10:30 AM

Magical Mediumship

Becky Bennett

Room: Beverly

Mediumship is the soul-to-soul connection with your departed loved one. This connection can show you that life’s existence goes beyond the death of a physical body. The workshop is designed for the curious, lifelong or avid learner. | #87

The Future of Integrative Medicine

Geo Giordano, MSC, RH (AHG)

Room: Dallas

Registered Herbalist, Geo Giordano, will walk participants through an introduction into the different modalities of healing and how you can take actionable steps to your own health and vitality. | #57

Experience the Light!

Bruce McBarnette

Room: Continental A

Practitioners from Sukyo Mahikari will discuss how the “light” energy works and provide free 10-minute sessions for participants. Many find the light to be rejuvenating for the soul, mind, and body. | #90

Enlightened Soul Communication


Room: Continental B

Description and explanation of what a Soul Communication session consists of and how it is done by selecting a participant for an interactive demonstration of  a channeled soul reading in which clarity and guidance will be provided. | #31

Practical Magic for Home Harmony

Olivia Bowen, ICF Certified Life Coach

Room: Continental C

Make magic from the mundane and bring more flow to your home. From getting kids out the door to meal prep and bedtime, this interactive workshop will teach you to create rituals that take your family from turmoil to tenderness. | #15

Yomassage: Spa Yoga

Jennifer Entremont

Room: Las Vegas

This trauma-informed class offers a fusion of therapeutic massage touch, restorative Yoga stretches, mindfulness meditation & breathwork to calm the nervous system and immerse you into deeper bliss. All attending participants will receive a special rate of $25 towards an intro first hour massage in the studio. Pre-booking required after class. | #79

11:30 AM

Hypothyroidism – Do You Have It? How to Diagnose & Treat Properly

Stuart Saltzman

Room: Beverly

Hypothyroidism – do you have it? We’ll discuss how to diagnose and properly treat hypothyroidism. | #19

Changing Your Story Through Hypnosis to Get the Life You Want

Joy Cheriel Brown

Room: Dallas

The workshop will focus on how hypnotherapy is useful for a plethora of issues and problems found in everyday life. | #43

Meditation With Light and Auras

Mara Berman

Room: Continental A

Meet your angels and spiritual guides in an experiential meditation. Learn aura cleaning, and chakra clearing. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Feel comfortable in your own energy. | #82

Limitless You – Five Principles to Connect With the True You 

Morganne V

Room: Continental B

Morganne teaches audiences of how to connect with who you truly are, so you have the building blocks for real self-acceptance. Together, audiences are inspired to engage their divinity to connect with the part of us that yields genuine self-assurance. | #42

Live in the Present!

Joseph Badaki

Room: Continental C

Given worldwide news, we are losing our ability to be shocked or horrified. How should we live through these experiences? Based on learnings from The Grail Message, the speaker will share insights on this pivotal question of our time. | #4

Puzzling with Purpose: Reaping the Benefits of Puzzling as a Hobby!

Dr. Helen O’Neill

Room: Las Vegas

The workshop walks attendees through the many benefits of jigsaw puzzling as a hobby. This offering focuses on wellness benefits such as mindfulness, anxiety reduction, spiritual growth and pursuit of happiness. | #40

1:00 PM

Channeled Messages From The Masters

Rev. Jim Webb

Room: Beverly

One of Pathways’ most popular workshops! This incredible channeled session provides you with a chance to ask questions of THE MASTERS of Planetary Healing and Transformation, and receive a powerful healing. | #81

Clearing Your Perpetual Stories Through the Akashic Records

Bill Sanda

Room: Dallas

Akashic Records are the vibrational intelligence of every soul and its journey. You can clear your perpetual stories; heal long-standing challenges; and empower future choices! Unresolved experiences of your past lives can help you connect with your eternal Divine Self. | #12

Invitation to C.R.O.W.N. Yourself

Nicole Batiste

Room: Continental A

No matter how last year, yesterday, or even a few minutes ago turned out, each moment brings a new opportunity to CROWN yourself. CROWN stands for Creating your Reality Owning your Wins Next-leveling your life. What will you do starting today to next-level your life? A reflections workshop with prompts to get your mind thinking about where you are and where you want to be. And how to get there. | #77


Let’s Talk About JOY!

