our bodies. We use that knowledge to make changes to our lifestyle habits and promote a healthier and beneficial manifestation. Let’s Learn To Heal From Within! | #20

PEMF & EMF: Electromagnetic Literacy for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

Jessica Hill

Room: Continental B

What are PEMF & EMF? How can that knowledge help you optimize your physical, emotional & spiritual health? Learn how to maximize the beneficial electromagnetic fields in your life and reduce exposure to harmful ones. | #78

Detox Your Mind Through Meditation

Gaurav Singh

Room: Continental C

Many of us focus on physical well-being while ignoring our mental well-being. This world we live in is stressful and can have a negative impact on our daily lives. Learn to detoxify our minds and calm ourselves through Meditation. | #12

1:30 PM

Align with Grace Para® Yoga Nidra — The Yoga of Sleep

Claudia Neuman

Room: Beverly

If you thought doing Yoga was all about twisting and bending, think again. Yoga is the practice of stilling the thoughts and acknowledging one’s connection to all. Through the practice of Para® Yoga Nidra we will experience some of the divine. This practice is suitable for all. Come ready to rest! | #92

Past Life Regression Workshop

Elizabeth Austin-Benard, CHt

Room: Dallas

After setting an intention, experience a light, self-hypnotic trance state using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT which allows you to see, hear, &/or sense intuitive guidance from your subconscious mind. The workshop includes visualization exercises and a guided meditation to a past life to better understand your present life purpose. | #60

Healthy Eating Simplified with Massey Wellness & Monthly Meal Prep

Wendy Massey

Room: Las Vegas

I share my R.I.C.H.E.S. strategy to teach how you can save time, money and improve health with monthly healthy meal prep! | #57

Bloom and Blossom: How to Revitalize Your Connection to Inner Natural Wisdom

Lindsey Van Wagner

Room: Continental A

We planted the seeds of change in winter, and now it is time to soak up the sun and enter the season of our beautiful bloom. Develop practices to support your growth and watch yourself blossom. | #52

Healing Our Animals While Healing Ourselves

Debbie Carole

Room: Continental B

Nearly every animal on our beloved Gaia experiences physical and emotional limitations. As our pets, their challenges can often be intertwined with ours. Through a heart connection, we can heal these wonderful beings along with ourselves. | #6

Healing With Sound Through Solfeggio Tuning Forks

Roxanna Weddle

Room: Continental C

Change your frequency; change your life! What is a vibrational tuning? Join me in exploring the origin of the Solfeggio frequencies, and their tones and meanings, and how tones affect our health. We’ll discuss various techniques; and Nitric Oxide/osteophonic forks. | #51

2:30 PM

Accessing the Wisdom of the Pelvis

Nyle MacFarlane, MS, OTR/L, and Dahlia Rose

Room: Beverly

Participants will be guided through a series of pelvic fascial release techniques combined with an energy transmission that clears blocks related to Rooting into our deepest Desires and Worthiness. | #92

A Wholesome Approach to Soothing Pain — Ayurveda, Siddha and Neurokinetic Systems

Adhithyan Krishnan M.A.P., R.A.D. and Julian Banister CPT, CES, CSNS

Room: Dallas

A thorough integrative discussion on natural and wholesome ways to soothe pain from an integrative lens of modern practices rooted in over 7,000 years of Ayurveda and Siddha systems of Health. | #44

Get Out of Your Own Way

Shannon Smith

Room: Las Vegas

Sometimes reaching goals is more difficult than we’d like, but that stops today. In this talk we’ll cover 3 common mistakes that stop your goals in their tracks and keep you from getting what you really want. | #45

Channel Your Inner Alchemist

Katherine Searcy

Room: Continental A

We all have the power to transmute energy. To shift something that feels so heavy into something lighter and more free. In this workshop, we will learn to move through our chakras to alchemize into our true passion. | #43

You Have Your Answers Within to Unfold and Live Your Life Purpose Abundantly

Mara Spencer

Room: Continental B

Discover the secret of your life purpose and if you are on track to accomplish it. Through techniques, experience the power of your spiritual energy and your four psychic abilities to create more joy, abundance and fulfillment. | #80

Spiritual Freedom — Here and Now!