Liora Brunn

Room: Continental B

You are whole, you are accepted and you are loved exactly as you are. It is here that you can let go, awaken, and experience BEing Who You Really Are. So, let’s get together and talk about JOY. | #62

Using Biofeedback Technology To Help Holistic Wellness Seekers Get To The Root Cause of Energetic Imbalances

Audra Kai Woodley, M.S., Q-HC

Room: Continental C

An introduction to several quantum biofeedback devices and like modalities used to assist with energetically balancing the body and lessen the possibility of a prognostic disease and/or premature aging. | #23

Sahaja Yoga – Guided Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Member

Room: Las Vegas

Participants will be introduced to a unique method of meditation, which is rooted in ancient spiritual knowledge called Sahaja Yoga. We will use simple affirmations to awaken the inner dormant energy within us to re-balance emotional, physical and mental states. | #36

2:00 PM

Mediumship: How To Connect To Your Departed Loved One

Annie Larson

Room: Beverly

Learn how to recognize and discover the many ways in which your departed loved ones are trying to communicate with you. Annie will lead you through an amazing mediumship experience — a  small sampling of what you’ll discover in her upcoming Psychic and Mediumship Development Retreat this May with Pathways Productions.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Meena Sankar

Room: Dallas

Learn about the historical roots and principles of this ancient healthcare science. Familiarize yourself with Ayurveda’s approaches to achieving complete well-being. Understand the key guiding principles that form the basis of Ayurvedic healthcare. | #84-85

Ketamine’s Role in the Psychedelic Revolution

Dr. Allyson Bloom

Room: Continental A

Our workshop will address how ketamine works on brain plasticity and remodeling, the efficacy of ketamine to treat mood disorders and chronic pain, and how ketamine can be integrated into holistic practice. | #49

Activate Your Inner Oracle

Dahlia Rose

Room: Continental B

Dahlia’s mission is to activate as many channels & oracles as possible to stabilize the consciousness evolution that mankind is moving through. Dahlia will go into a trance and share messages of support & healing. Come to ask questions surrounding your human experience; hear ways in which activating your inner oracle can support your personal journey! | #73

Sacred Death — Death Cafe Format

Hemali Vora

Room: Continental C

Come join and talk about death, loss, and grief. Learn about the role of the Death Doula. Learn about burial options and living funerals. Why having your affairs and all paperwork in order is so important. | #18

Story Yoga — From Grief to Gratitude: Retelling of an Ancient Indian Story


Room: Las Vegas

Vanita is a trained storyteller. Here she’ll be retelling an ancient Indian story of a king’s journey from grief to gratitude (from an ancient wisdom text). She has been telling stories to facilitate inner transformation for the past 28 years. She braids her storytelling with her deep experience in the Bhakti Yoga tradition. | #5

3:00 PM

From Natural to Lightworker: Guidance for Developing Your Abilities

Uma Alexandra Beepat

Room: Beverly

You know you have the gift but you don’t know how to use it or who to trust to help you expand these abilities. Noted Psychic Mediumship Mentor Uma details the steps a lightworker takes to go from their natural abilities to developing them for use in the community. Her mentorship programs have helped hundreds of students since 2012. She’is excited to help you get started on yours. | #55

Archangels 101

Cheryl Anne Ganzer

Room: Dallas

I will discuss how to connect with The Angelic Realm — Signs, Synchronized Numbers, and a brief description of each Archangel along with Halo color. This motivating, high vibrational lecture will also cover Affirmations, and the importance of gratitude and the power of our words to keep vibes high. | #7

Unravel the Mysteries of Karma and Reincarnation!    