Jan Whitely and Members of Eckankar

Room: Continental C

What is the secret of true freedom? Together, we’ll explore valuable keys to embracing our highest reality as Soul, tapping the source of unlimited creativity, and using our unique gifts to serve all life through Divine Love. Sponsored by Eckankar. | #91

3:30 PM

LIVE Psychic and Mediumship Demonstration

SunPsychic Jean

Room: Beverly

SunPsychic Jean is a Psychic Medium who facilitates connection with your loved ones and pets who have transitioned. Join us to witness validation of heartfelt messages from the other side. | #50

Your Ancestors Waited Your Whole Life For THIS Moment

Amy Gillespie Dougherty

Room: Dallas

Discover the amazing world of your ancestors — how they show up in your life, and how you can create interactive experiences with them. Learn about Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading, The Ancestors Within book series and journals. | #49

Spiritual Vastu: Healing Tool for Dwellings

Swami Manjulanand Ji (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi) and Padmaja Mummaneni

Room: Las Vegas

VASTU is the original wisdom of sustainable design and architecture. A supportive science of Ayurveda and Yoga, ancestor of Feng-Shui. Workshop discusses various aspects of Vastu impacting health and happiness, remedial measures within one’s living space at home or office. | #29

DETOX Your Stressful Thoughts: Turn Self-Sabotage to Self-Love

Shawn Mahshie

Room: Continental A

The 5-day Thought Online Course is a “gamified”‘self-driven Virtual Challenge with LIVE laser coaching/support. This simple life-changing challenge goes beyond positivity to proactive action. | #73

Weight Loss, Metabolism and Cellular Health – Foundational Nutritional Pathways to Support and Strengthen the Body

Michael Ciletti

Room: Continental B

What does your path towards optimal health look like — more energy, stamina, focus, a vibrant immune system and better physical fitness like improved fat burning? Even with healthy eating, exercise and nutritional supplements, are chronic health issues blocking you or your health goals? Are your blood and cellular health contributing towards chronic health challenges? Peak health is dependent on your cells’ ability to use oxygen and water effectively to make and manage energy, and eliminate wastes, aka ‘metabolism’. To put your body back on track, addressing cellular and metabolic health is the very first step. | #100

Cannabis Karma’s Cannabis 101

Princess Mirabal, Creatrix, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Unicorn

Room: Continental C

Join Cannabis Karma for our Cannabis 101 workshop. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about Cannabis Hemp and Cannabis Therapy as an alternative medicine. Traveling with Cannabis? Learn about your Endocannabinoid system. Ask questions. We promote #plantbased healing ideas. | #1

4:30 PM

AMC: Awareness, Mindfulness, Consciousness

Rev. Scott Morgan

Room: Beverly

The Arlington Metaphysical Chapel has been a place of worship and a center of metaphysical studies for over 40 years. This workshop will explore how to be aware, mindful and conscious of our Divine nature in a noisy world. | #9

Light Your Way to Wellness

Kimberly Hartke, Health & Wellness Advocate

Room: Dallas

You are full of light and energy; your body is an electro-magnetic organism. Explore how light therapy can improve your quality of life. Pain relief, better sleep, and cellular repair and regeneration are among the many benefits available with LifeWave! | #13

Responsibility & Fate: What is My Responsibility? How Can I Change My Fate?

Ayodeji Badaki

Room: Las Vegas

In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message addresses such questions, offering help and hope to seeking ones who yearn for answers. This book speaks directly to the human spirit, regardless of belief, giving solutions to all human dilemmas. | #4

Taboo Talk # 2

Stacey Gayer, PT

Room: Continental A

Let’s talk about Sex. With or without a Partner… Is it satisfying? Is it painful? Do you Orgasm? What is your Erotic Blueprint? Do you want a more satisfying sex life? Join us! | #68

The Soul – A Master Gardener and Home Base

Ingrid Jolly

Room: Continental B

Our special call during this crucial time is to truly meet our Soul. It consists of unlimited energy, in supply and in application, because its source is eternal. Let’s find out how our soul can guide and protect us. | #102

The Root of the Pose

Ebony Lambert

Room: Continental C

Taking Yoga beyond the physical and into the emotions. In this workshop we will discuss how the movement of Yoga allows one to explore their subconscious emotions and what that means. We will go deeper into the root of poses and why the poses you fear need to be practiced; why the poses you “can’t do yet” simply need to be visited from your emotional self and not just your physical self. We will explore why there needs to be time to allow the emotions to surface and how to handle them when they do. I encourage paper and pen for this practice. All levels welcome. |

5:30 PM

Manifesting with Your Angels and Trusting Your Vibes

Susan Lynne

Room: Beverly

This informative workshop will show you how to manifest, contact and communicate with your Angels. You will learn to trust your vibes and listen for the messages being sent to you. Discover the best ways to communicate with your Angels. Guided meditations will be included. | #14

You Can Be a Healer!

Geoffrey Morell and His Team

Room: Dallas

An acclaimed energy healer demonstrates his unique method of clearing the aura, pinpointing areas of disharmony in the body and applying energies to promote recovery and health. The spiritual, emotional and nutritional origins of health problems will be addressed. | #104

Creating Pure Far Infrared Light

Patricia Scott

Room: Las Vegas

Patricia Scott will explain the power and dynamics of the Relaxed Sauna’s far infrared energy, how it works, and how to use it, as well as review the supporting research. | #101