Cheryl Baker & Pam Wilson

Room: Continental A

How do the purifying forces of karma and reincarnation lead to true spiritual freedom? Together, we’ll explore keys to embracing Soul’s highest reality, tapping Divine Love, and using our unique gifts to serve all life. | #91

Stop Fighting Illness and Live Wellness

Johnnette Armstrong

Room: Continental B

Do you need to take dietary supplements? Are you confused about what supplements to take? Did you know some medications deplete your body? Let’s talk through all the options available to you when it comes to supplements, and get tools to help you decide how to choose the right ones for your needs. | #38

The Key to Divine Evolution…

Rev. Ingrid Jolly-Trayfors

Room: Continental C

…is in Involution — turning inward reveals the power of our soul’s golden core essence. We hear the call to unify with the golden spark in all-natural life. Let’s journey on “Creation’s Wheel of Living Light” and anchor the “Golden Magic”. Avillion of Universal Insight Handouts will be provided. | #102


Boosting Your Brain Power and Promoting Your Child’s Financial Literacy

Becca Ferris

Room: Las Vegas

Part One: Learn how to boost your brain’s powers — energy, creativity, clarity, focus, and memory. Part Two: Learn a fun way to boost your child’s or teen’s (7-17) financial literacy and entrepreneurship through the LEAP program. | #107

4:00 PM

You Have Your Answers Within to Unfold and Live Your Life Purpose Abundantly

Mara Spencer

Room: Beverly

Discover the secret of your life purpose and if you are on track to accomplish it. Through techniques, experience the power of your spiritual energy and your four psychic abilities to create more joy, abundance and fulfillment. | #80

Juicy, Sacred Sex

Stacey Gayer, PT/ “The Love Consultant”

Room: Dallas

Do you want to have a pain-free, more satisfying sex life? I can help you have more joy & success in the bedroom in 2024. Let’s talk about Orgasms, Sacred Sex & all things bedroom. Join us! | #69

Unleashing Your Inner Navigator: A Journey Into Cultivating Intuition

Jennifer Rose

Room: Continental A

Discover the secret of your life purpose and if you are on track to accomplish it. Through techniques, experience the power of your spiritual energy and your four psychic abilities to create more joy, abundance and fulfillment. | #21

Cannabis 101: Educate & Alleviate

Princess Mirabal

Room: Continental B

Cannabis Karma & Lifeluxee present our Cannabis 101 workshop. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about Cannabis therapy and CBD as an alternative medicine. Learn about your Endocannabinoid system and ask questions. We promote plant-based healing ideas. | #1

Living Through the Biggest Change in Human History: Preparing for the Next Three Years

John L. Petersen, Futurist

Room: Continental C

Internationally known futurist, John L. Petersen, illuminates the unprecedented events and trends driving the biggest change in human history. What’s happening, where it’s going, and what you can do to be prepared for this extraordinary change. | #68

Creating Pure Far Infrared Light

Patricia Scott

Room: Las Vegas

Patricia Scott will explain the power and dynamics of the Relaxed Sauna’s far infrared energy, how it works, and how to use it, as well as review the supporting research. | #105

5:00 PM

Manifesting with Your Angels and Trusting Your Vibes

Susan Lynne

Room: Beverly

This informative workshop will show you how to manifest, contact and communicate with your Angels. You will learn to trust your vibes and listen for the messages being sent to you. Discover the best ways to communicate with your Angels. Guided meditations will be included. | #14

9D Multi-Sensory Journeys

Roanne Calizo

Room: Dallas

Immerse yourself in cutting edge 9D (9 Dimensional) sound technology, transporting you to a larger inner world, facilitating heightened awareness and making you forget your physical surroundings. Also learn Somatic Breathwork and the other layers in 9D journeys. | #65

Light Your Inner Fire

Kimberly Hartke, Health & Wellness Advocate

Room: Continental A

You are full of light and energy; your body is an electro-magnetic organism. Explore how light therapy can improve your quality of life. Pain relief, better sleep, and cellular repair and regeneration are among the many benefits available with LifeWave! | #13

Align with Grace Para® Yoga Nidra — The Yoga of Sleep

Claudia Neuman, MSW, ERYT-500, YACEP

Room: Continental C

If you thought doing Yoga was all about twisting and bending, think again. Yoga is the practice of stilling the thoughts and acknowledging one’s connection to all. Through the practice of Para® Yoga Nidra we will experience some of the divine. This practice is suitable for all. Come ready to rest! | #51

Interactive Perfume Workshop

Sara Siddig

Room: Las Vegas

Come learn about the base ingredients in luxury perfumes and deodorants, how they interact with your body from the inside out, and tips you can implement to always smell your best. | #72